Camellia Japonica: The state flower of Alabama

Camellia Japonica: The state flower of Alabama

Do you know where tea comes from? We do. It’s derived from the leaves of the tea camellia plant, Camellia sinensis. That plant first graced our shores in the 1600s, but wasn’t cultivated here until much later. Even here at daFlores that heritage is apparent: in a few of our gift baskets you’ll find sachets of gourmet tea!


We suppose that the ornamental versions would have gotten here sooner or later, but mixed in with those early tea camellias were a few that you couldn’t drink and it’s those, like Camellia japonica, that became beloved of growers in the warmer states.


Camellias flower brightly in pinks, whites, purples and mix-and-match. They grow tall and vine beautifully, which means you can train them into living fences. These gorgeous flowers come in simple forms and big, fluffy, many-petaled forms that look a bit like carnations. They also need a bit of warmth, so they grow just beautifully in Alabama.


Over the years, growers have perfected thousands of varieties of camellias. Some are cold hardy enough to survive zone 5 or 6 winters, but mostly they nestle in temperate to warm areas. There’s even a camellia society and growers who list hundreds of “introductions.”


Not all flowers are really suitable for bouquets. At daFlores, we guarantee that our flowers will last for a year, and camellias are too delicate to withstand such a promise. That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the huge variety of flowers around us.


If you need a stunning bouquet for a loved one, we can always help with that. Our all-occasion offerings pair with seasonal gifts for Valentine’s Day and the holidays – among others. And we work only with the best florists who commit to a high standard of quality and experience. Whether you want to send flowers to Alabama or any of our dozens of additional countries, daFlores is the place to come.

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