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What is Cinco de Mayo?

Back in 1862, the Mexican Army beat France in the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. That May 5th victory gave us Cinco de Mayo, a special patriotic holiday that is celebrated much more vigorously in the United States than in Mexico, but that nevertheless links both countries together even more than they already are. Continue reading

Carnivorous flowers: Great for viewing, not for gifting

Not all flowers are quite perfect for “saying it with flowers,” and carnivorous plants fall into that category. Even so, we at daFlores are fascinated by all types of flowers and plants, so today we’ll be bringing you report about a recent carnivorous plant festival in San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers. Continue reading

Planning ahead for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is rapidly coming up for many countries in the Americas. From the United States to Guatemala and Mexico, Mother’s Day is either on May 10 or May 11 this year, so you have just over two weeks to get your orders in. As we do every year, here is your gentle reminder that waiting too long to order flowers for Mother’s Day can result in disappointment, and the explanation why. Please, if you’re considering sending flowers for Mother’s Day or know somebody else who is, pass this along so that you have all the facts. Continue reading

Using community gardens for community

There’s a group in Cayce, South Carolina who’s getting kids involved in gardening and growing flowers early. A new community garden was set up recently, and celebrated its opening by fetching in dozens of kindergartners and primary school children to plant flower seeds and seedlings. It caught our eye because it was a great way for kids to get involved both in community effort and to set something up that, over time, will become a beautiful asset. Continue reading

Get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day in Spain

Mother’s Day in Spain isn’t far away now, as it takes place on May 4th, the first Sunday in Spain. (If you scroll back a couple of posts in this blog, you’ll find an article listing most of the 2014 Mother’s Day dates for daFlores countries.) If your mom is in Spain or prefers to celebrate Mother’s Day on that date, now is the time to get your flowers ordered for delivery in Spain. Continue reading

Happy Easter from daFlores

We at daFlores would like to wish you a very happy Easter. If you’ve been on social media this morning you’ll see that Easter is trending and your pages are likely full of bunnies, eggs and happy messages. While it’s primarily a religious holiday, it’s clear that many of you enjoy the day on so many different levels, and we hope that it is a time for a fresh start and renewal of energies and joy. Continue reading

Mother’s Day dates in 2014

Mother’s Day is coming up in the United States and in a lot of other countries–the second Sunday in May is May 11th this year. But not all countries use that date and, in fact, Mother’s Day can take place through the entire year depending on where in the world you are. Have a read through our useful guide to Mother’s Day dates and make sure you’re on the right page to give your mom her special day! Continue reading

Spring break and Easter flowers

In the United Kingdom, Easter and spring break are the same thing. Most schools have two weeks off at Easter, and Good Friday and Easter Monday are long weekends, so pretty much everyone is off for Easter weekend. Since Easter Sunday is just a shade over a week from now, that means that those taking time off to go on vacation with their families are already on the way. Continue reading