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Flower power for gender equality on Women’s Day

Thanks to marching suffragettes a hundred years ago, women in the United States will be able to vote this election year. Carrie Chapman Catt would have liked to see that a woman, Hillary Clinton, is on the presidential ballot, just as Martin Luther King, Jr. would have liked to see the African-American Barack Obama get elected. Will this be the year that the nation defeats sexism in the White House, like it did with racism?

International Women’s Day is on March 8, exactly nine months before U.S. elections. The time is ripe to sow the seeds of gender equality and let them gestate.

Flowers send this message beautifully. A cheerful bouquet lifts the spirit and fill us with hope. The symbolism of planting gender parity is rich with opportunities in floral bouquets.

• Send bold colors like orange daylilies to encourage a woman to follow her aspirations.

• Fill a woman’s life with energizing sunlight and opportunity with a sturdy-stemmed sunflower.

• Tell her she is worthy of dignity and justice by sending flowers in purple, the official color of International Women’s Day.

A bouquet will make her day, but it’s the card tucked inside that will show you really mean it. Be sure to include an uplifting message with your floral delivery at daFlores.com. Here are some suggestions for all of the important women in your life:

• Mother: I appreciate everything you do for me. I’ll wash the dishes.

• Wife: I admire how you juggle so many responsibilities. Let me take care of supper.

• Coworker: I respect your ideas and value your contributions. Tell me more about your proposal.

After you honor their achievements, honor your promise to treat women equally for the next 364 days of the year.

Send flower power with daFlores for International Women’s Day and send messages of encouragement for the world to achieve gender equality.

Surprise that special someone living abroad with flowers from daFlores.com

Back before the instant connection offered by WhatsApp and Skype video calls, I had to wait by the mailbox to connect with my oh-so-far-away boyfriend. My hands trembled opening the envelopes. But when one day the doorbell rang and a beautiful bouquet was thrust in my hands, I thought my heart would thud out of my chest. Flowers, for me? Awww, he shouldn’t have…

No girl really means that. You most definitely should send flowers. And technology makes it so easy to do online at DaFlores.com. Just click the country from our long list of destinations. We send to over 4,000 cities across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

My heart goes out to all the couples in long-distance relationships. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then distance makes the heart ache with longing.

Flowers defy the distance between lovers. Our florists work only with buds snipped that very morning and DaFlores offers same-day international delivery. That freshness erases your separation by 10 time zones. You couldn’t look as perky as those flowers after a trans-oceanic flight.

A rose wordlessly expresses the feelings you can’t communicate with caresses. Hugging a bouquet is almost as good as embracing your beau, and you can accompany the order with a plush teddy bear to squeeze at night. An arrangement sends messages of love, tenderness, and hope to share each other’s beauty in person soon.

valentine's day

Ladies, don’t leave Valentine’s Day gestures all to the men. Inhaling the aroma of flowers will remind him of your scent. Send your sweetie a vase to fill the room with fragrance in your absence.

Select from the popular arrangements DaFlores has prepared for Valentine’s Day, from the classic dozen red roses with a box of chocolates to colorful pink and yellow combinations.

A sentimental delivery to the doorstep of your special someone is just a credit card order away (so much easier and cheaper than buying a plane ticket!).

Let daFlores.com show up in person with a bunch of love in their hands on February 14th. We’ll leave the virtual part up to you two.

It’s Time to Celebrate! Flowers as Parade Decorations

Flowers are one of the most widely-used parade decorations.

It takes nearly a year to develop, design, build, and decorate a parade float, and thousands of volunteers to help put it together.

Parade flowers come from every continent on Earth, except Antarctica.

“Flower parades” are parades in which all the floats, vehicles, and participants are covered in flowers.

  • Two of the most famous flower parades are the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, and la Feria de las Flores in Medellín, Colombia.
  • An average 50-foot float in the Rose Parade contains more flowers than the typical florist sells in 5 years.
  • A float in a flower parade uses as many as 500 varieties of flowers.

What are some of the most commonly used flowers used to decorate parade floats?

  • Roses – Elegant and lovely, this is a parade classic.
  • Carnation – Carnations are durable and long-lasting, which makes them perfect for use on floats and parade costumes.
  • Tulips – Despite their rank as a favorite, working with tulips isn’t easy. They must be kept in water.
  • Gladiolus – The gladiolus’s big petals and bright colors make it a favorite of parade designers when “petaling”—a process were decorators affix individual petals to floats.
  • Marigolds – It takes 36 marigolds to cover one square foot of float area.
  • Iris – The iris is often the flower responsible for the blue hue needed to mimic waterfalls, streams, and fountains.

What are you favorite parade flowers?

Mother’s Day Dates Around the World

When is Mother’s Day 2012? Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May for most countries, but not all. Around the world, countries attach their Mother’s Day dates to celebrations of independence or religious festivals, or simply pick different Sundays. Our infographic is a fun way to see when Mother’s Day is celebrated in the daFlores.com world. Feel free to use the Mother’s Day infographic in your blogs and websites to help people remember one of the most important dates in your mother’s calendar!

In Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Italy, Peru, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uruguay, the USA, and Venezuela, Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday in May, the 13th. But Portugal and Spain celebrate Mother’s Day on the first Sunday in May, the 6th, while Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala choose the 10th of May for Mother’s Day. Paraguay uses May 15 every year, Dominican Republic uses the fourth Sunday, May 27, 2012, while Bolivia uses May 27 every year and Nicaragua uses the 30th.

The Arabic people in Israel celebrate Mother’s Day on March 21, while the Israelis use 30 Shevat, which is February 23 in 2012. Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam celebrate on March 8, though some in Ukraine also use May 13, the second Sunday in May. The United Kingdom has Mothering Sunday on the fourth Sunday in Lent—in 2012, that’s March 18.

Costa Rica celebrates Mother’s Day on August 15, then Argentina chooses the third Sunday in October, for Mother’s Day–the 21st in 2012. Panama uses December 8, and Indonesia chooses December 22.


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What day is Mother’s Day in 2012?

Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May, right? In 2012, that’s May 13. That would be true if you were in most of the countries that daFlores.com serves, but if you’re in Argentina, the United Kingdom or Israel…well, it wouldn’t be true. Mother’s Day celebrations around the world take place around the year!

The people of Israel celebrate Mother’s Day at two different times, depending on what culture is theirs. The Arabic people of Israel celebrate on March 21st, which usually coincides with the Spring Equinox, but didn’t in 2012. (The equinox can move around a day or two, but the Mother’s Day date, as far as we can tell, stays put.) However, if you’re an Israeli of Israel, your celebration in on 30 Shevat which can be anywhere from January through March. In 2012, the celebration fell on February 23.

Eastern Europe likes March 8. Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and the Ukraine all celebrate then – a fixed date. On the other hand, some in Ukraine also celebrate the second Sunday in May. Go figure. And while we’re on the subject, Vietnam also uses March 8.

March can sometimes bring Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom, but not this year. The UK bases Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday in Lent and, in 2012, Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom is March 18. They call it Mothering Sunday.

Spain and Portugal celebrate Mother’s Day on the first Sunday in May. So, in 2012, they kick off the busy month of May with a May 6 Mother’s Day.

Now we come to the biggie: May 13, or the second Sunday in May. This is Mother’s Day for Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Italy, Peru, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uruguay, the USA, and Venezuela. Phew! Catch your breath a moment. That’s a lot of countries.

May 10, a fixed date, is another popular place for Mother’s Day to hang out. That date is used by El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.

Paraguay’s Mother Day shares May 15 with Dia de la Patria – Independence Day. Bolivia’s Mother’s Day is May 27, a fixed date, and the Dominican Republic uses the last Sunday in May, which in 2012 falls on the last Sunday in May. Coincidentally, in 2012 Mother’s Day in Dominican Republic is also May 27. Nicaragua, however, waits until the 30th….a fixed date.

After all that activity in May, the holiday takes a break from June through July. Then, Costa Rica celebrates a lonely Mother’s Day on August 15.

Argentina celebrates Mother’s Day on October 21 in 2012 – Mother’s Day in Argentina is the third Sunday in October. And then, finally, we have a couple of stragglers – Panama’s Mother’s Day is on December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. And Indonesia likes December 22, which is a celebration of women’s rights in that country. Both of those are fixed dates.

We hope you have enjoyed our whirlwind world tour of Mother’s Day, 2012 dates. DaFlores.com can supply flowers for all these events (except for the ones that have already passed – but then, do you really need a Mother’s Day to send flowers for Mother’s Day?)

In order to send flowers to Colombia please visit our Colombia page or try our International Flower Delivery Service.

Choosing the Right Flower for the Right Occasion

You can say a lot with a simple flower. In fact, you might be saying more than you realize. Flowers have a lot of meaning, and this “how to guide” can help you discover a little more about these beautiful gifts. The traditional rose, for example, can say many different things depending on the color and the number you send. This could be really important for your next international flower delivery to someone special.

If, for example, you were to send flowers to Colombia on Women’s Day, a light pink or peach-colored rose to symbolize honor and respect would be the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you are sending flowers to someone very special, a lavender rose might be a better choice to show that it really was love at first sight. Whether you are sending aster, roses, or tulips, be sure you know what you are really saying with a simple flower.


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Halloween flowers: It’s not too late to order flowers for Halloween


Halloween flowers can make a great addition to your October 31 celebrations. A couple of weeks ago, we suggested a few ideas to help you dress up your home with beautiful flowers for Halloween. It’s not too late to order Halloween flowers, but if you’re going to go ahead, now would be a good time. Substituting flowers is a last resort for us (take a read of our substitution policy sometime), but our florists do all need to plan ahead to create your Halloween flowers.


Halloween flowers: Choose golds, yellows and bronzes


As a reminder, yellow-colored roses are a popular choice for Halloween flowers. They have two things going from them (aside from their sheer beauty, of course): First, they are bright and sunny, a warming color for late fall days; and second, they have no romantic connotations at all. They’re safe and pretty to decorate your porch or form an attractive table centerpiece.


Lilies, gerberas and sunflowers also come in “Halloween” colors. You can add red tones for a little fire to go with your Halloween ghosts and ghouls. We can still arrange same-day delivery of your Halloween flowers if you order by 1 p.m. local time where flowers are to be delivered, but the earlier you order, the better.


Order Halloween flowers now for the best results


Whether you want to order Halloween flowers or flowers for a Halloween birthday, we have you covered with our generous guarantee and bilingual customer service. We send Halloween flowers to cities through the Americas and, increasingly, to Asia and Europe too. You and your loved ones must be 100 percent satisfied with our garden-fresh, gorgeous blooms — or we’ll work with you until you are.


That’s just part of the daFlores difference and we look forward to serving you with amazing Halloween flowers.

daFlores.com wishes you a Happy Halloween

Halloween flowers: Hopefully, the things that go bump in the night won’t be your daFlores flowers! One of the more fun holidays, Halloween is a festival of ghosts and ghouls and small children draped in sheets. Whether you love to make your own kids’ costumes or like to visit Halloween warehouses to pick out the perfect trick-or-treat, daFlores wishes you a happy Halloween.

















Halloween flowers at parties and to say thank-you


If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, we have a few suggestions for decorating with Halloween flowers. Fall-themed colors are orange and yellow, and you’ll find those shades in gerbera daisies, sunflowers and roses. There are no romantic connotations to yellow roses, so you can safely order a selection and use them in funky Halloween vases, thus bringing a little sweetness to the table. Or you can create a Halloween flower feature by placing a vase or two outside your front porch with a beautifully carved pumpkin.


Our fall collections are starting to come in now, and they make ideal Halloween flowers. Pick the country where you want them to be delivered and look through our bronzes and golds. Kids can get together to send mom some Halloween flowers or you can simply use them to brighten up the longer evenings.


daFlores.com guarantees week-long freshness for all our Halloween flowers


Regardless of the occasion, our guarantee that they’ll stay fresh a week or longer applies. While we don’t recommend filling the vase with candy, don’t forget that a little sugar or cut flower powder goes a long way towards extending the life of your Halloween flowers.


DaFlores delivers Halloween flowers right until October 31, but we’d suggest ordering early to avoid disappointments. If you let our florists plan ahead, they can get in supplies and make sure you get exactly what you ordered. Take care of this detail and we’re happy to say that our flowers aren’t ghosts: They’re a welcome and lovely addition to your Halloween decor.

Color and flowers to knock your socks off

A story about the Callaway Gardens in Georgia caught our attention: One of the people featured in the article said that, in spring, the azaleas had “colors to knock your socks off.” Colors to knock your socks off is something we provide when you send flowers to Colombia, Mexico and beyond. Our garden-fresh flowers were growing the morning we arranged them, and we won’t work with partner florists unless they promise that level of freshness. It’s how daFlores can keep on promising that your flower  delivery will last at least a week.

Callaway GardensCallaway Gardens opened in 1952. The founder, Cason Callaway, was a textiles millionaire and figured that all children should be able to see something so beautiful they’d never forget it. He donated 2,500 acres of land and got started on a huge park that had azalea gardens, a variety of different habitats and even a golf course or two. Since then, it’s grown to 13,000 acres.

At daFlores.com, we  want to provide you and the world with that level of beauty. We’re not in the business of building gardens, but we are in the business of filling your homes with gorgeous, colorful blooms. Whatever the occasion, birthday, anniversary or just-because, we have the yellows, pinks and purples you require. Vivid sunflowers, delicate pink lilies and a host of roses from snow white to blood red (not to mention peach, lilac, orange and yellow) are all at your fingertips.

Callaway Gardens is a four-season park. We are a four-season florist. We deliver flowers for every major holiday and quite a few minor ones too. From Christmas poinsettias to Easter-time lilies, daFlores is your source for satisfaction-guaranteed color, beauty and freshness. And, while you have to visit the gardens yourself, with a daFlores.com flower delivery, those beautiful garden flowers come straight to your door.

Take a trip to see the flowers of the desert in California

As April progresses, so does spring in the desert. An area that is barren and empty-seeming during most of the year is a riot of color at this time of year. Yellow is the favorite in the western Sonoran Desert; since March, sagebrush, buckthorn and other shrubs have been pushing up yellow “daisies” on long stalks, tiny, compact yellow blooms that become fluffy seedpods after a few days, and even tall, catkin-like flowers.

Now, the palo verdes are starting to blossom, and the ocotillos and beavertail cacti…well, we’ll get to those in a moment.

For other colors, you need to look closely at ground level. From microscopic white blossoms to large white cups, wildflowers tuck into the shade of trees and shrubs. You’ll also find tiny purple blossoms if you look carefully enough. Desert flower hunters should walk gently and keep their eye on the ground. (This is a good plan in any case: unfriendly creatures, such as rattlesnakes and scorpions, coexist with more attractive and non-toxic coyotes, owls and kangaroo rats.)

Flowers of the desert in California

Flowers of the desert in California

But now that it’s April, cacti are blossoming as well. Tall ocotillos produce long, upright stems which, in winter, are woody, thorny and bare. But in the early New Year, they start to grow small, oval leaves and then push out stalks from the tips of their “arms.” These stems grow buds, lupin-style, and then over a period of weeks unfurl into red-hot pokers of bright red blossoms. Hummingbirds visit them, attracted to the red and, of course, the nectar.

Beavertail cacti push out large, fat pods like fingers. Each pod bursts to reveal a glorious, fuchsia pink blossom with an almost translucent look. These flowers somehow manage to combine a sense of toughness with their delicate, rose-like beauty.

To find out where your desert wildflowers are growing, chat to staff at one of the Bureau of Land Management offices or at a desert national park. They’ll be able to advise you on safety for this harsh environment. Tread carefully and enjoy the brightness of the desert; take only photographs. And, when you’re done, check out daFlores.com for further floral beauty that you can enjoy at home.

Send the best Mother’s Day flowers to Venezuela with daFlores

Mother's Day Flowers to VenezuelaWhen you use daFlores to send flowers to Venezuela or any other country in the Americas, you’re sending the best. We’re gearing up to send Mother’s Day flowers now – in daFlores, that event takes place on May 8 – but, year-round, we are your perfect source for flower delivery in Venezuela. Here’s why.

Why send your flower delivery in Venezuela with daFlores

Simply put, we work with the best to provide the best. That means that your Mother’s Day flowers in Venezuela are lovingly crafted by experts who’ve been in the trade 10 years or more. We visit all our florists in Venezuela periodically, and only work with one partner per city or large neighborhood. This means that, when you send flowers to Venezuela or any other country in the Americas, you have the full, undivided attention of our florists. This is a good thing.

The second point for your Mother’s Day flowers in Venezuela is that our florists commit to bringing in fresh flowers every morning. You can trust daFlores to bring your loved ones a gorgeous, fresh flower delivery in Venezuela. There is no recycling on our watch! Whether you send lovely tropical flowers or just want a cheery mixed bouquet, we can make that happen for you.

How to arrange your Mother’s Day flowers in Venezuela

Browse to our website, flowers.daflores.com, and pick Venezuela from the list. You can also choose from English or Spanish customer service, online and offline; we’re always happy to help you send flowers to Venezuela or any other country in the Americas and will answer any questions you have. Browse through our Mother’s Day flowers section and see what you like. Click your favorite bouquet, add a message and delivery details, and add extras like chocolates and wine, if you like.

Within minute, you’ll sending flowers to Venezuela (or any other country in the Americas, for that matter). Now, wasn’t that easy? To delight your mom on Mother’s Day, send her some gorgeous Mother’s Day flowers from daFlores. We guarantee that, when you send flowers to Venezuela or any other country in the Americas, they’ll be right every time. That 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction is one of the mainstays of our flower delivery in Venezuela.


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