Brussels replaces its carpet of flowers, using African theme

Brussels replaces its carpet of flowers, using African theme

Brussels, Belgium is the heart of the European government and it first installed a carpet of flowers in 1971. The carpet of flowers is replaced every two years and now that time has come around. The latest flower carpet was unveiled last week and August 19 marked its last day. It has flowers in an African theme.

White rosesThe Brussels carpet of flowers was put together by 120 volunteers in the Grand Palace over a period of four hours. The carpet brings together designs from Ethiopia, Congo, Nigeria, Cameroon and Botswana and is above-average complex. The end result, of course, is stunning.

The European council is likely taking to heart that flowers uplift the spirit and help collaboration and the work ethos. What could be more stimulating than walking into one’s work area and being faced with thousands of gorgeous flowers? It’s good to start the day with a smile.

In times gone by, people used to build magnificent buildings with columns and statues to show how important the work of rulers and government was. These days we build skyscrapers but are as likely to highlight our work with flowers as with stone. With a backdrop of historic buildings, the modern approach is one that must be seen to be appreciated.

The carpet is only going to stay in place for five days and then will be relegated to memory and photographs. DaFlores guarantees that our flowers will stay fresh a week at least and, with care, they can last longer. And we can also guarantee that they’ll bring a smile to the face of all who see them.

Whether you send flowers to Venezuela with daFlores or pick any of our European countries, you and your loved ones will quickly see the difference in freshness and quality. You can create your own “carpet” of colors in your home and have your own floral greeting when you start work for the day. We might not be Brussels, but we know we’ll do you proud.

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