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State flower of Missouri: The hawthorn

Missouri, right there beside the Mississippi River, has as its state flower the hawthorn. This prickly, practical shrub grows naturally wild in the state, and its colorful fruit, the haws, provide birds with much-needed food towards winter. So why did Missouri choose the hawthorn as its state flower, and what else can the plant do? Read on for the latest in our state flower series. Continue reading

Cheer Up Someone Lonely Day ideas

Loneliness kills. It also depresses, hurts, and really has nothing going for it at all. It’s perhaps with this in mind that National Cheer Up Someone Lonely Day sprang into being, a day to help grow awareness of the lonely and to brighten up their lives a little. As with all these things, though, a day isn’t enough, so let’s talk about this some more and look at some ideas for keeping the sentiment going year-round. Continue reading

National Chocolate Day

National Chocolate Day is coming up in just two days. If you order today or tomorrow, you’ll be able to deliver flowers and chocolates just in time for Monday. (If you’re quick, you could even order on Monday; we do same-day delivery here at daFlores. So what is National Chocolate Day all about, anyway, and how does one celebrate? Read on for more details. Continue reading

Towers of flowers with daFlores

You’ve heard of towers of treats, haven’t you? We even offer a few variants on that, mostly in the form of gift baskets and sets. But we’re talking about those gift-wrapped stacks of boxes, all tied with a beautiful bow, that make you go “wow” when you see them. Well, there’s a gentleman we just found out about who made something like that—with flowers. Continue reading

All about daylilies

Did you know that flowers had conventions? The 2014 American Horticulture Society convention started in North Carolina this week, bringing displays, stories and visitors in droves to the Asheville, North Carolina event. It was hosted by the Western North Carolina Daylily Club. Continue reading

Pollution affects bugs, scientists find

Scientists have figured out that pollutants, such as cigarette smoke and car exhaust, can seriously impact a bug’s ability to find the flowers it needs to pollinate (and lay eggs on and eat). We might find such odors unpleasant, but for creatures such as the tobacco hornworm moth, which rely on their noses to find targets, it’s a matter of life and death. Read on to find more about this interesting study. Continue reading

Canada Day flowers

Canada Day is coming right up on July 1st. Canada Day is a national holiday, a few days ahead of Independence Day, and for much the same reasons. The occasion marks the July 1st, 1867 signing of the British North America Act, these days called the Constitution Act. Read on a little more to find out what this is all about and how the Canadians celebrate. Continue reading

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