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Valentine’s Day teens help others for romantic holiday

We turn our eyes today to Washington State, where United Way has teamed up with some teenagers to bring Valentine’s Day messages home. This caught our eye for two reasons: First, it highlights the other aspect of Valentine’s Day, giving and caring, and also because it was a neat way to bring Valentine’s Day to people who might not otherwise get to Continue reading

Three weeks until Valentine’s Day—how are you preparing?

With only three weeks to go until Valentine’s Day 2013, there’s still enough time to order—but you need to move quickly. As we said last week, leaving your Valentine’s Day flower delivery orders until the last minute isn’t a good idea, and our Valentine’s Day sections are up and running to make it easier to take care of that important romantic Continue reading

An early spring is here and brings spring flowers

An early spring is here, according to various news sources; in fact, it’s the earliest spring they’ve seen for years. Of course, that isn’t true across the board: Some areas are still under snow, while desert areas turn on spring just as soon as the first cold snap of the New Year is over. There’s something about that initial bitter cold that tells the flowers it’s time to start peeking their noses through the earth. Continue reading

Four weeks to Valentine’s Day 2013

Tomorrow marks four weeks to Valentine’s Day. You heard that right—the premier romantic holiday of the year is only four weeks away. Now is the perfect time to start browsing through our rose and mixed bouquet selections to pick out Valentine’s Day flowers you know that he or she will love. Continue reading

Georgia’s state flower is the Cherokee rose

While Georgia might make you think of peaches, in actual fact that’s just this southern state’s nickname, the Peach State. Its state tree is the Southern live oak, and state crop is the peanut. As for the state flower of Georgia—it’s the Cherokee rose, so let us tell you about that today. The Cherokee rose is an ancient one, which was brought over from China in the 1700s. Botanists first classified and appraised this rose in Georgia. This gorgeous rose grows on a rounded bush that can grow five feet tall, and can also be a climbing rose, adding to all the lovely scented flowers that Georgia is quite famous for. Continue reading

Planning a year of flowers part 3: September through December

Welcome to the third and final part of our quick guide to 2013’s flower-giving holidays and opportunities. Today we’ll be covering fall and the holiday season, i.e. September through December. While those months are far ahead, knowing when the special dates are helps you plan ahead, mark your calendars and set those electronic alerts so your loved ones never miss a chance to see how much you care. Continue reading

Flowers of the Ice Queen exhibit shows flowers like never seen before

Floral art comes in all forms, not just the kind we at daFlores produce! This last week we caught a video of a special art exhibit somewhere cold—Kiev, in Ukraine—where hundreds of different blossoms were cleverly encased in ice. The Flowers of the Ice Queen show didn’t just use flowers in blocks of ice; the blossoms were layered with distilled water ice of different consistencies to create a unique play on light and color. The effect, as you might imagine, was stunning. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day 2013 is coming, are you ready to send romantic flowers?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Your first clue? Walking into any drugstore, supermarket or general merchandiser and finding a sea of red hearts and chocolates prominently placed near the entrance. That’s so you can’t possibly miss that the annual holiday of romance is only a month away. Continue reading