Bosses Day flowers

Bosses Day flowers

Bosses’ Day is October 16th, which means you have plenty of time to plan a surprise. While cartoons like Dilbert and shows like The Office generally caricature the one in charge, in reality good bosses exist in every industry. Think to whenever you’ve been supported or given help, and you’ll know you’re on to a good thing.

Tropical flowers and wine arrangementBosses’ Day was set up for just that occasion. It’s a chance for the staff in an office or company to club together and do something nice for the chief. Even if it’s a guy, flowers are entirely appropriate. Pair them with a hearty red wine or chocolates and you’re in with a winner.

Flowers that are entirely suitable for men include bright sunflower bouquets and the kinds of elegant tropical flowers that we’ve always recommended for professional use. The colors are not overtly feminine and the gesture is sure to be appreciated.

As for women, you should lighten off on the pink in this instance–unless you happen to know your boss loves pink. The same rules apply to professional women as to men, and you’re looking for something that will show appreciation, not romance. (In this case, we really don’t recommend roses at all, as there are so many different options for your boss.)

To get some ideas, pick the country where you’ll be sending flowers, and start browsing the mixed bouquet and tropical flowers sections. DaFlores will deliver to offices, though you’ll need to make sure that access is possible. A group of staff can come up with a fine gift for the office manager or boss, and he or she is sure to appreciate the thought.

Will you be celebrating Bosses’ Day this October? What will you do? Hit reply and let us know in the comments.

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