Best Flowers for Mother’s Day According to US Mamas

Best Flowers for Mother’s Day According to US Mamas

The Most Popular Mother’s Day Flower Is Not What You Think

Although the official Mother’s Day flower is a carnation, it seems most mothers would prefer just about anything else. According to our survey of over 100 moms across the US, the best flowers for Mother’s Day are, in fact, tulips with 50 votes! Lilies are in second place (22 votes) with orchids (18) coming up closely behind. Of the 128 women surveyed, only 7 voted for carnations, while daisies received 14 votes and roses 17.

Best Mother’s Day Flower by State

Most Popular Mother's Day Flowers by State

While our survey did not reach all 50 states, we did receive votes from every region across America. Of the few votes for carnations, the majority came from the South, while tulips truly dominated in that particular region, as well as in the West and Midwest. If you happen to be searching for the most popular Mother’s Day flowers in your state, the data below might be of interest to you. However, it never hurts to simply ask Mom what she wants. She may surprise you with her response!

What Flowers to Buy for Mother’s Day in Sweet Home Alabama

Innocent and pure, daisies are the perfect flower for your southern belle Alabama mama. She misses the days when you played in the backyard and returned with a handful of freshly picked daises just for her.

The Official Mother’s Day Flowers in Alaska

While Alaska’s state flower is the forget-me-not, moms in the snow-covered area prefer either lilies or carnations for Mother’s Day. Maybe the island is missing out on the simplistic beauty of the carnation more commonly found in the inland states.

What are the Best Flowers for Mother’s Day in Arkansas?

Lilies are a favorite in Arkansas. The flower represents loyalty and devotion, showing your mother you will love and cherish her through the good times and the bad.

California Moms Love This Flower

Of course California moms prefer the trendiest of Mother’s Day flowers. Get your Cali mother a bouquet of tulips to celebrate her this holiday.

Buy This Flower for Your Florida Mama

Moms in the Sunshine State long for a vase full of lilies for Mother’s Day. Find a bouquet in her favorite colors, or choose shades that best match her home decor. She always appreciates the extra effort.

Best Mother’s Day Flower for Georgia Moms

It might not come as a shock that Georgia’s state flower, the rose, is a favorite among moms in the area. Georgia mamas also enjoy receiving lilies in their Mother’s Day bouquets. So why not both?

Most Popular Mother’s Day Flowers in Illinois

Illinois moms expect the very best from their Mother’s Day floral arrangement. You can never go wrong with a bouquet of tulips.

Finding the Right Flowers for your Louisiana Mama

Your Louisiana mom might not admit it, but it is likely she would prefer to see tulips in her bouquet as opposed to the official Mother’s Day flower.

Your Maryland Mom Wants These Flowers for Mother’s Day

Treat your Maryland mama to either tulips or lilies for Mother’s Day. Both flower types are almost guaranteed to bring a smile to her face and let her know you truly care.

Michigan Moms Are Crazy about These Flowers

Like Maryland moms, Michigan mothers aren’t too picky about their florals. Present them with either lilies or tulips for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Get Your New Mexico Mama This Floral Bouquet

The bright and sunny state of New Mexico has a preference for equally vibrant flowers. Mothers here love receiving tulips any day of the year.

This Mother’s Day, Give Your New York Mom the Flowers She Really Wants

New York moms like to be a little different (and have expensive taste). Choose orchids for her Mother’s Day gift, and she will be eternally grateful.

What Flowers Mom Needs for Mother’s Day in North Carolina

Another group of orchid-loving moms, mothers in North Carolina would adore an arrangement that includes this flower or bold and lively tulips.

Your Oregon Mom Needs These Flowers for Mother’s Day

These American moms cannot get enough tulips in their lives! The typical Oregon mother is hoping and wishing she will wake up to a bouquet of tulips and breakfast in bed.

Choose the Right Mother’s Day Flowers in South Carolina

South Carolina mothers might have the most diverse opinions when it comes to Mom’s Day flowers. Orchids, roses, and tulips are in a three-way tie for most popular Mother’s Day flowers in this state.

According to Texas Moms, This Is The Best Flower for Mother’s Day

The top Mother’s Day flower in Texas is the tulip. Maybe it’s the symbolism of perfect love, or maybe it’s the elegantly crisp, beautifully lively petals. Either way, they are beloved in the state.


Virginia Moms’ Favorite Mother’s Day Flowers

Virginia is yet another state populated with tulip-craving mamas. Find Mom the perfect arrangement for her home or office space.

So why not carnations? It seems that the official Mother’s Day flower might be the least liked because it is the default flower, the gift that requires a simple Google search, and not a true understanding of your mama’s likes and dislikes. While our research might act as a guide in your search of the perfect Mother’s Day flowers, we suggest you drop a few hints to get a better feel of what Mom really wants to celebrate her special day. Send her flowers directly to her door with our US flower delivery service, Rosesnboxes. If she is enjoying her holiday abroad, send her flowers internationally for an unexpected, and thoughtful, delivery!

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