Alaska chooses a tiny forget-me-not as its special state flower

Alaska chooses a tiny forget-me-not as its special state flower

For all its grandeur and soaring mountains, the United States’ largest state chooses one of the smallest flowers as its state flower. The alpine forget-me-not, Myosotis alpestris, is a little blue flower that grows five to 12 inches high – appropriately enough, in alpine meadows. They bloom from late June to July – the best time to see Alaska, which has a very long winter. And you’ll find them in Denali National Park, which is one of the easier parks to reach and a little more geared towards  tourism than some of the wilder areas.

Tiny Forget me not
Tiny Forget-me-not

Legend has it that forget-me-nots were named by God when they, unnamed, cried out, “Don’t forget us.” Another says that they were created as a way to remind the world of the color of Mary’s eyes. Either way, these tiny flowers are among the few that bloom in a true blue shade. There are about 50 species in the Myosotis (mouse-ear) family, and not all are blue. You also find pink and white forget-me-nots. Little jewels in the grass, if you spot a forget-me-not it’s a sign that you’re in the moment and paying attention. If you’re distracted, then you’ll miss them. It’s a bit like stopping and smelling the roses.

Like roses, forget-me-nots have a romantic side, though you won’t find them in flower mixed bouquets – they’re really not grown commercially. In medieval times, knights are said to have used posies of forget-me-nots to remind their loves that they planned to come back from wars and battles. These days, we use roses, and of course daFlores has a wide range of beautiful roses that you can send to your own special amour (or your Mom or your kid sister). All are freshly arranged each morning to make the best, most beautiful impression possible.


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