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Through the Laughter and the Tears — Flowers for Every Occasion

Stumped on what type of gift is appropriate for a funeral? Want your partner to know you truly put thought into your V-Day present this year? Need a thank you gift that fully expresses your gratitude? Say what you really mean with flowers — for every occasion. Fresh blooms, in our humble opinion, are the best way to send a message, whether that message is heartfelt, empathetic, or even hopelessly romantic. Choosing the right bouquet can bring unexpected joy to those in mourning, add a pop of color to a sterile all-white hospital room, or turn unrequited love into a passionate affair.

Love Is in the Air — Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s the first week in February, and heart-shaped boxes, truffle chocolates (the off-brand ones that no one actually likes), furry teddy bears that appear as though they were won from a claw machine, and bouquets upon bouquets of flowers surround you everywhere you go. It’s a nightmare for the chronic procrastinator and anyone without that special someone. Whether you are in love or simply enjoy the concept, we have compiled a list of the best Valentine’s Day flowers so you can give (or receive) the most appropriate arrangement for your relationship. We promise the flowers will be appreciated more than a guilt-ridden box of chocolates or a stuffed animal that will end up as a dog toy.

Lilac Flowers for Young Love

  • Young Love: The lavender rose suggests love at first sight, while the lilac and primrose are commonly associated with youthful affections.
  • Secret Love: This suggestion is only for the bold, courageous gifters who aren’t afraid of rejection. Choose the yellow acacia or the gardenia to let someone special know how you truly feel. It is custom for youth in El Salvador and the Dominican Republic to play a game they like to call Amigo Secreto, or “secret friend.” A name is chosen at random to be the recipient of a child’s floral gift.
  • Loyal Love: Let your love know you will never falter in your relationship. The blue violet, forget-me-not, chrysanthemum, daisy, and Alstroemeria all signify a faithful, dedicated love to another.

Passionate Red Roses for Valentine's Day

  • Passionate Love: Set the mood with a bottle of wine, a roomful of candles, and a trail of petals from flowers that indicate an ardent, passionate love. Jasmine signifies sensual feelings, while the red tulip represents the truest love. The yellow iris and orange lily symbolize passion. But, of course, you cannot go wrong with the always popular red rose. Another embodiment of passionate affection and an indigenous flower to the country, the orchid is the most popular flower to give for V-Day in Peru.
  • Unrequited Love: Maybe you want to remind that special someone that, despite his or her feelings, you will always have a place in your heart for him or her. The daffodil sends the message that you understand your love is not returned, while the yellow tulip signifies you are hopelessly in love with this person and do not care if he or she feels the same. Unrequited love, though, can work both ways. If you can’t think of the right words to say in a break-up, send a bouquet of white tulips to let your partner know his or her love is one-sided. If this gesture doesn’t go over as well as planned, send purple hyacinths to seek forgiveness.
  • Love for a Friend: Decorate your Galentine’s Day brunch with floral centerpieces that include yellow roses and alstromeria, flowers that indicate friendship. Send your besties the Adam’s needle to brighten their Valentine’s Day. In Guatemala, it is not only common to give flowers to friends during this special day, but purchasing flowers for coworkers is completely normal as well.

In Loving Memory Of — Best Flowers for Funerals

Expressing sympathy at funerals can be tricky, especially when it comes to gifting. In their state of grief, people can be sensitive and may take offense where it’s not intended. Avoid confrontation or hurt feelings by choosing the best flowers for condolences.

Gladiolus Flowers for Condolences

  • Flowers Encouraging Strength and Hope: In moments of grief, even the strength to feign a smile can be a daunting task. Let those hurting know, eventually, things will get better. Offer the gladiolus to encourage strength or the snowdrop as a token of hope.
  • Practical Arrangements: Opt for potted plants so those in mourning can take your flowers home in memory of their loved ones.

White Funeral Flowers

  • White Flowers: White flowers are commonly used for funeral arrangements and condolences due to their association with innocence and purity. The lily is especially common for its ties to rebirth and renewal. Also meaningful in times of sorrow is the orchid. Its fragile properties can be an analogy for life’s delicate nature, and it creates a lasting impression, as it has another meaning — “I will always love you.” On the other hand, yellow flowers are more commonly used in Central and South American countries. The yellow marigold, in particular, is considered a symbol of death in Mexico.
  • Florals that Recognize Grief: Sometimes, all anyone wants is a little empathy. Recognize the feelings of those who have lost someone special with a pink carnation, which means “remembrance,” a crimson rose, a representation of mourning, or a samoa, a gift of departure.

For the Most Deserving — The Best Thank You Gifts

The best thank you gifts are the ones that truly express your gratitude without saying a word. Deliver your appreciation with flowers that do the talking for you.

Sweet Peas to Say Thank You

  • A Casual, Everyday Thank-You: Whether you are thanking someone for taking care of your kids or pets while you were away, having the time or your life, or you want someone to know you thoroughly enjoyed your date the previous night, present the recipient with the sweet pea to say “thank you for a good time.”
  • Appreciated Empathy: Send hydrangeas to those willing to listen to you vent, friends and family who have been there for you in times of need, and others who have shown you understanding.
  • A Compassionate Thank-You Gift: Need a gift for your kids’ teachers that says, “thank you for putting up with them five days of every week”? A bottle of wine and a bouquet of azaleas sends that exact message. Has someone positively impacted your life as a mentor? Send them campanulas to express your thanks.
  • Show Them You’ve been Paying Attention: Check out their social media profile. Ask their friends for advice. A gift that shows you really care is one you know they will truly appreciate. Say “thank you” with their favorite flowers.

Uplifting Spirits — Get Well Soon Flowers

In ancient cultures, it was said that flowers had natural healing powers. Today, we still consider several flowers to have a variety of medicinal uses. Southern Ecuador, alone, has counted more than 200 plants as possible ingredients in medicinal treatments. However, you will most likely not be prescribing any home remedies. Choose flowers that embody this idea of mending the body and lifting the spirits of those who are suffering.

  • Flowers for Hospital Deliveries: Hospitals already have enough aromas permeating from room to room. Choose scentless flowers that are easy to keep alive in colors that are vibrant and full of energy. Gerbera daisies, dahlias, and tulips are the perfect compromise.
  • Promoting Health and Prosperity: While you might not have the ability to heal your loved ones, sending notes of healing and hopes for good health is just as generous. The verbena and the peony are depictions of healing, while white heathers are symbolic of fulfilled wishes and safety. Send azaleas to illustrate good health.
  • A Soothing Sentiment: Relaxation and serenity are crucial during the healing process. Provide your loved ones with lisianthus, cosmos, and morning glory to bring peace to their get well gift baskets. Or, simulate “energy in diversity” and relaxation with chamomile.

Three flower-themed Halloween costumes


Now, daFlores doesn’t sell Halloween costumes (there are times when the thought crosses our minds, but we do believe in focusing on what we’re best at). But we look out every year and see amazing flower-themed costumes, both home-made and store-bought. Our Halloween flowers lean towards gold, bronze and yellow, but there are no such restrictions in flower-themed costumes. Here are a few that we’ll describe for your Halloween fun. Give you some ideas? We’re all for turning people into fans of flowers!


The classic flower costume: The kid (or, sometimes, adult) waddles around in a green foam tube. Either the hands stick out of holes or sleeves masquerade as leaves. Sometimes, you see this variant in green fabric, allowing a bit more flexibility of movement. A home-made version could easily be crafted from green leggings and a green shirt, plus maybe a bit of fabric for the leaves. In the commercial version, the head is surrounded by a big cheerful flower. At home, that same effect could be built from green-painted cardboard or stiffened fabric. Ever seen a kid dressed up as a peanut or slice of pizza outside a mall, swinging a sign? You get the idea.


Bumble bee: We’ve never seen a homemade one of these. These foam outfits are rather bulky, cheerful and unusual. The kid usually has cheeks painted with big red circles, though no bee we’ve ever seen has such an embellishment. Either way, this sweet yellow-and-black striped costume is topped with curly antennae and a big, happy grin. With tongue firmly in cheek, we also reckon kids learn coordination by compensating for their sticking-out bustles…or should that be buzzles?


Flower power: Often seen on adults, some of whom we suspect aren’t really in costume, flower power outfits feature flares, long hair (sometimes wigs), big, loud sunglasses and bright colors. These hippie types wear headbands, floral patches or tie-dye. Guitars are a common accessory, though they’re not too great for collecting candy. Whether these costumes are fact or fiction, we at daFlores appreciate anyone who appreciates flowers!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our ever-so-whimsical look at flower-themed costumes. DaFlores can’t do the costumes, but we can bring you bright, beautiful and lovely Halloween flowers to decorate your home and cheer your loved ones. Happy Halloween!



Cities have flower shows, daFlores shows flowers year-round

We at love flower shows. Flower shows are fun, brimming with color and beautiful ideas. Last week, Greater Youngstown Area’s Garden Forum had its two-day flower show at the local visitor center. This is wedding season, so featured heavily here were displays of wedding flowers and other innovative designs. We at can supply the flowers for your wedding too, delivered to the door.

flower shows in the USAOur sprays of white and pink roses, lilies and other delicate delights provide tasteful accents for your special day. Each bouquet is lovingly handcrafted by experts, and constructed with the care that you need and have come to expect. We have bouquets for a bride and lovely designs that you can use to decorate an altar or center table. Need a formal setting for a bachelorette dinner? Look into our vases and pre-arranged options. You can even use flowers to thank your bridesmaids, new mother-in-law and other key people. How convenient is that?

The Garden Forum holds about five shows a year, which means it takes its blooms seriously. We at daFlores do that too, not just five times a year but every single day. We’re not noted for displaying our goods in flower shows, though; we’d rather hand-craft our beauties and send them to your loved ones! Whether you need flower deliveries for birthdays, anniversaries or to cheer someone up, we have the options you need. Choose the country and language you need, then browse our selections until you find something that’ll do the trick.

Choose daFlores for all your wedding and other floral needs, and you’ll never be disappointed. Lilies, baby’s breath and tender roses…we have them all, and all were growing fresh the morning of delivery. Pick daFlores for your special day, then sit back and relax as our experts look after you.

Alaska chooses a tiny forget-me-not as its special state flower

For all its grandeur and soaring mountains, the United States’ largest state chooses one of the smallest flowers as its state flower. The alpine forget-me-not, Myosotis alpestris, is a little blue flower that grows five to 12 inches high – appropriately enough, in alpine meadows. They bloom from late June to July – the best time to see Alaska, which has a very long winter. And you’ll find them in Denali National Park, which is one of the easier parks to reach and a little more geared towards  tourism than some of the wilder areas.

Tiny Forget me not

Tiny Forget-me-not

Legend has it that forget-me-nots were named by God when they, unnamed, cried out, “Don’t forget us.” Another says that they were created as a way to remind the world of the color of Mary’s eyes. Either way, these tiny flowers are among the few that bloom in a true blue shade. There are about 50 species in the Myosotis (mouse-ear) family, and not all are blue. You also find pink and white forget-me-nots. Little jewels in the grass, if you spot a forget-me-not it’s a sign that you’re in the moment and paying attention. If you’re distracted, then you’ll miss them. It’s a bit like stopping and smelling the roses.

Like roses, forget-me-nots have a romantic side, though you won’t find them in flower mixed bouquets – they’re really not grown commercially. In medieval times, knights are said to have used posies of forget-me-nots to remind their loves that they planned to come back from wars and battles. These days, we use roses, and of course daFlores has a wide range of beautiful roses that you can send to your own special amour (or your Mom or your kid sister). All are freshly arranged each morning to make the best, most beautiful impression possible.


Magical trees in a magical world

International Flower Delivery

Willow Tree

With the opening of the final Harry Potter movie, the Harry Potter era is finally coming to an end. The child actors are all grown up and launched into adulthood and successful careers. Voldemort is defeated and the Whomping Willow will whomp no more (in public). As our daFlores tribute to this special series of books and movies, let’s take a look at some magical trees found through the ages of fantasy novels.

Whomping Willow: The whomping willow is a particularly bad-tempered willow tree that Hogwarts students quickly learn to avoid. Those who come too close run the risk of being flogged by the swooping, swiping tree. Those who are clever (or wicked) can lure their enemies into the arms of the tree, which provides both humor and protection to the Harry Potter world.

Ents: In J.R.R. Tolkien’s magical world, ents are tree creatures, incredibly ancient, and a dying kind. In Middle Earth legend, the ent-wives left and are lost, never to come back. That means there are no entlings and no ent-romance. Ents move about as fast as growing oaks, which is to say not very fast at all, and the hobbits who encounter them are frustrated when they decide not to fight the evil forces. They show the ents the destruction done by Saruman, a good wizard turned bad, and the trees are infuriated so much that they start to battle the orcs.

Shannara: At the heart of the forest of Shannara is a single, amazing tree, the source of all life. The tree is dying. During the first Shannara legends, the hero quests to find the tree but it’s his companion who realizes that a sacrifice must be made to renew the magical tree.

Dryads: In Greek legends, dryads are tree-spirits. Taking a female form, the spirits dance and lure the unwary rather like sirens in the sea. Over time, the tree-spirits are said to have become sleepy and never dance any more. Tolkien also takes this idea and creates a magical forest that those nearby enter only at their own peril.

Ghost trees: In Rebecca’s World, there’s a city of glass, but all the trees have been burned down to make the glass. Unfortunately, by the time they realized that the trees kept evil Ghosts away from the people, it was too late. Only a few shelters remained. Rebecca has to find the last tree, harvest its seeds and make the trees come back. This 1970s children’s book is almost impossible to get hold of now, but its environmental theme is obvious.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick guide to magical trees. doesn’t sell whomping willows, fortunately, but we do craft magical flower arrangements with blooms that were growing that very morning. Visit  and see for yourself.

Three special family celebrations in late July

Parents’ Day is the fourth Sunday in July which, this year, is July 24. That also happens to coincide with Cousins’ Day, July 24, and is two days before the July 26 date of Aunts and Uncles Day. Does this give you some ideas for sending some beautiful flowers?

Parents’ Day is a  day to celebrate both your parents together. Why not send them a lovely flower basket that’s customized with all the extras for a special celebration? Add some chocolates and wine and you’re all set. All daFlores flower deliveries are fresh the morning they were sent, so this lovely gesture is bound to make them smile and know they’re appreciated.

Cousins’ Day flowers are also a great and unexpected gift. Whether you only saw your cousins at Christmas or whether they were a regular part of your life, as an adult you may not see them as often as you’d wish. Send some cheerful sunflowers or pink, yellow or orange roses to tell your cousins that you think of them often. They’ll be touched. DaFlores can schedule deliveries every day but Sunday, and our guarantee of quality means that you can order without a worry in the world.

Aunts and Uncles Day flowers are a way to say thanks for that wonderful spoiling you got when you were growing up. If your parents’ siblings always used to slide you that forbidden, extra piece of cake or would take you out to the movies, you’re bound to have fond memories. Why not send your aunt and uncle some flowers? DaFlores can arrange flower delivery across the Americas and in many parts of Europe and Asia too, so just visit our website, and start the easy order process. We will do the rest – in style.

Five ways to use summer flowers from this sunny season

Summer barbecues, summer flowers

Use flowers at your family barbecues this summer. Place your table under a tree and set a gorgeous vase of sunflowers as a centerpiece. It’ll be a talking-point and add that perfect finishing touch. Contact us to see whether you can also send summer flowers to arrive during the barbecue (some restrictions apply). You can thank your host and enjoy her reaction as she receives your thank-you flowers!

Send summer flowers to Cancer, Leo and Virgo people

Do you know any Cancer, Leo or Virgo people? These people were all born in the period from midsummer to the start of fall. Wouldn’t they appreciate a beautiful summer flower delivery from Go to our website,, and select the language and country of delivery. (We have translated our site into several languages for your convenience.) Pick out your flowers and then set delivery for their actual birthday.

Summer of love party

Do you remember the summer of love, more than 40 years ago? Chances are that, if you can, you’re a boomer. Throw a hippy-themed party with tie-dye tablecloths, groovy vases and a summer flower delivery or three. Hippies knew what they were talking about when they adopted flower power, and you can create flower power in your home with a fun event and carefully crafted flower arrangements. (We suggest bright, bold gerbera daisies and sunflowers, where available.)

Create your own tropical island

Mix a few cocktails, and don’t miss the umbrellas. can supply the birds of paradise. Depending on where you live, we have gorgeous tropical flowers with flaming red and orange petals – the ideal complement to your personal tropical island. These make elegant gifts for men, too, and don’t forget our add-ons, such as bottles of wine. Send tropical flowers this summer and make a dream come true right at home.

Celebrate the end of summer

Whether you can’t wait for the kids to go back to school, or it’s just too hot, period, you can celebrate the end of summer with a flower delivery from Either treat yourself or scheme with your kids to treat Mom, grandparents or your favorite aunt. Cool white flower symbolize the end of blazing heat and the blessed peace and quiet that comes from kids safely back behind desks.

No matter why you choose to send summer flowers, has you covered. Our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee promises your flowers will stay fresh for a week or more, and we have online and telephone customer service in English and Spanish. If you order by noon local time in the place of delivery, we can send same-day in most cases. A summer flower delivery from is crafted by expert florists with a decade or more of experience. And they bring in fresh flowers daily for your stunning summer flowers.

Send summer flowers with

Summer “officially” starts on June 21, but in many climates it begins much earlier. The season marks school vacations, barbecues and outdoor fun, but it’s also an ideal time to think about a summer flower delivery or two. The careful placement of flowers in your home welcomes guests, adds contrast to your decor and provides an all-important focal point when you hold those family get-togethers.

DaFlores  has plenty of options when you want to send summer flowers. At this time, sunflowers are bright and beautiful – and in season. Their large, cheerful blooms look great at the heart of arrangements or, as Leonardo da Vinci already proved, are amazing all by themselves. Choose one of our sunny arrangements when you send summer flowers for birthdays, as thank-you flowers and “just because.”

Roses are always in season and we also have these stunning summer flowers in golds and yellows. Summer roses come with all the options you expect when sending roses with daFlores; you can send them “loose” to be arranged in a favorite vase, as part of one of our arrangements with the vase already included, or you can pick out a lovely vase to send along with them. Or you can send some ice-white roses to provide a foil to that summer heat.

When you send summer flowers with daFlores, we guarantee they’ll remain fresh for a week. A summer flower delivery is the perfect finishing touch for your warm-season celebrations. We treat your summer bouquets with all the tenderness and care we use year-round.

No matter whether you’re sending to major destinations or somewhere much smaller, our flower shops in Sao Paulo, Monterrey and beyond all know just what to do. Using fresh summer flowers daily, our extended family provides the best and most gorgeous seasonal blossoms you will ever see.  You’ll never be disappointed when you choose daFlores for your summer flower delivery. presents its 2011 Father’s Day collection

Father’s Day is coming up on June 19. For the observant, that means your Dad’s special holiday is just two week away. Given that can organize same-day delivery in many cases, we’re not phased by that at all, but we do suggest you get your Father’s Day gifts organized in plenty of time. The closer we creep to the Sunday after next, the busier our international flower shops get.

“What’s this?” we hear you say. “Florists get busy for Father’s Day?” Well, of course they do. Just think of your dad pottering around in his garden, growing vegetables or flowers or whatever his green thumb dictates. Dads around the world love flowers and plants, which is why daFlores has set up a Father’s Day section on our individual country pages.

Go ahead. Browse to and pick the country where you’ll send Father’s Day goodies to Dad. Click the Father’s Day button at the top left and see a selection of fine-quality daFlores gifts and flowers that we reckon would make perfect Father’s Day gifts. Yellows and golds, tropical flowers and more are all sufficiently manly that they wouldn’t embarrass your dad. He’ll thank you for thinking outside the box.

There’s more, of course. With daFlores, we always give you more. Don’t forget you can add extras like a bottle of wine or chocolates during checkout. You can personalize these suggested Father’s Day gifts to provide something your Dad would love. You know him better than we do, and we know flowers. So, it’s a win-win situation. We each do something we’re great at, and the result is one happy Dad.

So, to recap, top left-hand corner of the country page. Click the Father’s Day button. Make your selections, customize the order, add a message and we’ll do the rest. The sooner the better but, no matter what, when you order Father’s Day flowers from daFlores, they’ll be the freshest your Dad will have ever seen. And we guarantee that with the signature daFlores 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for all your Father’s Day flowers.

Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic | International Flower Delivery | International Flower Delivery

Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic is coming right up. This special occasion takes place on May 29 this year, and we know our customers have family and loved ones overseas. Whether you live in the Dominican Republic or just want a flower delivery in the Dominican Republic, daFlores can help.

Send Mother’s Day flowers to the Dominican Republic with daFlores

It’s easy to send flowers to the Dominican Republic or any other country in the Americas. Just browse to our website,,  and pick the language and country you need. For our example, go ahead and click the Dominican Republic link. Remember that we have bilingual customer service, both online and off, so you can always ask questions about your flower delivery in the Dominican Republic. We arrange things into categories, including  Mother’s Day and types of flowers, like roses.

You’ll also see a link for Mother’s Day flowers. That includes our classic selections, tried-and-true for your international flower delivery in the Dominican Republic. You can add personalized gifts, such as chocolates and balloons, too. When you send flowers to the Dominican Republic or any other country in the Americas, you’re welcomed by a team of expert florists with over 10 years in the trade. We wouldn’t let them handle your flower delivery in the Dominican Republic if they weren’t experts and didn’t use fresh flowers every morning.

Mother’s Day flowers in the Dominican Republic are a classic gift

Don’t forget Mom this Mother’s Day. A flower delivery in Dominican Republic is a classic, timeless way of letting her know how much she’s appreciated. Think of everything she’s ever done for you and remember that she deserves beautiful flowers on Mother’s Day. It’s up to you to make the arrangements; and it’s up to us to arrange your arrangements! Either way, with our full satisfaction guarantee and quality partners, when you send Mother’s Day flowers to the Dominican Republic, disappointment isn’t ever on the cards.

So, remember, when you send flowers to the Dominican Republic or any other country in the Americas with daFlores, you are sending the best. Our Mother’s Day flowers are sure to delight and be appreciated. And don’t forget that we can arrange flower delivery to the Dominican Republic for all occasions, not just Mother’s Day. Trust daFlores to send your beautiful flowers and get it right, every time.