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Flower district art

“Here today and gone tomorrow” is the theme of a new art exhibition in New York, which features flowers and greenery as art. One piece of art, “Farewell” by Katia Santibañez, shows a pencil drawing on the wall made in shades of gray. It will be erased when the art show is over, to show ways that flowers and foliage don’t last forever but bless us while they’re here. A secondary theme highlights how New York is constantly changing. Continue reading

Happy Halloween from daFlores

Halloween is almost upon us. For some, it’s a religious occasion, for others it’s an opportunity to have some fun with your kids and dress up in outrageous costumes. As we approach All Hallows Eve and Day, we at daFlores wish you a wonderful holiday. With it being Friday this year, there’s even an opportunity to make a weekend of it, with corn mazes and pumpkin carving galore. Continue reading

Fall color and flowers

Depending on where you are in the country, leaf peeping season is just starting, or it’s well underway. If you’re lucky, bright sunshine will heighten the vivid golds and reds that fall brings, before the leaves end up rustling underfoot. If you’re not so lucky, drenching rain makes this time of year a little unpleasant, but the sight of changing foliage is pretty, and marks the start of the holidays.

Christmas flowers: Festive holiday wreathWhen leaves stop producing green chlorophyll, they turn different colors and start to fall off. The growing season is over; everything goes dormant until the spring. The switch gives us a visual treat that’s a symbol of fall and changing seasons. If you’re a gardener, you can recycle the leaves as mulch or compost, ready for the spring.

Local news stations and different states have reports on where to see the best fall color. The higher elevations turn first, with each segment changing and ending with the valleys and flatlands. You can also look at forest and government sites for detailed descriptions of what to expect. Continue reading

Flowers and hope

Here at daFlores, we’re always looking out for interesting stories about flowers, from around the world. One such story that caught our eye recently was a tale about an art exhibition in Turkey, where a dozen or so different artworks depicting hands offering flowers were set up by Tankut Aykut’s gallery in Istanbul. Continue reading

Fruits and flowers: a powerful arrangement

If there’s one fruit that tells you it’s fall, that would be the apple. The apple season is in full swing at this time of year, with fresh, crispy fruit appearing in abundance. Old games like bobbing for apples appear. Then there are apple festivals, giant vats of apple butter and sauce to be made, and there’s definitely that old adage about an apple a day keeps the doctor away. There’s a germ of truth in this, of course. Continue reading

Halloween flowers: Time to get ready

Halloween is now just around the corner, so it’s time to order your Halloween flowers if you haven’t, already. Halloween flowers can set the scene for a fun family get-together; trick-or-treating in the early evening, then a decorated table for a spooky dinner. That’s one way you can use Halloween flowers. Continue reading

Unusual flower fundraiser

Students in Christiansburg, Virginia have come up with an unusual way to fund-raise: they’ve asked students to donate the money they’d normally use for corsages to a well, instead. Specifically, they are trying to raise enough money for a village in Ethiopia to get a well, giving access to clean water and improving quality of life. Continue reading

Flowers for All Hallows

In just two weeks, it will be Halloween. While the first thing that may spring to mind is ghosts, ghouls and vast quantities of candy, the holiday is also All Hallows’ Eve. November 1 is All Saints, so for the Catholic community in particular, this is a religious holiday. Continue reading

Sweetest Day flowers and chocolates

Sweetest Day is coming up on October 18. While this day has an interesting history, which we’ll go into in just a short while, it’s also an opportunity to bring love and chocolates to your friends and loved ones. Kind of like a Valentine’s Day in October but focusing more on brightening people’s lives than romances, flowers fit this celebration like a hand in a glove. Continue reading