Best summer flowers for your garden

Best summer flowers for your garden

How are you doing in the summer heat? Are you thriving, or wilting? Just as some people are designed for heat and others can’t bear it, so are flowers exactly the same. When you’re planting or maintaining a summer garden, it’s a good idea to know which plants thrive in the lovely summer and which don’t. Read on for some ideas.

Mixed flower basket: Roses and gerberasThe most obvious choice is the sunflower—the child’s flower. These cheerful giants spring from a tiny seed and, planted correctly, can give shade to more delicate crops. We’ve seen them used in vegetable gardens to keep lettuce and other delicates happy. They’re fun for kids, too; sunflowers usually end up taller than most grown-ups, never mind children!

Blanket flower, or gaillardia, is another sun-colored bloom. You can grow it almost all over the United States, and it will bloom from June through August. Blanket flower is also tough; it doesn’t need shade, good soil, and, indeed, requires full sun. It’s a perennial, but may not last more than two years; that just depends on your green thumb and location.

You can pick up pretty, daisy-like asters in garden stores and plant them right into your garden. If you keep picking the dead-heads, you may well have flowers right through until fall. They grow almost anywhere, and come in lavender, pink or white.

Dahlias come in all sorts of different colors, and their globe-like, pretty flowers brighten any garden. Pick a variety that’s right for your region. Some grow as flowers, others grow on bushes. You can get dahlias in pink, yellow, orange, and even lilac; just like roses, the holy grail of dahlias is to produce a blue flower!

What summer flowers do you recommend for your garden? What are you growing this year?Share your thoughts in the blog comments, below!

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