Aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day

Aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day

There’s something a little naughty about Valentine’s Day, the day when Eros and Cupid have their wicked way. For those who’re a bit cheeky or who want to spice things up, here are a few classic aphrodisiacs that help do just that. Named for Aphrodite, the goddess of love, these aphrodisiacs are sure to make your day.


There’s something magic about chocolate. There’s a secret chemical inside a good piece of chocolate that’s said to increase desire. It certainly has that feel-good effect. And at Valentine’s Day fine chocolates abound. Send a hidden message with one of daFlores’ chocolate and Valentine’s Day flower arrangements.



These shellfish are considered to be aphrodisiacs, but they’re not for everyone. Serve up a dish of oysters, though, and the message will get across. Seal the deal with a Valentine’s Day flower delivery to make the occasion special. Dress it up with red and pink decor and all will be very well.


While we’re on an eating jag, asparagus has that reputation. These spears of fine vegetables were even served at wedding feasts. Lightly steamed and served with lemon juice and sesame seeds, they make a fine prelude to the main event.


Rare and expensive, and allegedly delicious, truffles are considered aphrodisiacs. They’re very pricey and perhaps out of range, but there are other kinds of truffles. This kind of leads us back to chocolates, and a perfect thing to add to Valentine’s Day flowers. Serve some fine truffles and see where it goes. It’s not going to be boring.



Our last aphrodisiac comes from the heart, a classic bouquet of Valentine’s Day roses. Neither eaten nor applied, they fill the heart with love and a very good mood. At daFlores we can arrange whatever you need, and make your day very special.

We at daFlores.com hope you enjoyed our brief look at aphrodisiacs and wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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