Monthly Archives: March 2013

Happy Easter to all daFlores readers

Happy Easter to all our readers. We at daFlores would like to wish you all a very beautiful Easter—or whatever else you celebrate on this day. Because Easter is also the same as spring, Passover, solstice, and a whole bunch of other fresh-start holidays. And for some, today is just another day. That’s ok. We wish you a happy March 31, in that case. Continue reading

Fighting crime with flowers

Have you ever heard of flowers chasing off criminals—at least, outside of science fiction movies with gruesome, monstrous blooms on pod-legs? That’s one effect of floral decor, a neighborhood in Frankfort, Indiana, is claiming. The idea is that the nicer a place looks, the less appealing it is to the underbelly of society: the drug dealers, the graffiti “artists,” and all the rest. And flowers can help. Continue reading

Easter is just around the corner, are you ready for spring?

A day or so ago you may have noticed a short flurry of activity in the newspapers and on TV, letting us know that it was once again spring. While some parts of the world might debate this—they’re still under snow—the seasons did turn with the spring solstice earlier this week, and that means Easter is well and truly on the way. Continue reading

DaFlores has reached 800,000 Facebook Likes

Blink and you’d miss it—DaFlores just welcomed our 800,000th Like on our Facebook page and have since added another four thousand Likes in just a matter of days! It hardly seems possible that in such a few short years we’ve built our fan club up to four-fifths of a million people…and we consider that the ultimate vote of confidence from our customers. Thank you, very much, to all of you who’ve liked our Facebook page and take part in the ongoing dialog between we, the florists, and you. Continue reading

Spring is springing with early flowers

In the United Kingdom, spring is in full swing with the emergence of snowdrops and crocuses. The first spring flowers are always snowdrops—little white bells that often poke up from the snow, giving their name a double meaning. But the bright yellow and purple crocuses are seldom far behind, so that even when there’s snow and ice, there’s also that promise of spring. Continue reading

State flowers: Idaho’s state flower is the mock orange

We continue our trip through the 50 states of American with Idaho. Idaho’s state flower is the mock orange, or syringa. Officially named the Philadelphius lewisii, the mock orange was designated this mountain state’s special flour in 1931. Confusingly, syringa is also the name for lilac, and this plant, in fact, is not a lilac…it was just introduced to the United States alongside lilacs. Continue reading

Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom is March 10, 2013

Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom is March 10. In the United Kingdom, Mother’s Day is linked to Easter, the fourth Sunday in Lent. While Easter is a ways away, the British don’t wait until May to celebrate Mother’s Day, which means that if you’re sending flowers for Mothering Sunday, you need to order them very soon. Continue reading

International Women’s Day is March 8: Send flowers to honor strong women

International Women’s Day is March 8 this year, and arrangements are in full swing. This isn’t a romantic holiday; it’s a special occasion to mark the women in your life who make things happen. From suffragists to teachers, pioneers to food bank volunteers, there is bound to be someone in your life who is a hero. Continue reading