August 2nd – Sister’s Day

August 2nd – Sister’s Day

This coming weekend, August 2nd, is Sisters’ Day. Whether you have a sister or a sister-in-law doesn’t really matter; she is part of your family, and a special one who deserves a special gift. Fortunately, we have plenty of gifts for sisters and flowers for sisters at!

Why would you want to send flowers to your sister? Well, this isn’t that hard to answer! Sisters are a kind of shield against the world, someone you can always trust to give you an honest answer or provide a shoulder to cry on. It’s perfect to have a special Sisters’ Day and send your sister a gift of flowers to let her know she’s appreciated.

Sometimes we don’t spend enough time letting our sisters know how much we love them, so especially if she’s far away a bouquet of lovely Sisters’ Day flowers for your sister would let her know you’re there in spirit.

If you want to surprise your sister, throw a gather and buy her some treats. Gifts for sisters include wine, flowers (of course) – or you could choose a delicious gourmet basket. You could also buy chocolates as a Sisters’ Day gift for your sister. Order a Sisters’ Day bouquet of flowers from daFlores and bring it along, or have it sent to her door.

Flowers for your sister can be almost anything. Pink roses show affection but bright, cheerful arrangements of sunflowers tell your sister that she brings sunshine to your life. Add in chocolates or wine as a gift for your sister and you’ll make her day. To pick out a gift for your sister on Sisters’ Day all you need to do is go to the website, click on the arrangement that you think will suit her best, and fill out the details.

Sisters’ Day is a perfect excuse to send your sister some flowers and let her know how much you care. Whether she’s right next door or lives a thousand miles away, we at daFlores have the perfect gift of flowers for your sister. Have a lovely day and make your sister smile with flowers on Sisters’ Day!

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