Monthly Archives: August 2013

Sunflowers: Kansas state flower towers over them all

Kansas is the next state in our state flower series. The state flower of Kansas is the sunflower, something that’s very familiar to us here at daFlores. The gorgeous, upward-looking sunflower isn’t just pretty to see, it provides oil and a tasty snack, not to mention free entertainment for children who can’t fathom how something so huge could grow from such a tiny seed. Continue reading

5 ways to celebrate back-to-school with flowers

Back-to-school is in the news now, with shops full of sales of supplies for teachers, students and parents alike. If you want a backpack or a new lunch box, or even what seems like a ton of notebooks, office supply stores are your friend. But there are other ways to celebrate back-to-school day, and that’s with flowers. Here are some ideas. Continue reading