Monthly Archives: May 2013

State flowers: Iowa state flower is the wild rose

Iowa is the next state in our state flowers series, and the state flower of Iowa is the wild rose. Now, we at daFlores spend a lot of time handling roses, from single red roses to roses by the dozen, but the wild rose is something else and might be said to be where every florist began. Let’s talk about Iowa and its state symbol, the wild rose. Continue reading

Flowers in cities: Portage and Kalamazoo, Michigan

One Michigan city, Portage, has its own answer to beautifying the area; it designates an annual flower planting day. On Portage’s flower planting day, volunteers flock together to plant hundreds of flowers in a designated area. This year, the library and City Hall area benefited from this time. Petunias, snapdragons, ornamental grasses and other flowers were on the planting list. Continue reading

Study shows that flowers can help keep down bugs

Flowers can help keep down aphids, a study in Washington State has discovered. We’ve talked in the past about the different benefits of flowers, including reducing crime and soothing troubled people, but this is a new one. The University of Washington study, recently published in scientific journal “Biological Control,” focused on what planting complementary plants could do. Continue reading

Unusual Mother’s Day stories in 2013

As Mother’s Day rapidly approaches, the news is full of gift ideas and last-minute plans for Mother’s Day. We hope that by now, though, you’ve made your thoughtful selections and ordered your Mother’s Day flowers. It’s therefore time to relax and take a look around the Web for some of the more unusual Mother’s Day stories we’ve found. Continue reading