Monthly Archives: January 2014

3 science fiction movies that feature flowers

Last night we watched an old cult classic about a flower that just got bigger and bigger, and more and more dangerous. It’s so unusual to have a movie where flowers are man-eating, talking and hungry, but we thought you’d enjoy this look at some of the more unusual movies that have, somewhere along the lines, featured flowers. Luckily, you’ll find none of these at daFlores! Continue reading

What is the state flower of Louisiana and Mississippi? The southern magnolia, of course!

We continue our state flowers series today with Louisiana and Mississippi. The state flower of both is the magnolia grandiflora, a gorgeous flowering tree that produces giant buds and then bold, delightful flowers. You just know that the people of Louisiana have beauty and the senses in mind, don’t you? Continue reading

Why the flower villages of Da Lat were both pleasure and pain

If you’re ever in Viet Nam and have an opportunity to see the beautiful flower gardens at Da Lat, be aware that they do not have the most beautiful history. In fact, the gardens were planted by prisoners undergoing forced labor, under the then French government in the 1930s. We came across an interview with the last known survivor of that French colonial period, and found it so fascinating that we thought we’d share. Continue reading

Flowers will beautify Nigerian airports

When you think of busy airports, you think maybe of stress and people rushing around and even the airport equivalent of road rage. Well, in Nigeria, the aviation ministry has come up with a solution to that: airport flowers. They are planning to spent 208 million naira (the Nigerian currency) to beautify five main airports in the African country. Continue reading

Australia Day flowers

On January 26, 1788, the “First Fleet” of the British ships arrived on the shores of Sydney Harbor, marking the first time anyone from outside had set step on the Australian coast. In years to come Britain would colonize the great continent of Australia, first using it for prisoners and later, as a fine place to live. Those first immigrants are celebrated on Australia Day, which is now just a few days away. Continue reading

National hugging day is January 21

National Hugging Day is coming up in January 21. This special day was created to pass on warm hugs and appreciation and, presumably, to fill the world with warm fuzzies. There are all sorts of unusual holidays that pass our radar because they’re not days off, but this one fits so well with what we do in flower delivery that we just had to write about it. Continue reading

Mango blossoms in India promise a good crop

We like to look through international news to find you flower stories, because flower stories are of universal appeal. One news item we found out of India was that the mango blossoms in the Krishna district of Vijayawada were in full swing, making us think of the cherry blossom festivals in Japan and on the American East coast; it’s cause for celebration. Continue reading