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Welcome summer with flowers from daFlores

The warm weather of summer is here and we don’t know if you’ve noticed, but bold floral patterns seem to be “in.” At least, that’s what we’re seeing when we wander through the stores looking for nice clothing. Well, we at daFlores have another idea about bold flowers for summer: Why not send some flowers to welcome the warm, hazy days of July and August? Continue reading

Send flowers for July 4 and enjoy independence from dullness

The Fourth of July is coming up and daFlores is ready with beautiful colors that you can send for Independence Day. An Independence Day flower delivery is a wonderful treat for ex-pats living overseas and all your American friends. While we don’t have a blue rose for you (they’re rare and special indeed), we have plenty of attractive bouquets to send this Fourth of July. Continue reading

Keep smelling sweet with daFlores flowers, and never send a corpse flower

A corpse flower is something you’ll never see sold at—not only does it reek, it only blooms once every 15 years or so. That’s not to say that a corpse flower, amorphophallus titanium, isn’t a fascinating thing, and there’s one blooming in Boston just now in Franklin Park Zoo. It’s just that we prefer sweeter flowers.

Send flowers sweeter than this with daFlores (public domain photo via U.S. Botanical garden)The corpse flower, dubbed “Morticia” by zoo-keepers, is one of only 30 known to have flowered in captivity. Normally it just grows in Sumatra, under very picky conditions. And it’s not a stretch to think of these monsters as somehow more like animals than plants; at four feet, nine inches tall, this corpse flower looks like she’d eat you as soon as flower for you, and she smells pretty bad, too. Hence the name.

According to some newspaper reports, the corpse flower smells like dirty cat litter, rotting meat or trash. Hundreds have already filed in to take a look and sniff, with wrinkled noses. The blooming and nose assault will most likely stop tomorrow, June 21, 2012, and then it will be all over for a decade and a half.

The corpse flower in Boston is absolutely the opposite of everything daFlores tries to do, though we do work on providing a grand, spectacular experience in our international flower delivery service. We guarantee our flowers will remain fresh at least a week. We do not make you wait 15 years to enjoy the beauty of hand-crafted flower delivery (unless, of course, you’re celebrating the quinceanera).

Whether you want to send flowers to Peru or set up something stunning for an anniversary, daFlores has the sweet-smelling, lovingly crafted flowers you need. If you’re anywhere near Boston, by all means visit the corpse flower, but we’re quite sure you’ll agree than when it comes to something that lives in your home, a daFlores flower delivery is much, much better.

Send a graduate flowers to celebrate success: daFlores graduation flowers are the perfect gift

This year’s graduates have worked hard for their success, and we’re sure your heart swelled in joy when you saw your son or daughter walk proudly to receive a graduation certificate. High school is over and this notable rite of passage speaks of impending adulthood and the ability to do better. What better way to celebrate your graduate’s special day than with a beautiful flower delivery?

Treat a graduate to international flower delivery from daFloresYoung men and young women alike will love to receive some elegant tropical flowers or bright, welcoming sunflowers. Bright colors symbolize success and a bright future ahead, so look to yellows and oranges to carry that graduate energy far. If this is the first time your grad has ever received flowers, our daFlores offerings are sure to impress and and express your pride and joy.

Graduation is a big step, with university or careers coming up. Once your child is settled into the next step, you can also send flowers to welcome him into his new life too. (Yes, daFlores flower delivery is available to universities and offices.)

When picking out your graduation flowers, look to our mixed bouquets and tropical flower selections for inspiration. You’ll find choices to serve a variety of budgets, and it’s just the case of a few clicks to send graduation flowers across the Americas, not to mention parts of Europe and Asia. Whether you want to send flowers to Mexico or some other country, we have the service you need.

All our graduation flowers come with a full guarantee of satisfaction, and a promise that they’ll stay fresh for at least a week. Both you and your recipient have to be happy with the gift, and our confident, expert florists are on hand to weave magic into your graduate’s flower delivery.

So what are you waiting for? Order now and have the flowers delivered to the graduates in your life. You only graduate once from high school, so make the most of it. Childhood is over now and you can welcome your bright young son or daughter into the joys, trials and challenges of successful adulthood. Congratulations, class of 2012!

Father’s Day 2012 is coming up, get ready to send flowers to Dad

Father’s Day is on the way and we have a number of gifts ready to send to Dad this June 17. Unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day tends to be around the same time every year in countries where it’s observed. Take a look around the daFlores website and you’ll see little Father’s Day icons at the top left, leading you to tasteful suggestions for gifts and flowers.

Send Father's Day flowers and gifts with daFloresGifts vary from country to country, depending on which types of blooms and gifts are readily available for Father’s Day. In Colombia, you can send gift baskets with chocolates, wine and other delectable goodies, all tastefully packaged to send to Dad on Father’s day. You can also send flowers to Colombia from the USA and other countries with daFlores. See below for a few Father’s Day flower suggestions.

When it comes to choosing flowers for Father’s Day, go with bold colors. Tropical flowers work well; the fiery oranges and yellows are not too feminine and make a striking centerpiece to Dad’s room on Father’s Day. We also recommend yellow gerbera daisies and vivid sunflowers.

Don’t be shy about sending flowers for Father’s Day, especially if you’ve never done so before. Whether your father is a gardener or not, whether you send flowers abroad or just within the same country, he’ll appreciate the gift and your thoughtfulness.

Take a look through the Father’s Day section for Colombia and you’ll find a wide selection of other gifts beyond flowers. We have all kinds of gift baskets with gourmet food, carefully chosen for quality and presentation. Gift baskets take a little longer—allow three extra business days for delivery—so don’t leave the to the last minute.

It’s up to you to make your Father’s Day choice, but daFlores will follow up with the highest quality, most beautiful flowers and gifts your dad ever saw. Choose us as for your international flower delivery company and you’ll soon see the difference.