The blue rose does not appear in nature; the rose does not have a natural gene that is capable of producing such a rich and unusual color. Thus, the blue rose has become a symbol of mystique and unattainability.

Blue roses have also been associated with magical effects such as staying young and granting wishes. To create a blue rose, the petals of a white flower must be individually stained, a painstaking and time-consuming process.

Until 2004, the closest anybody had come to creating a blue rose was to attain various shades of lilac and purple. However, in 2004, the first blue rose was created. It took thirteen years of experimentation and research to come to this point.

Genes from other flowers were artificially introduced into the rose plant, making this a genetic experiment rather than a straightforward rose breeding program. Even so, the process did not result in a true blue color, so experimentation and research continue.

Over the years, blue roses have appeared in many different movies and books, including Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and the surreal Twin Peaks. There was even a Russian art movement named for the blue rose.

The Grateful Dead used the blue rose on one of their concert posters (the poster now sells for anything up to $1200 at auction). Perhaps the fascination with blue roses lies in their impossibility, and their symbolic sense of “This cannot be, but I wish it could.”

A blue rose is a thing of beauty, an elegant and unusual gift. It is quite amazing that science has determinedly marched on to create such a thing. If somebody sends you a gift of blue roses, treasure them. They are telling you that you are special, unique and magical. Maybe they think you are beyond their reach; maybe you think otherwise. Either way, blue roses are a magical and rare gift that should be honored and enjoyed. To send flowers to Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela or any country in the Americas please visit

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