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State flowers: Maine’s state flower is the white pine cone

We move to the extreme northeastern side of the United States today for our next state flower, that of Maine. The state flower of Maine is not really a flower at all—it’s the white pinecone and its tassel. The tree in question is Pinus strobus, or the Eastern white pines, and it’s a familiar sight in the woods of this attractive state. The Iroquois nation knows it as the peace tree. Continue reading

Companion planting helps keeps bugs away in spring gardens

It’s hard to believe that spring is coming when the weather is still cold and there’s still snow and ice in some places, but it really is on the way. And when spring is on the way, gardeners put on their thinking caps and figure out a plan for their growing season. For some, that includes using the time-honored technique of planting special flowers to deter bugs, known as companion planting. Don’t believe us? Here are some of those bug-repelling flowers. Continue reading

Beautiful orchids at the Pacific Orchid Expo

Orchids are many and varied, and some are so rare that people have paid millions for a specimen. If you’re in the San Francisco area right now, you might be able to see a few—not millions, perhaps, but hundreds of different types at the Pacific Orchid Expo. Read on and we’ll tell you a little about this special exhibition of these equally special flowers. Continue reading

Secrets of the Philadelphia Flower Show

We’re starting to move toward flower show season now, and the Philadelphia Flower Show is only a couple of weeks away. But there’s still snow and hard frost on the ground at this time of year, which leads to the question, “How do all those flowers get there?” The answer is that some clever horticulture is going on, with beautiful blooms coddled and warmed in special greenhouses. Continue reading

Have you ever been to a flower market?

The British and the Australians have something in common: Victorian markets. Grand market halls, the predecessor to malls, were built to keep away the heat or rain and to allow people to shop in comfort. Many of these grand old structures are now preserved as historic buildings, but they’re still in use and you can still get a feel for the past, especially when it comes to flower markets. Continue reading

Get ready for spring with these spring flower holidays

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, and all the lovely candy has been relegated to the 50 percent off pile, it’s time to take a look at what’s coming in the flower-sending calendar so that you’re not caught out. Here are the next few flower-sending opportunities that you can use to give yourself or a loved one a treat. There’s nothing that welcomes the spring more than a bouquet of fresh flowers, so why not take a look at our quick guide and see if it gives you any ideas? Continue reading

Last-minute Valentine’s Day stories to warm your heart

As it’s now just one day until Valentine’s Day, we can only hope that you’ve made all your arrangements and that flowers will be arriving on your sweetie’s doorstep. We’ll complete our Valentine’s Day story series today with a collection of heart-warming stories from around the world. Take a read, have a smile, and be glad the big day will soon be here. Continue reading

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day with these 3 extra-romantic movies

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and hopefully by now you’ve made all your arrangements and can sit back and relax, ready for the big day on Thursday. Maybe you’ll be relaxing with a good movie on Thursday, so we’ve rounded up a few unconventional romantic movies that will warm your heart when you watch them together. All three of these movies have humor and deep feeling in common, and are absolutely worth your time. Continue reading