Monthly Archives: April 2013

Mother’s Day in Honduras: Two weeks to go

Mother’s Day in Honduras is just under two weeks away now. This annual celebration of moms is traditionally celebrated with flowers and gifts, and daFlores offers both. A flower delivery for Mother’s Day is a fine way to treat your mother to something special, and you can customize your bouquet with a variety of gifts, including chocolates and cute balloons. Continue reading

Mother’s Day in Guatemala: A look at May 10 traditions

Mother’s Day in Guatemala is two weeks from today. You heard that right: In two weeks’ time, it will be too late to send your mother or the mother of your children the best, most beautiful flowers available. DaFlores Mother’s Day flowers are hand-crafted by hand-chosen artisans; we personally visit all our florists to ensure they meet your and our exacting standards. Continue reading

Beautiful flowers in unexpected places

Have you ever stopped to think about beauty in unexpected places? Maybe you go into a dirty inner city and find a colorful mural on the wall—something that’s frequently used in the quest for revitalization and urban renewal. Or maybe you come around a corner and find a cute garden put together in a balcony, ablaze with bright and cheerful flowers. Continue reading

Mother’s Day 2013: Are you ready?

Mother’s Day 2013 is on May 12 in many of daFlores’ countries. While that’s quite some ways away – five weeks, plus or minus – that doesn’t mean it’s too early to think about ordering your flowers for Mother’s Day. Not to put too fine a point on it, but time flies, and this is one of the biggest holidays of the year for florists, right up there with the holidays and Valentine’s Day. Continue reading

April Fool’s brings April amusements

April Fool’s Day was today, the one day of the year when it’s perfectly legitimate to pull the wool over others’ eyes, hopefully for their entertainment. This is the day when we go out and see what the big companies have been up to. One that caught our eye was Google’s new “nose” feature, a virtual sniffer that lets you intuitively figure out the best results. Or so they claim. Continue reading