Choosing the Right Flower for the Right Occasion

You can say a lot with a simple flower. In fact, you might be saying more than you realize. Flowers have a lot of meaning, and this “how to guide” can help you discover a little more about these beautiful gifts. The traditional rose, for example, can say many different things depending on the color and the number you send. This could be really important for your next international flower delivery to someone special.

If, for example, you were to send flowers to Colombia on Women’s Day, a light pink or peach-colored rose to symbolize honor and respect would be the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you are sending flowers to someone very special, a lavender rose might be a better choice to show that it really was love at first sight. Whether you are sending aster, roses, or tulips, be sure you know what you are really saying with a simple flower.


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The Meaning of Yellow Roses

The History and Meaning of Yellow Roses by

Yellow roses don’t usually occur naturally in nature, though a few varieties of the wild five-petaled rose do indeed show yellow. Because one did, a rose breeder was able to create yellow roses as we know them today.

The first yellow roses

Joseph Permet-Ducher of France had been trying to create a yellow rose for about two decades, following on from other rose experts of the late 1800s. He didn’t have any luck. Then, one day, he discovered a mutation in a field and started experimenting. In 1900, his introduction of Soleil d’Or (golden sun) launched a whole new set of colors. At first, they didn’t smell so great, but further crossing and refinement resulted in varieties that do smell just as gorgeous as your pink, red and white roses.

Victorians and the yellow rose

Yellow roses, thanks to their color, are associated with the sun. This in turn has led them to be associated with the “sunny” emotions of friendship and non-romantic affection. However, it was not always thus. The Victorians, ever-noted for their complex use of the “language of flowers,” associated pale yellow with pale, non-sturdy friendship. Perhaps they were associating it with the yellow of cowardice, too? Only in later years has the yellow rose shed that meaning and moved back to its warmer sense.

The Yellow Rose of Texas

The Yellow Rose of Texas is a folk song that tells the story of slave Emily West, who helped win the Battle of San Jacinto, the deciding battle of the Texas revolution. A modified version was popular during the Civil War. According to The Dallas News, historians searched to see if there were actually a real yellow rose associated with this song. They think it might have been Harison’s Yellow, an old-fashioned rose and natural hybrid that blooms for only a few weeks every year.

Sending messages with yellow roses

There is no romance conveyed with a yellow rose. It is a perfect expression of friendship, appreciation and caring. Yellow roses make good graduation gifts, thank-you gifts and cheer-up gifts. Any time you have a celebration, the yellow rose can brighten up the world. Because spring brings up yellow flowers like daffodils, they’re also lovely as part of a spring wedding bouquet.

The paler yellow cousins of yellow roses express peace and calm and are just fine in a sick room or the room of a student trying to study for exams. There’s even a variety called Peace. If you’re in a committed relationship, you can tell your sweetheart of your contentment with such pale yellow roses. Or, if you need to apologize, another meaning of yellow roses is of renewal, and a sense of starting over—rather like the sun every morning, in fact. To send flowers to Bogota or any other city in South America, please visit

The Meaning of White Roses

History and Meaning of White Roses

While pink roses were the most commonly-found in nature, white roses are also among the earliest roses known to humanity. These five-petaled roses were pure in their simplicity but have been hybridized and developed into numerous styles. Tea roses, climbing roses, variegated roses and more all bear those heart-achingly beautiful white petals.

White Roses

White Roses

White roses and marriage

A bride wears a white dress, and carries white roses for purity. Flower girls carry them and may even scatter their petals as a sign of innocence and delight. There’s something exquisite in the form of a white rose, perfect in its simplicity and gorgeousness. If the younger members of your wedding party use rosebuds, it’s a tacit acknowledgment that they’re still much too young for romance.

Red and white

Red and white together can mean unity. Perhaps this started with the Wars of the Roses, when the Houses of Lancaster and York, bearing red and white roses as their symbols, ended a vicious civil war by a unifying marriage. The Tudor rose of Henry VIII was ultimately born, a symbol that combines both roses. But in some colors, red and white is a color for death: It’s used to denote purity and blood in a funeral bouquet.

Early white roses

Rosa alba means, quite literally, “white rose.” It is one of the earliest ancestors of the modern rose. It has an exquisite aroma and predates the time when scent was sacrificed for size. The perfume ingredient, attar of roses, was distilled from this type of flower. Musk rose, also heavily scented, is another traditional white variety.

As modern gardeners started to wield their rose magic, new varieties cropped up. They’re now considered old-fashioned! Examples include the damask rose, Madam Hardy (1832) and Shailer’s White Moss (1790). Now, you can buy containers of miniature white roses at any garden center.

When to send a white rose

Present a single white rose to express admiration and devotion. A bouquet conveys the message that your loved one is heavenly. It also conveys humility, reverence and innocence. And if you need to make a new beginning, the white rose is a perfect way to express that need.

Since white roses also have an additional meaning of honor and respect, they may be used as a symbol of remembrance. It’s perfectly appropriate to place white roses at the grave of a dearly departed family member, for example, or to use them in funerary flower arrangements. To send flowers to Colombia or any other country in the Americas please visit

Meaning of Pink Roses

Meaning of Pink Roses by

Around 150 species of roses, in the rosa family, exist in nature. Early roses tended to be pink, white and magenta and they grow all over the northern hemisphere. It’s believed that the Chinese were the first to cultivate roses, something like five thousand years ago. The Romans also liked them, growing these flowers in the Middle East. Not only were they decorative, they were used as confetti, to brew medicine, and for perfume. Romans even started public rose gardens in the south of Rome.

Medicinal uses

In Persia, what we know now as Iran, rose oil and oil of attar were made from damask roses. These were highly sought-after commodities. The Greeks scented olive oil to use as perfume, as disease repellents and to bless their dead. Rosa gallica officinalis cropped up for the first time in the 1200s, and was turned into all sorts of powders and potions to cure all sorts of ills. (It probably didn’t do much good, but at least it smelled better than most medicine.)

Roses as money

In the seventeenth century, roses became popular enough to be counted as legal tender. They were used for rose water, perfume and just as flowers. You could actually barter with roses and pay bills with them. Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, established a huge rose garden at Chateau de Malmaison, near Paris.

What about pink roses?

Pink roses, the large blossoms that we tend to think of today, didn’t start to emerge until the late eighteenth century. Rose breeders started hybridizing natural roses to see what they could come up with. Well, we all know the answer to that one!

The color “rose” is a gentle pink. “Rosy-cheeked” implies health and vigor, and is a popular girl’s name.

Old-fashioned roses

The first modern rose is said to have been La France, introduced in 1867 (yes, it took growers that long to develop our big, stunning blossoms). La France, incidentally, is a pale pink large-blossom rose.

An Old Garden Rose is of a type that existed before that time. Damask roses belong to this class and arose as a natural cross between two species. Parson’s Pink China roses were introduced in 1793. There are many, many more varieties of pink roses, old-fashioned and modern. In more recent times, a revival of interest in these old garden roses has resulted in modern hybrids.

The meaning of pink roses

So now we come to the meaning of pink roses. They’re a gentler alternative to the passion or red roses in a romantic relationship. Pink roses speak of affection and can be sent to your beloved and also to female friends and family. Great for mom, each exquisite pink rose is a reminder of caring and remembrance. Light pink roses means gracefulness, admiration and sympathy, while you can express appreciation and gratitude with darker pink roses.  To send flowers to Lima or any other city in Latin America please visit

The Meaning of Red Roses

The History and Meaning of Red Roses by

Everyone knows that a red rose is a symbol of love and romance. The bright red color evokes the color of heart-blood and the flower’s pristine beauty reflects the beauty of the person who’s receiving it. But roses have been around for some 35 million years, and their symbolism stretches far beyond their current romantic associations.

Religious symbolism

Early Christians equated the five petals of a wild rose with the five wounds of Christ. But the early church wasn’t sure it wanted to associate the rosa sancta with the decadent Romans. Eventually they declared the red rose a symbol of the blood of the martyrs (in early Christianity, there were many). In some Catholic countries, red and white roses together evoke blood and are used in funeral arrangements.

Greek and Roman mythology linked red roses with their respective goddesses of love and romance, Aphrodite and Venus. Archaeologists have found rose wreaths in tombs. Red roses were worn at weddings, essentially typecasting them for the future. But not all red roses have meant love.

Political symbolism

In the 15th century, the house of York and the house of Lancaster had what amounted to a civil war as they fought for control of the throne. There was no “United Kingdom” back then, and the bloody war came to be called the War of the Roses. Why? Because Lancaster used a red rose as its symbol, and York used the white rose. Even today, these symbols live on as the emblem of each county, as does the memory of the war in a not-altogether joking kind of way.

In a rather smart political move, Henry VII of Lancaster, who was the last English monarch to gain a throne on the battlefield, married Elizabeth of York. Their son, Henry VIII, merged both roses into the Tudor Rose, the Rose of England.

Emergence of the cultivated rose

It may surprise you that the rose as we know it didn’t really start to gain popularity until the late 1700s. These roses came over from China. Breeders created hybrids between the red and yellow Chinese flowers and wild roses. From these were developed tea roses that flowered for months, not just during the summer, tea roses, climbing roses and many more.

During hybridization and breeding, large, amazing blossoms were created–but the delicious, heady aroma of roses was lost. Recently, rose growers have attempted to recreate these older roses and produce healthier plants also.

Red roses and romance

And so we turn back to the romantic symbolism of red roses. A single red rose is a pure symbol of love, exquisite in its simplicity and purity. A dozen roses means that you’re thinking of someone all your waking hours. Two dozen? All day, every day.

A hundred? Well, we’ll leave that to your imagination! To send flowers to Bogota or any other city in Latin America please visit