Monthly Archives: May 2014

Stolen flowers replaced by community

Flowers have meaning to people. One story we found recently, originating out of Utah, brings that home clearly. Students of a Utah school had planted flowers under supervision, only to have them stolen by a woman who thought nobody was looking. While she was seen on the surveillance cameras and this is, on the face of it, a sad story, the tale isn’t over with the theft. Read on to find out more. Continue reading

State flowers: Michigan

The next state in our state flower series is Michigan, which has as its flower the apple blossom. The Michigan legislature chose this in 1897, but as we already talked about apple blossoms in Arkansas, which has the same bloom, we’ll run with something a little different this time—the state tree and the state wild flower. Continue reading

Mother’s Day in Nicaragua: Last chance to order flowers

Mother’s Day in Nicaragua is on May 30th, so this is your last chance to order flowers for delivery in Nicaragua on Friday. To order these flowers, head to our Nicaragua flower page and click through to the special Mother’s Day section, where we’ve laid out many suitable, beautiful options for making your mom or the mother of your children feel special. Continue reading

daFlores on Facebook: What’s in it for you?

We thought we’d take a moment today to draw your attention to our Facebook page, where we frequently post specials and information about our beautiful flower delivery. Our Facebook presence has grown from a few thousand to more than a million Likes, none of which would have been possible without you. It’s been an exciting journey, and one that we’d love to share with you if you’re also on Facebook. Continue reading

Mother’s Day in Bolivia, steeped in history

In one week from now, Bolivia will celebrate Mother’s Day. That means that if you’re a son or daughter of Bolivian descent, it’s time to organize your flower delivery. DaFlores delivers Mother’s Day flowers in Bolivia, and also to a variety of different countries. And the sooner your order happens, the sooner our hand-chosen florists can plan stocks and staff to make the most beautiful flowers your mother has ever seen. Continue reading

Wildfires create wildflowers

From time to time, there are true miracles in nature. When something seems to have been destroyed, new life springs forward.

Such is the case with Mount Diablo in California, which suffered under a devastating wildfire in 2013. A landscape that was green in spring, brown and sunbaked in summer, became black when the Morgan Fire blazed through. But all that destruction wasn’t the end of the story. Continue reading

Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic

Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic is on May 25th, the fourth Sunday in May. If you’re of Dominican Republic descent, now is the time to place your order for Mother’s Day flowers and remind your mom of how important she is. She only gets two special days a year (the other is her birthday, of course) and so getting your ducks in a row for flower delivery is so important. Continue reading

Bees cluster when in danger

There’s safety in numbers, right? That’s one of the things we learn in science class when we’re little, and just by watching our friends and family. We all get together to feel safe and comforted. Well, a scientific study has shown that even bees feel that same instinct, and since bees are responsible for the pollination of flowers, we thought you might like to take this side trip into the world of Mother Nature. Continue reading

Flowers for National Receptionists Day

May 14th is National Receptionists Day, a day to honor and appreciate the front desk staff who greet you, answer calls, and do a thousand unseen things daily to help the office keep running smoothly. Often gate-keepers, ego-smoothers and a friendly smile to harrassed visitors, the receptionist’s task is not as easy as it seems, and it takes a special kind of person to be able to handle the work. Continue reading