Monthly Archives: September 2012

How one family turned their tropical paradise into a tropical flower paradise

They don’t just have beautiful flowers in Guam, they thrive because of their beautiful flowers. But for one family, that turned into a bit of a surprise. The Murphy family started growing tropical blooms on their one-acre property in Santa Rita, Guam, and ended up creating a sort of “buy local” trade in cut flowers. Continue reading

The strange case of the flowers in Sacramento

We recently heard of a very “sad” case where one group repeatedly sent beautiful flowers to the governor of California’s office to get his attention, only to learn that the politician would not accept the flowers. In fact, he asked the group to stop sending flowers. The group said that no, they wouldn’t—not until the end of the month, or when the law they wanted passed was Continue reading

Three good reasons to send flowers in September

We’re now more than halfway through September, with the “official” start of Fall just around the corner. Stores are starting to stock Thanksgiving and Halloween merchandise, but Fall isn’t the only reason you’ve got to send flowers in the remainder of September. See our quick list below for some different ideas you can use Continue reading

Love and Friendship Day is coming up this weekend

Love and Friendship Day in Colombia is coming up this Sunday, September 15. The special day is almost but not entirely quite like Valentine’s Day—in this case, Love and Friendship Day is a celebration of romantic love and also platonic love. You can pick from our wide variety of roses available in Colombia to greet all your loved ones in Colombia. You have plenty of Continue reading