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Looking ahead to September holidays

September is just coming up and with it is the fall solstice, the “official” start of fall. The beginnings of cool weather are here already and the nights might be drawing in. The perfect antidote to cold-weather blues is a beautiful daFlores flower delivery—so we’ll take a look ahead and see what good excuses you have to send flowers to your loved ones in the Continue reading

Onam festival in India is a big flowery deal

The Onam festival is a huge harvest festival in the Indian state of Kerala. Flowers play an enormous part in the Onam festival, including the creation of several flower carpets. In a way, this is also a new year celebration that falls in a month that roughly corresponds to August-September. The 10-day festival celebrates a specific Vishnu legend and the 2012 festival is Continue reading

Flowers in your hair

There probably isn’t anyone over the age of about 20 who hasn’t heard the song “San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers in Your Hair).” In fact, we just bet even hearing the title gives you an earworm. The famous song, crooned by Scott McKenzie in 1967, has become a symbol of the flower power movement and hippie era. It was also credited with bringing tens of thousands of young people to the city of San Francisco, culminating with the Continue reading

State flowers: The state flower of Colorado is the rocky mountain columbine

The state flower of Colorado is the rocky mountain columbine. This lavender beauty goes by lots of different names, ranging from its Latin name Aquilegia saximontana to the alpine columbine, alpine dwarf columbine, or the dwarf blue columbine. While it’s called blue in its name, the color of blossoms is actually Continue reading