Monthly Archives: September 2013

Canadian leaves 1 million flowers to English town

By now we all know that flowers can make a difference to mood, and they can even help reduce crime by making a location a better place to be. Somehow, all those pretty colors just makes people feel better about themselves; flowers speak to the soul. We have a story today about one person who knew all about that, and left money in his will to beautify his home town. Continue reading

Fall flowers welcome cool weather and the holiday season

The September solstice arrived just a few days ago, after a pretty new Harvest Moon that we hope you enjoyed. Over here in the northern hemisphere, the weather is changing and nights are crisp and chilly. Thoughts turn to pumpkin pie, the harvest and coming holiday season, and some of us might be feeling a little dull after the warmth and fun of the summer gives way to school and stress. Continue reading

Love and Friendship Day in Colombia: Secret Friends tradition

Love and Friendship Day in Colombia is almost upon us; today is your last chance to order flowers for Love and Friendship Day. While sending romantic flowers is always a good thing, we thought we’d spend a little time today explaining one of the other big traditions of this holiday, the equivalent of Valentine’s Day in Colombia. What is it? It’s the tradition of amigo secreto, or secret friends. Continue reading

Love and Friendship Day in Colombia is just 2 weeks away

Love and Friendship Day in Colombia, the Colombian equivalent of Valentine’s Day, is coming up in just two weeks. The September 21, 2013 holiday is the perfect opportunity to all people of Colombia and Colombian descent to greet their loved ones, with greetings ranging from friends to full-blooded romance and love. Continue reading

Bloemencorso Zundert: Floating in flowers

Bloemencorso Zundert in the Netherlands is host to a very impressive floral spectacle every year. The annual parade sends 20 or more floats through this Dutch town—and each one is made entirely of beautiful flowers. It is the largest flower parade in the world made entirely by volunteers (as opposed to sponsored by organizations and companies). And if you get to see pictures, you’ll see that some of the artwork created from flowers is absolutely fantastic. Continue reading