All About Chollas

Go out into the desert and you’ll quickly realize that, while everything looks the same from a distance, there’s a huge variety of plants when you get up-close and personal. However, with the cholla cactus, you might wish to keep a respectful distance while admiring this interesting plant.


Cholla, pronounced “cho-ya,” look a little like trees in that they have a variety of thin branches. These branches look a little furry but, close up, you realize that the fur is very prickly. (In fact, the prickly pear is also a type of cholla, but we’ll talk about that another day.)


There are around 20 chollas in the opuntia, or cactus,  family. They are special in that their spines, called glochids, have a papery covering that is colored red or yellow. You really, really don’t want to brush up against a cholla and, if you have a dog, keep him safely on a leash around these plants. The spines comes off at the drop of a hat and quickly lodge in your skin. In fact, one of the reasons the jumping cholla is so called is that the spines appear to “jump” at you!


The cylindrical stems of most chollas are, upon closer inspection, jointed. These joints are multi-tasking: they produce flowers, store water and feed the plant through photosynthesis (the spines on any cactus are actually desert-adapted leaves).


There appears to be a cholla for every occasion. They grow in most western deserts, down low and up as high as eight thousand feet. They grow together in clusters. You might be able to find out information about flowering times through Bureau of Land Management or National Park Service offices. The range is from April to June, usually, and you’ll see these inhospitable-looking plants bloom orange or yellow-green.


DaFlores.com doesn’t sell cacti in any shape or form. But we do appreciate each blossom for what it is: a precious thing that’s utterly beautiful. Each year, we shape thousands of blooms into exquisite arrangements so you can tell your loved ones Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon or just plain, “Hello.” We work with only the best local florists to bring you flower arrangements across the globe…even in the Southwest.
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Celebrate Fall with Beautiful Flowers

It’s sometimes hard to let go of the summer, with its bright colors and warm, relaxing weather. But the Fall has its charms too, in the gorgeous shades of falling leaves, the golds and oranges that usher in winter holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just round the corner, but if you’re feeling a bit blue, why not celebrate the season with beautiful flowers?

The official start of Fall is September 21, but nature doesn’t listen to humanity’s “official” dates. Any time the weather is getting colder and your thoughts turn to warm drinks, you can consider it Fall.

There are two approaches you can take when adding fall flowers to your home: Either bring Fall in and welcome it, or stave it off a little longer with some brighter colors.

Golds, yellows, oranges and bronzes are your traditional fall colors, echoing what’s going on indoors. Set against a warming candle or next to a carved pumpkin, fall-themed flowers from daFlores add natural cheer. Just the act of receiving a delightful decoration will make your loved ones smile. Look to orange roses, sunflowers and our special Fall arrangements for this gift.

But if you want to brighten up the cold, then try something different. We still have sunflowers, lilies, fiery tropical flowers and rich red roses. Choose those warm colors to bring light to a table and your family’s faces. Send these flowers just because, or to bless a Fall birthday or other celebration. Just because winter is taking away your garden, doesn’t mean that you should live without flowers.

No matter what you choose, daFlores will look after you from beginning to end. On our website, pick your language from several choices, then select the country where you’ll be sending your beautiful Fall flowers. You can make your selections based on price or occasion. Add extras like vases or chocolates if you wish. Then fill out the details and we’ll arrange for an experienced florist to hand-craft your flowers and deliver them to the door.

No matter what the season, we at daFlores only ever use flowers that were growing fresh that morning. Send flowers for Fall and celebrate life in a beautiful way.

Meaning of Pink Roses

Meaning of Pink Roses by daFlores.com

Around 150 species of roses, in the rosa family, exist in nature. Early roses tended to be pink, white and magenta and they grow all over the northern hemisphere. It’s believed that the Chinese were the first to cultivate roses, something like five thousand years ago. The Romans also liked them, growing these flowers in the Middle East. Not only were they decorative, they were used as confetti, to brew medicine, and for perfume. Romans even started public rose gardens in the south of Rome.

Medicinal uses

In Persia, what we know now as Iran, rose oil and oil of attar were made from damask roses. These were highly sought-after commodities. The Greeks scented olive oil to use as perfume, as disease repellents and to bless their dead. Rosa gallica officinalis cropped up for the first time in the 1200s, and was turned into all sorts of powders and potions to cure all sorts of ills. (It probably didn’t do much good, but at least it smelled better than most medicine.)

Roses as money

In the seventeenth century, roses became popular enough to be counted as legal tender. They were used for rose water, perfume and just as flowers. You could actually barter with roses and pay bills with them. Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, established a huge rose garden at Chateau de Malmaison, near Paris.

What about pink roses?

Pink roses, the large blossoms that we tend to think of today, didn’t start to emerge until the late eighteenth century. Rose breeders started hybridizing natural roses to see what they could come up with. Well, we all know the answer to that one!

The color “rose” is a gentle pink. “Rosy-cheeked” implies health and vigor, and is a popular girl’s name.

Old-fashioned roses

The first modern rose is said to have been La France, introduced in 1867 (yes, it took growers that long to develop our big, stunning blossoms). La France, incidentally, is a pale pink large-blossom rose.

An Old Garden Rose is of a type that existed before that time. Damask roses belong to this class and arose as a natural cross between two species. Parson’s Pink China roses were introduced in 1793. There are many, many more varieties of pink roses, old-fashioned and modern. In more recent times, a revival of interest in these old garden roses has resulted in modern hybrids.

The meaning of pink roses

So now we come to the meaning of pink roses. They’re a gentler alternative to the passion or red roses in a romantic relationship. Pink roses speak of affection and can be sent to your beloved and also to female friends and family. Great for mom, each exquisite pink rose is a reminder of caring and remembrance. Light pink roses means gracefulness, admiration and sympathy, while you can express appreciation and gratitude with darker pink roses.  To send flowers to Lima or any other city in Latin America please visit daFlores.com

When the Smallest Flowers Grow, Spring is On Its Way—at daFlores too!

How can you tell it’s spring? Look for the littlest flowers.

As though timidly checking to see if it’s still cold out, the earliest spring flowers are small. Crocuses and snowdrops are among the first out of the ground, sometimes pushing their way up through melting snow. These hardy little blossoms don’t need to show off by being big: They’re just happy to be out there, bringing a sense of joy to those who see them.product_big_0011

And it is a joyous thing, isn’t it? We at daFlores think so, anyway. That first flash of color as the little bulbs unveil themselves, even the first green shoots, are a sign of hope and renewal. In many cases they are a sign of Easter, itself a festival of renewal and joy. DaFlores, of course, can supply all your Easter flower needs from our extensive floral catalog.

After the littlest flowers come the daffodils, and then it’s really spring. Even if that’s not happening in your neck of the woods, know that it will come. If you’re suffering from the winter blues or know someone else who is, a beautiful flower delivery from daFlores is sure to brighten up any day. And of course get-well flowers  provide a joyous antidote to those nasty late-winter colds and flu.

DaFlores knows all about cheering up people with spring flower bouquets. We have gone through ten springs in our company already, and our family has decades of experience in the flower delivery industry. We work only with florists that share our passion and know exactly what they are doing. Between you and us, that means fresh flowers every morning and the extra something that’s added when love is part of the mix.

Treat your loved ones to a gorgeous spring flower delivery from daFlores. We have hundreds of bouquets with cheerful sun-bright blossoms and fiery tropical arrangements. There’s bound to be something that’s perfectly right for the special people in your life. We’re with you all the way and our superb customer service will help you set up your international flower delivery in no time at all.

Daffodil Celebration in Murphys, Calif. is a Harbinger of Spring; daFlores Prepares Spring Flower Deliveries

DaFlores.com is ready for its spring flower delivery season. So is Murphys, Calif. The weekend of 12-14 March is daffodil time in the Calaveras County historic town, home to the National Daffodil Show held at Ironside Vineyard. Quaint little Murphys is well worth a visit at any time of year, but the sight of thousands of daffodils can only enhance the experience and add a unique slant to your visit.group of yellow daffodils in full bloom

There will be themed daffodil displays, juried shows and a wealth of other spring flower-related adventures at the show. Heritage daffodils mingle alongside miniatures and new hybrids. Daffodils, with their cheerful bright trumpets, have inspired poetry and brightened many a hillside. The sight of these spring flowers peeping above the often still-cold ground means that warmth is well on its way. California and Florida, home to daFlores.com, may see “daffydowndillies” a little sooner than, say, Minnesota, but that sense of relief after winter is the same anywhere.

California’s Gold Country has more than one famous daffodil locale, of course. Daffodil Hill near Sutter Creek started off with just a few bulbs and has swelled into a magnificent annual display. The host farm, the McLaughlin Ranch, doesn’t see it as a commercial venture but just a way to bring a little beauty into the world. Over 300,000 daffodils spring forth at this 3000 foot attraction in the Sierra Nevada hills.

We at daFlores.com are ready for spring, too. If you know someone in a colder part of the country, why not send them a beautiful daFlores spring basket? Our international flower delivery service relies on the freshest flowers made by expert artists. We offer great bilingual customer service with local toll-free numbers in all the countries we serve.

You don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day or Easter, though we do offer special bouquets for these flower delivery occasions. Do you know someone with a March or April birthday? Or who’s tired of the winter and could use a little cheer-up in the form of a beautiful flower delivery? Then we at daFlores.com can help you out. Browse our catalog today and find a stunning array of flowers to make anybody’s day better.

Valentine’s Day Alone

So what if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day? This romantic holiday has many aspects. Part of that is looking after yourself, as any veteran of the solo life can attest. But even if you’re unexpectedly alone, there’s no reason not to pamper yourself with a Valentine’s Day flower delivery.

Any home is blessed with a beautiful bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers. And the best part of all is that you know exactly what you need and what will make you happiest. Just go to the daFlores website, pick out your country then set up the Valentine’s Day delivery. With our commitment to quality and freshness, what could be better than an armful of Valentine’s Day roses, just for you and you alone?

But you don’t need to stop there. There’s no law that says you have to mope when you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. What about sending some Valentine’s Day flowers to your mom or a friend to tell them how much you care? A Valentine’s Day flower delivery is something special, and they say that those who give receive bounty back tenfold.

For a special Valentine’s Day alone, plan a day full of pampering. It can be as simple as a long bath and pedicure, or a whole day spent lounging about in pajamas. Break the day with a Valentine’s Day delivery and enjoy a delightful hour or two arranging flowers. If ever there was a day to spoil yourself, Valentine’s Day is that time.

Eat your favorite lunch, go to your favorite place, and watch a romantic movie or two. Or hang out with your other single friends, and buck the trend on Valentine’s Day. No matter how you decide to spend Valentine’s Day alone, some beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers will brighten your day.

Halloween Flowers

DSCF1608Trick or treat! We vote for treat! Halloween flowers are a great alternative to the ghosts and ghouls for sale in every store. You may wish to check out the lovely daFlores “Trick or Treat” Halloween bouquet. A dozen orange roses is added to a box of chocolates and elegantly wrapped in cellophane.

Kids (guided by a parent) can arrange to send Halloween flowers to their mom as a thank you for all that time spent on costumes and walking them round the neighborhood. Any Fall-colored flowers are great as Halloween flowers: Look for golds and yellows with some nice fresh foliage to remind of the spring. Or order a lovely bouquet of Halloween flowers for a family party.

Bring Halloween flowers to a Halloween gather or just decorate your own home with Halloween blooms. There’s nothing better to cheer up a winter day than to be greeted by some warm-colored Halloween flowers as you enter your house! When you’ve been out in the cold with your kids, some Halloween flowers might be just the thing to thaw you out (and maybe some hot chocolate, too!)

Just go to daFlores.com and look through our many selections of Halloween flowers. Of course, you don’t have to stick with classic Fall colors; you can pick anything you want for your Halloween flowers. You might send your sweetheart some red roses at Halloween, or pick out something for you sister, or anyone who’s having a birthday around that time. Do you have a friend with a Halloween birthday? She may be feeling a bit left out, sharing her day with a holiday, so you could send Halloween flowers and make her day.

Surprise someone with Halloween flowers this October. It’s easy to order at daFlores.com and there are choices for every taste and price range. Think outside the box and send flowers this Halloween!

Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day is a tradition that started in Ohio and spread because, well, it is very sweet! Sweetest Day is a great opportunity to send your loved ones some flowers. As the people of Ohio started to move around the country, they took their tradition with them. And now, because our families and friends are scattered so far and wide, you can carry on the tradition with Sweetest Day flowers.

Herbert Birch Kingston decided to do something nice for poor families, and distributed his candy to them on that day. Now, you can send candy along with your Sweetest Day flowers, and the celebrations has become a little like Valentine’s Day in October. Send Sweetest Day flowers and make someone happy on October 17th!

At daFlores we have several options for Sweetest Day flowers. Any bouquet of pink or red roses is an appropriate choice of Sweetest Day flowers. Send pink ones to your friends and family, but save the red roses to make your sweetheart happy on Sweetest Day. Add in a box of chocolates and you stay true to the original spirit of Sweetest Day.

Take your sweetheart out to dinner for Sweetest Day, and bring her some Sweetest Day flowers. If she’s never heard of the holiday, it will be a lovely surprise! Sweetest Day has spread outwards as people left Ohio, so maybe it’s time to introduce your loved ones to a special day in October. Sweetest Day flowers are a great way to do that and let them know they’re remembered and loved.

Sometimes life can get very ordinary, especially in the colder winter months. A bouquet of Sweetest Day flowers can brighten up the day a little. Use Sweetest Day flowers as the centerpiece of a celebratory gather at home, or have then sent to your loved ones both near and far. Let this October bring them all the Sweetest Day flowers they will come to love!  daFlores.com your source for international flower delivery

Send Flowers this Fall!

iStock_000003859601XSmallWhen the trees shed their leaves we see the golden season of Fall, and fill our homes with Fall flowers to honor the season. Fall flower colors include soft, warm oranges, rusts and golds, and celebrations where you might want to use Fall flowers include Fall birthdays, Halloween, Labor Day and the Fall equinox.

Dahlias, lilies, orchids and roses all come in the muted tones of Fall. As part of a Fall flower arrangement these are truly elegant choices. Dried wheat and fruits evoke the sense of a harvest festival—check out the stunning daFlores Fruits and Flowers arrangement. Such an arrangement might be a gift to your church at this time.

Fall birthdays are in September, October and November. Send Fall flowers to people who are born in these months and just see how delighted they’ll be.

Plan a gather for the first day of Fall (the equinox), traditional last day of Summer (Labor Day) or just take advantage of the cooling afternoons for a last outdoor barbecue, and set up a Fall flower arrangement as the centerpiece. If you’re invited to such a celebration, why not bring a bouquet of Fall flowers to your hostess? Fall wreaths on the door are a lovely way of welcoming your visitors, too.

As gardens start to empty out and the color fades from the world, Fall flowers are a wonderful way of extending the season and making the change seem a little less sad. Fall means that colder weather is coming and many people get the blues, so send a Fall bouquet to cheer them up (especially if they end up with unwell and in need of Fall get well flowers).

Whatever you choose for your Fall flowers, daFlores has bouquets to fit every budget and taste. If you order before twelve noon local time for the country where you want delivery, in most cases same-day delivery is possible. We send only the freshest, most beautiful flowers—even in Fall! To send flowers to Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela or any other country of Latin America please visit us at daFlores.com