Monthly Archives: December 2013

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

Throughout the year, we at daFlores make sure that auld acquaintance be not forgot, by sending thousands upon thousands of beautiful bouquets to your loved ones, colleagues and friends on your behalf. From New Year’s to New Year’s, we send flowers for all the major holidays, many of the minor ones, and many more “just because” besides. Continue reading

Rose Parade: Space Shuttle Endeavor recreated in flowers

If you’ve ever wanted to see a space shuttle, your only recourse these days is to look in museums—but on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, there’ll be a very flowery version of The Shuttle Endeavor. For the 2014 Tournament of Roses, one of the many New Year’s Day floats will be a recreation of the famous space veseel in glorious flowers. We caught a preview of this in the news and thought you might be interested in another way in which flowers can be used to good effect. Continue reading

Getting ready for the New Year with daFlores

The next two weeks are perhaps the most important planning weeks of the year. We’ve heard, over and over again, that you use the last week of December to tie up loose ends, and the first week of the New Year to make plans (we hesitate to call them resolutions; those seem to be almost universally ignored by the end of January). Is that how you divide up the next two weeks, or do you have your own rituals? Continue reading

A very merry Christmas to all our customers from daFlores

We at daFlores wish you all a very happy Christmas and a beautiful new year in 2014. Our year has been amazing, from the launch of our new sister site LatinMart to reaching the incredible milestone of 1 million Likes on Facebook. We’ve gone from strength to strength, but none of this would have been possible without you, our readers and customers. Continue reading

Why the poinsettia is a Christmas flower

In amongst all the jingling bells and the gold and red glitter, you’ll find a living, thriving Christmas plant—the poinsettia. Now, this attractive plant is not actually a flower; the rich red leaves are the source of the color, not a blossom. So why is the poinsettia so popular at this time of year? Read on, and you’ll find out. Continue reading

Christmas flower collections from daFlores

If you haven’t already taken care of your holiday flowers, now would be a good time. With just two weeks until Christmas Day, the clock is ticking and Santa Claus is about done with taking orders. All joking aside, a gorgeous selection of flowers awaits you in our 2013 Christmas collections, and you can schedule delivery any time up until Christmas Eve, and then again from December 26 for New Year’s. (Remember, though, that we don’t deliver on Sundays or New Year’s Day.) Continue reading

Orchid mantis resembles flower for protection and prey

It’s a weird and wonderful world we live in, but when it comes to weird and wonderful, you really can’t beat the orchid mantis. This strange and exotic bug attracts prey by resembling a flower. It’s the only critter that is known to do so. Taking the idea of a stick insect and other such vegetation-resemblers a step further, the orchid mantis simply sits there and waits for other bugs to land on it, and become dinner. Continue reading