Ayudha Puja is the flower festival for entrepreneurs in India

Ayudha Puja is the flower festival for entrepreneurs in India

If you live in India and are self-employed, the festival of Ayudha Puja is your festival. Giving offerings of fresh flowers to the gods is a way of ensuring prosperity and success on this important occasion, and jasmine, chrysanthemums and roses are among flowers that sell out daily at the markets.

Beautiful roses for a celebrationIn fact, with just a few days to go until Ayudha Puja begins, those who didn’t plan ahead and buy their flowers are finding prices skyrocketing and availability lessening. A little, we note, like what happens when you order last-minute flowers for important flower holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Except there’s one big difference—local police in at least one city have come into the markets to make sure there isn’t a flower-buying riot!

Ayudha Puja is a Hindu festival that falls on October 23 this year. Revered in this celebration are tools and equipment, along with the divine mother, the goddess of wealth, and the goddess of wisdom. All of these, one might argue, are good guides for a business owner. In the past, weapons and instruments of warfare were also worshiped, but these days computers and typewriters are just as likely to feature.

As part of the celebration, the tools of the trade are ritually cleansed. Then they’re placed on a platform, or kind of altar, and surrounded with beautiful flowers. The next day, they’re worshiped along with the patron goddesses of Ayudha Puja. The day is one for contemplation and thoughtfulness.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into a different cultural experience. You might also like an earlier article about the Onan festival in India. And should you ever need fresh, beautiful flowers for your business—look no further than daFlores. We’ve got you covered.

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