Buy early for Halloween and fill your home with festive color

Buy early for Halloween and fill your home with festive color

You wouldn’t necessarily think of Hallowe’en as a busy season for florists, but believe us when we say that it is! Our gorgeous Fall color arrangements are always popular and when you buy these arrangements, you can bring warmth and light into your home.

Halloween flowers evoke the season with their mellowed, golden tones. They set the scene for Thanksgiving too, and you can fill your house with beauty in a season when, outdoors, all the gardens are coming to a natural end.

Our fruit basket selections are perfect for a Harvest Festival kind of feeling. Exquisitely presented and featuring both flowers and fruit, they give the best of both worlds. We also have floral baskets set out in golden and yellow colors. All are lovingly put together by only the very best florists.

Order your Halloween flowers early to avoid disappointment and get exactly what you want. It’s not too soon and, at this time of year, we’re sure you’ve noticed that the days fly by. Some of you are already thinking about the holidays and buying those special gifts.  So we’d like to remind you to organize your Halloween flowers before you get caught up in the end-of-year whirlwind.

At this time of year, anything orange and golden is a perfectly appropriate choice. Our selections of orange roses are absolutely divine and, without the romantic associations of their red ancestors, they can be given to co-workers, used as home decor or passed on to friends and family. Their warm glowing petals remind you of the sunshine and brighten up those colder, dark evenings.

We also have tasteful lilies, cheerful sunflowers and, for a more exotic look, our collections of tropical flowers. And, because it’s daFlores you’re dealing with here, each and every blossom was growing fresh the morning you received it.

Order your Halloween flowers early and enjoy the best of the season in your home. To send flowers to Colombia or any other country in Latin America please visit

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