Monthly Archives: March 2014

Pennsylvania town has bloom festival

Pottsville, Pennsylvania likes flowers so much that it’s created an event, Pottsville in Bloom. The event is scheduled for April and is part of a wider initiative to keep the downtown area clean and pretty for visitors. Not only are there scheduled clean-up days, but on April 18th, business owners in the downtown area are asked to plant flowers in pots and place them in front of their business. Continue reading

Spring flowers and fall flowers for the solstice

March 20th is the first day of spring if you’re in the northern hemisphere, or the first day of fall if you’re in the southern one. Either way, this is the date of the March equinox in 2014, a day when, at the equator, the night and day are the same length. We won’t get into the astronomy of why that isn’t the case further north and south here, but we will take a look at what daFlores offers in terms of spring or fall flowers. Continue reading

Get ready for Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom

Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom, otherwise known as Mothering Sunday, is on March 30th this year. In the United Kingdom, Mother’s Day is not in May, but it’s tied to Easter and Lent. That means the date changes every single year. So, if you’re a Brit overseas and your mom is back home, or the other way around, now is the time to order your Mother’s Day flowers so you won’t miss the special day. Continue reading

Flowers in mailboxes show friendship, solidarity

When we heard what happened at Carleton College last week, we knew we had to share. Three students from the college were killed in a car accident recently, and the alumni of the college clubbed together and left flowers and a message of support in each mailbox of the existing students–all 1,900 of them. Now that is truly a beautiful thing to do. Continue reading

Combine flower stamps with real flowers for a spring treat

The United States Postal Service is noted for its pretty stamp flowers, in the “forever” series. The cost of a first-class stamp is now 49 cents, and letter-senders can save a little cash by stocking up on forever stamps without the fuss of adding 1-cent stamps to make up the difference. Over the holidays there was a poinsettia stamp, there’s been an heirloom flower set of stamps, and now there’s a new set. Read on for to learn more. Continue reading

Using flowers for a good cause

At daFlores, we always love to hear about people using flowers in creative and thoughtful ways, and we found a story about some student volunteers doing just that. Student ambassadors from Youth4DirectRelief in California are asking for a donation of a set amount, and will in exchange deliver four weekly bouquets of gerbera daisies. Continue reading

International Women’s Day for equality

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a special celebration of the brave, amazing and interesting women who make the world go round. Depending on where you are in the world, IWD can be either a holiday rather like a combination of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, in which your loved ones are celebrated, or it can be a semi-political occasion following a theme set by United Nations. Continue reading

New Covent Garden market: Sending flowers to London

A couple of weeks ago we talked about flower markets and how they gave you an opportunity to see what was fresh, in season, and beautiful—while getting in some history as well. On our travels through the world of flowers to bring you interesting blog articles, we found a piece about an upcoming flower festival at another famous market, the New Covent Garden flower market. Here’s what that’s all about. Continue reading

Dales Flower Festival celebrates flowers in northern England

Our flowery travels this Tuesday take us to Yorkshire in northern England, where plans for a Dales Flower Festival are underway. If you’re not familiar with the United Kingdom but have seen the TV series James Herriot, Country Vet, then that’s the part of the country called the Yorkshire Dales. They’re a series of limestone valleys, with plenty of greenery, rustic villages and sheep. Most of the Dales are in a national park, and now there’s going to be a flower festival as well. Continue reading