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Plan your holiday flowers

With Thanksgiving behind us now for another year, we hope you’re not getting too stressed out in the Black Friday crowds and found some good bargains. If you’re considering bringing greenery and beauty into your life for the holiday season, read on. Now is when the season starts in earnest, and if you order your holiday flowers early, you’ll be able to enjoy the passing days to Christmas, Yule or New Year without that nagging thought that you haven’t quite done everything you need to. Continue reading

Advent flowers

Sunday, November 30, is the first day of Advent. For the next four Sundays, special services will count down the time to Christmas. This is a lovely time of year that speaks to the spiritual nature of the holidays. Some light a candle on an Advent arrangement; others find that a perfect way to celebrate is to order flowers for each Sunday of Advent. Continue reading

Flowers for ballet

We’ve been fascinated to discover, recently, that when flowers appear at the end of a ballet, they’re subject to some very special, die-hard rules. For example, at London’s Royal Ballet, men don’t typically get flower bouquets unless they’re dressed up as female characters. There was a bit of a flutter recently when, after getting special dispensation from the director, men did, in fact, receive flowers on-stage. Continue reading

San Francisco underwater gardens

Here’s something we don’t come across too often: underwater gardening. A new exhibition at San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers is seeking to change that with an entire garden that’s underwater. Sure, we’ve all seen a water lily or two, but we’re talking a carefully curated vision with water, plants, rocks and fish. Read on to find out more. Continue reading

November flowers

There’s a halfway-famous poem by Thomas Hood that goes (in part) something like this:

“No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees, no fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds! November!”

This gloomy 19th-century bit of writing describes how there’s really nothing cheerful about this month, neither warmth or comfort, at least if you’re in the northern hemisphere. We at daFlores have a few different ideas about what November could be like, so read on to find out more. Continue reading

Flowers building community

Over the years, we’ve come to the conclusion that people who give and appreciate flowers are overwhelmingly good, kind people. This latest story we’d like to share, out of Harlem, is no exception. It concerns a grassroots flower vendor who’s been selling flowers on a particular corner of a particular park for 23 years—until the Parks & Recreation department noticed he didn’t have a permit, and squeezed him out. Continue reading

Restricted flowers

This week we came across and article about what fruits and flowers could be taken from Hawaii to mainland America. Because of the destructive fruit fly, papayas, bananas and citrus just aren’t allowed. Other lovely flowers, like orchids and traditional lei, can go, but they have to be inspected first. Other plants just aren’t allowed, or have to be certified pest-free by the USDA. Continue reading

Thanksgiving flower tips

With just two weeks until Thanksgiving, now is the time to make sure you have ordered all your holiday flowers. Our Christmas selections are now available to make it easy to choose seasonal flowers, and we hope you’ll have a look through and get your orders in early. The holidays are among the busiest times for florists, on a par with Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, so getting organized now is important. Continue reading

Reusing flowers: An unusual approach

Catholic Charities of West Tennessee has started a wonderful new initiative called Bouquets of Hope. Basically, they take left-over flowers from events, which would normally be discarded, and turns them into flower bouquets for gifting at hospitals, senior centers and hospices. Want to find out more about this lovely idea? Read on. Continue reading