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Send flowers to a patriot: Flower delivery for soldiers and service personnel

For some, Memorial Day is the start of summer, but in reality, it’s the start of patriots’ season. A few weeks ago, this blogger stood and watched some 400 motorcyclists ride along a city high street, on their way to the Vietnam wall. Hundreds of thousands of riders gather together in Washington D.C. to remember their fallen comrades and bring awareness of those still missing or in captivity. This event is one of the core happenings of Memorial Day, and the sight of those veterans and their supporters truly makes the heart skip a beat.

Summer flowers for a veteranComing up in the next few weeks are such patriotic observances as Flag Day and the Fourth of July. These are times to honor our country and, above all, our veterans who sacrifice for freedom. Overseas, a number of daFlores countries celebrate their own independence days throughout summer. Mexico‘s independence day is in September; there are more.The point is that, whether it was citizen soldiers who fought for freedom or trained professionals, these people deserve our full honor, attention and support.

There should be no guilt-tripping about enjoying the summer, no shame involved. The ability to enjoy summer is a function of freedom. Not all countries enjoy the same freedoms and it’s something to celebrate.

Just spare a moment here and there to thank a veteran, acknowledge with a nod, even perform a random act of kindness for them. DaFlores has flowers that you can send to veterans all over the world (though not usually to bases). You can also send them to people you know are left behind as their husbands or children go to fight.

We wish you a wonderful, beautiful summer and a thoughtful patriotic season. Go to a parade. Wave a flag. Show respect for your protectors and your country. There’s no better season to see the beauty of your country than summer. Enjoy!

DaFlores now has 500,000 Facebook fans

DaFlores has reached (and exceeded) 500,000 fans on its Facebook page. Now there’s an announcement! We’re proud and delighted to not only have half a million fans worldwide, but to already be well past 513,000 in just a matter of days. The magic moment arrived on May 11, just in time for Mother’s Day, making it even more significant and exciting.

500k Facebook  fans for daFlores!The daFlores Facebook fan page gives our customers a voice that we love to hear. We get feedback there that we can use to improve your shopping experience for the future. We launched our first app some while ago to let people send virtual flowers—and you do, by the thousand. We’ve always felt that wherever our customers are, so too should we be. We’re in the business of bringing you smiles, and without knowing what you need, we can’t do that. Hence our social media presence.

When we first opened daFlores for business in 2001, there was barely any social media—it was all forums and newsgroups, with an occasional specialty online community. We started small on Facebook but the community has grown in leaps and bounds. It’s one of the great joys of our work to hear what you’ve got to say about our flowers and learn how you use them.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being part of the daFlores community. We can wait to reach a million fans. Customer service and quality of flowers are the number one priority in our business and this is just another way that we can reach you. The fact that you’ve embraced our Facebook page so thoroughly is just the icing on the cake.

If you haven’t already checked out the Facebook page, we invite you to sign up now. Just head over and Like us. We like you, after all!

Chelsea Flower Show: One of The World’s Best Places to See Flowers

We’ll take a break from holidays just for a moment and tell you a tale of the Chelsea Flower Show. This show starts next Monday and is one of the big events of the British year.

Send flowers to Great BritainGardeners from far and wide come to create the most amazing portable gardens and displays. If you ever get a chance to go, you’ll be stunned by the wonderful array of flowers and arrangements.

Behind the Chelsea Flower Show is the Royal Horticultural Society, the gardening society of gardening societies. The first “Great Spring Show” was held in 1862, making the event a venerable 150 years old this year. It’s held in the grounds of the Royal Chelsea Hospital which isn’t an actual hospital, it’s a housing facility for retired veterans. When it comes to pedigree, the Chelsea Flower Show just can’t be beat and attracts visitors from around the world.

Every year at the Chelsea Flower Show, dozens of show gardens are put up for people to look around. About 170,000 people show up every year. The British royal family also always spends time, and the Queen is always there—they love their gardens, as do we. Even if your country doesn’t put on quite the same kind of garden show, anyone can visit a garden show and get a few ideas for what beautiful flowers to put in their own garden, and you can follow the Chelsea Flower Show online.

Spring is rapidly becoming summer, a season for bright decor and vivid colors. See daFlores’ mixed bouquet section for ideas to brighten up your home and a loved one’s life. Remember that daFlores serves the United Kingdom through a network of hand-chosen, expert florists. We may not all be able to visit the Chelsea Flower Show, but we can create magic in our own gardens and send flowers in the United Kingdom, just-because.

Happy Mother’s Day From daFlores International Flower Delivery Company

DaFlores wishes all mothers a very happy Mother’s Day for tomorrow. As always, we have had the delight of sending thousands of orders across the world in time for Mother’s Day 2012.

A big thank-you from daFlores

Happy Mother's Day from daFlores

We don’t look at our Mother’s Day flowers just as “things”–they are loving greetings to your Mom and the mother of your children that you’ve entrusted us with. We are, as always, honored to serve you with hand-crafted, beautiful flowers.

While there are still a few more Mother’s Days to celebrate in May, the main event is really the second Sunday in May and we hope that you have a wonderful day. Whether you’re near to or far from your mom on this special day, it’s the keeping in touch that matters. Thank you for ordering from daFlores.

As we roll on now into summer, we invite you to look for other opportunities to delight the special people in your life. DaFlores works only with the best florists to bring you these flowers. A recent survey put flowers in the top three of desirable gifts on Mother’s Day, but that same survey also highlighted some of the other things that Mom would like—time off from chores, time with family, and a nice dinner out.

Perhaps these will give you an idea of what you can do for Mom on Sunday, May 13, 2012. If you’re together, spend a little time doing the chores and let her have a full day off. Breakfast in bed, no work to do—that’s a great Mother’s Day gift. Time is precious and can’t be bought, and you can give Mom the gift of time. For the rest, daFlores will continue to be at your disposal for beautiful Mother’s Day flowers, just-because flowers, and flowers to make a heart sing. Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours.

Mother’s Day Dates Around the World

When is Mother’s Day 2012? Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May for most countries, but not all. Around the world, countries attach their Mother’s Day dates to celebrations of independence or religious festivals, or simply pick different Sundays. Our infographic is a fun way to see when Mother’s Day is celebrated in the world. Feel free to use the Mother’s Day infographic in your blogs and websites to help people remember one of the most important dates in your mother’s calendar!

In Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Italy, Peru, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uruguay, the USA, and Venezuela, Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday in May, the 13th. But Portugal and Spain celebrate Mother’s Day on the first Sunday in May, the 6th, while Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala choose the 10th of May for Mother’s Day. Paraguay uses May 15 every year, Dominican Republic uses the fourth Sunday, May 27, 2012, while Bolivia uses May 27 every year and Nicaragua uses the 30th.

The Arabic people in Israel celebrate Mother’s Day on March 21, while the Israelis use 30 Shevat, which is February 23 in 2012. Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam celebrate on March 8, though some in Ukraine also use May 13, the second Sunday in May. The United Kingdom has Mothering Sunday on the fourth Sunday in Lent—in 2012, that’s March 18.

Costa Rica celebrates Mother’s Day on August 15, then Argentina chooses the third Sunday in October, for Mother’s Day–the 21st in 2012. Panama uses December 8, and Indonesia chooses December 22.


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What day is Mother’s Day in 2012?

Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May, right? In 2012, that’s May 13. That would be true if you were in most of the countries that serves, but if you’re in Argentina, the United Kingdom or Israel…well, it wouldn’t be true. Mother’s Day celebrations around the world take place around the year!

The people of Israel celebrate Mother’s Day at two different times, depending on what culture is theirs. The Arabic people of Israel celebrate on March 21st, which usually coincides with the Spring Equinox, but didn’t in 2012. (The equinox can move around a day or two, but the Mother’s Day date, as far as we can tell, stays put.) However, if you’re an Israeli of Israel, your celebration in on 30 Shevat which can be anywhere from January through March. In 2012, the celebration fell on February 23.

Eastern Europe likes March 8. Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and the Ukraine all celebrate then – a fixed date. On the other hand, some in Ukraine also celebrate the second Sunday in May. Go figure. And while we’re on the subject, Vietnam also uses March 8.

March can sometimes bring Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom, but not this year. The UK bases Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday in Lent and, in 2012, Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom is March 18. They call it Mothering Sunday.

Spain and Portugal celebrate Mother’s Day on the first Sunday in May. So, in 2012, they kick off the busy month of May with a May 6 Mother’s Day.

Now we come to the biggie: May 13, or the second Sunday in May. This is Mother’s Day for Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Italy, Peru, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uruguay, the USA, and Venezuela. Phew! Catch your breath a moment. That’s a lot of countries.

May 10, a fixed date, is another popular place for Mother’s Day to hang out. That date is used by El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.

Paraguay’s Mother Day shares May 15 with Dia de la Patria – Independence Day. Bolivia’s Mother’s Day is May 27, a fixed date, and the Dominican Republic uses the last Sunday in May, which in 2012 falls on the last Sunday in May. Coincidentally, in 2012 Mother’s Day in Dominican Republic is also May 27. Nicaragua, however, waits until the 30th….a fixed date.

After all that activity in May, the holiday takes a break from June through July. Then, Costa Rica celebrates a lonely Mother’s Day on August 15.

Argentina celebrates Mother’s Day on October 21 in 2012 – Mother’s Day in Argentina is the third Sunday in October. And then, finally, we have a couple of stragglers – Panama’s Mother’s Day is on December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. And Indonesia likes December 22, which is a celebration of women’s rights in that country. Both of those are fixed dates.

We hope you have enjoyed our whirlwind world tour of Mother’s Day, 2012 dates. can supply flowers for all these events (except for the ones that have already passed – but then, do you really need a Mother’s Day to send flowers for Mother’s Day?)

In order to send flowers to Colombia please visit our Colombia page or try our International Flower Delivery Service.

Mother’s Day is Coming up Fast, Order Now to Avoid Disappointment

Mother’s Day is on May 13, 2012, which means it’s a mere five days away. If you’re still dithering about whether to send flowers to Mom this Mother’s Day, here are some really good reasons to stop dithering and take action.

Mother's Day 2012Moms love flowers. Whatever the media says every year, our experience is that flowers are second only to time spent with Mom. We can’t provide the time (except to our own Moms)–but we can provide the Mother’s Day flowers. And what flowers they are!

All daFlores bouquets are delivered fresh and hand-made to the door. All our florists have been in business at least 10 years, which means they have enough experience and skill to cheerfully and professionally handle floods of orders at times such as at Mother’s Day. This allows us to offer our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you or your loved one are not happy with the flowers, we’ll work with you to fix the problem.

If you order now, there’s still plenty of time for our florists to adjust their orders and bring in more flowers to create your Mother’s Day orders. If you leave it to the last minute, some may be forced to stop taking orders, while others might be forced to substitute flowers.

We make it easy to order your Mother’s Day flowers. Not only do we have around-the-clock bilingual customer service, we have online and email customer service and local toll-free numbers. Selections of Mother’s Day flowers are available by clicking the Mother’s Day button on each country’s individual page. You can also sort flowers by category or by price range.

Are you ready to order flowers for Mother’s Day? Come on down and visit With something to suit every budget and add-ons to customize each gift, we can guarantee this: If you order daFlores flowers for your mom this year, they’ll be the best, most beautiful Mother’s Day flowers she’s ever seen.

Blanket your loved ones in rose bouquets

Did you see the Kentucky Derby on Saturday? The most exciting two minutes in sport was, as always, over in a flash, but it was noteworthy because the winner, I’ll Have Another, beat the leading horse on the final straight and the jockey, Mario Gutierrez from Mexico, was a first-timer at the Derby.

Send roses to your loved onesBut what caught our eye, of course, was the blanket of roses laid over the winning horse in the winners’ circle. That blanket of roses consisted of more than 550 red roses, woven into a beautiful blanket for the Kentucky Derby. We admire craftsmanship like that—it takes time, dedication and effort to create such an amazing masterpiece of floral skill. Something like 165,000 people watched that event from the site, not to mention the millions who watched on TV. We’d hope that means they all have a new appreciation for florists and rose bouquets.

While daFlores isn’t in the business of blanketing horses with roses, we do have some wonderful red rose arrangements that you can send to your loved ones. Most rose bouquets can be presented in different colors, including pink, yellow, apricot and white, so you can choose the color based on the message you want to send. Classic bouquets of 12 red roses convey love; we also have two dozen, three dozen and 100 red roses to make your message clearer. (And yes, we have 18 roses too.)

Whatever you choose, these rose arrangements send the perfect message of love and affection. In every country of the world, the language of flowers is never so clear as with sweet, pretty roses. And, while we can’t do a blanket of roses, never fear; there’s more than one way to approach a gift. If you send enough rose bouquets, it will be just as though you’re sending a blanket of red roses for the winner in your life.

Top 5 Reasons to Send Flowers in May

The very merry month of May is here and we have several good reasons to send flowers in the month of May. And don’t forget just-because flowers and flowers for the Taurus and Gemini people in your life—people with May birthdays, in fact. People with birthdays in May deserve beautiful flower delivery, too. In the meantime, here are some ideas to get you started for flower-sending in May.

Beautiful mixed bouquetsCinco de Mayo is on our doorstep. This festival of Mexican heritage takes place on May 5 every year and it’s not too late to take part. Send flowers to the host of a Cinco de Mayo festival or to all your Mexican friends. If you’re far from loved ones in Mexico, we can even arrange same-day flower delivery in Mexico.

May is National Hamburger Month and National Barbecue Month. (It’s also National Salad Month and National Blood Pressure Month—go figure.) We reckon that’s because, for many, it’s the month coming up to Memorial Day, the official start of grilling season. For many, that season has already begun, so if you’re planning an outdoor party or barbecue, why not top it off with some gorgeous fresh spring flowers from daFlores?

May is also Older Americans’ Month. Why not celebrate seniors in your life by sending them some bright and beautiful flowers? Older Americans bring wisdom, knowledge and history into focus. Whether it’s a volunteer worker or just a friend, the seniors in your life are sure to appreciate this gesture.

The first full week in May is Nurses’ Week. That starts on May 6 in 2012 (even though that’s a Sunday). Nurses’ Day is May 6, Red Cross/Red Crescent Day is May 8 and School Nurses’ Day is May 9. Give you any ideas? We thought so.

Memorial Day is on May 28 in 2012. This is a celebration of veterans who’ve lost their lives serving their country. DaFlores has tasteful flowers suitable for church services and for individual observations. If you know someone who has served their country and deserves flowers, we recommend something tasteful and elegant, like lilies or tropical flowers.

Choosing the Right Flower for the Right Occasion

You can say a lot with a simple flower. In fact, you might be saying more than you realize. Flowers have a lot of meaning, and this “how to guide” can help you discover a little more about these beautiful gifts. The traditional rose, for example, can say many different things depending on the color and the number you send. This could be really important for your next international flower delivery to someone special.

If, for example, you were to send flowers to Colombia on Women’s Day, a light pink or peach-colored rose to symbolize honor and respect would be the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you are sending flowers to someone very special, a lavender rose might be a better choice to show that it really was love at first sight. Whether you are sending aster, roses, or tulips, be sure you know what you are really saying with a simple flower.


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Flowers for Cinco de Mayo 2012: Plan a Cinco de Mayo event with fresh flower delivery

Cinco de Mayo 2012 is around the corner, a traditional celebration of Mexican pride. Cinco de Mayo is a big deal in Mexico, and sending flowers this May 5 is a wonderful way to show appreciation for Mexican people in your life and your loved ones overseas. Make it a beautiful fiesta this May 5 and send daFlores flowers.

100 Red Roses for Cinco de MayoYou can use Cinco de Mayo flowers to set an attractive fiesta table this Saturday. While daFlores does deliver on Saturdays, we recommend ordering now to make sure your flowers arrive the day before. That way, when you put your tropical flowers or sunflowers on the table, you’ll have plenty of time to arrange them just so.

You’ll have to find your pinatas and other goodies somewhere else; by focusing on flowers and a limited number of add-on extra gifts, daFlores ensures we keep track of our florists to bring you amazing, fresh flowers for Mexican Independence Day. Remember: We never recycle. All daFlores flowers are fresh every morning, on Cinco de Mayo and every other day we deliver.

Another way to use Cinco de Mayo flowers is to greet your loved ones in Mexico. We cover all the major cities, so you needn’t worry about whether we can deliver or not. Just check our coverage page and look for your city. If you can’t join the family get-together in Mexico, at least you can send your love and your greetings to be with your loved ones in spirit.

In the Mexican state of Puebla, Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The year 2012 therefore marks the 150th anniversary of the battle, where Mexican forces overcame the French. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is a date to celebrate Mexican heritage, courage and independence. DaFlores is proud to supply your beautiful flowers for Cinco de Mayo 2012.