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Mother’s Day in Dominican Republic is May 27

The last Mother’s Day in May is Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic, which takes place on May 27. Dominican Republic is one of daFlores’ countries, so when you want to send Mother’s Day flowers to the Dominican Republic, we’ve got you covered.

Mother's Day flowers in Dominican RepublicSo why does Dominican Republic use 27 May as Mother’s Day? There seems to be no real reason, other than by the choice of the country. Dominican Republic is one of maybe eight countries that celebrates Mother’s Day on the last Sunday of May. Most, but not all, have some connection with France, so that’s probably the missing link.

What’s important is that you’ve got an entire month to send your Mother’s Day flowers to Dominican Republic, and we’ve got the beautiful, garden-fresh flowers your mom or the mother of your children deserves.

To order Mother’s Day flowers in Dominican Republic, go ahead and visit the special page we’ve set up on The Mother’s Day icon in the top left-hand corner takes you where you want to go (unless you’ve already purchased a plane ticket to go there in person, of course). You’ll see a wide selection of gorgeous fresh flowers that you can send to your loved one.

Remember, we hand-pick all our florists to ensure they have the experience and quality control to go with our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We promise that our flowers will stay fresh at least a week because they’re brought in fresh every morning.

To see where we send flowers in Dominican Republic, check out our full city list. You’ll see that we cover the major and quite a lot of the smaller cities too. With our bilingual, 24-hour customer service and amazing flowers, the only place you’ll find blossoms as gorgeous as ours is to fly to Dominican Republic yourself and check out their gardens and parks.

The disadvantage? You can’t bring those to your loved ones. With daFlores, you can bring the garden home and delight your mother on Mother’s Day with delivered-to-the-door fresh flowers.

Mother’s Day in Bolivia: Why Mother’s Day in Bolivia is different

Now that we’ve looked at the May 13 and May 15 Mother’s Days, it’s time to skip a couple of weeks and look at Mother’s Day in Bolivia. Unusually for South America, Bolivia celebrates Mother’s Day on May 27. Why is Mother’s Day in Bolivia on that particular date, which doesn’t alter from year to year?

2012 Mother's Day in BoliviaMay 27 marks the anniversary of the 1827 Battle of Coronilla which took place during the Bolivian War of Independence. President Hernando Siles Reyes was in office when the law to proclaim May 27 as Dia de la Madre Boliviana was passed on 8 November 1927. You’ll notice immediately that it’s not just Mother’s Day: It’s Bolivian Mother’s Day. The May 27 date is both a celebration of mothers and of Bolivian national pride.

The roots of the story are a bit sadder, though. Women fighting for independence were slaughtered during the Battle of Coronilla. That’s why Mother’s Day in Bolivia is just a little different from celebrations around the world. In that country, it’s not really a day for parades and massive celebration, but of thoughtfulness and respect.

The event is as likely to be observed through school activities as it is in the streets of Bolivian cities. That’s not too different from the situation in Paraguay, in fact, but it also doesn’t mean it’s inappropriate to send Mother’s Day in Bolivia. Quite the opposite, in fact: We’ve long observed that Bolivians love to send Mother’s Day flowers to their wives and mothers on May 27!

DaFlores serves Bolivia with beautiful Mother’s Day flowers, picked fresh every morning and arranged to our exacting standards. Our Bolivian Mother’s Day section has a wide variety of flowers, ranging from traditional pinks and whites to cheerful spring yellows and fiery tropical flowers. There is a Mother’s Day flower arrangement to suit every taste and preference this Mother’s Day in Bolivia.

Mother’s Day in Paraguay and Dia de la Patria share a date

Before we get too far into Mother’s Day writing, we’d like to note that Paraguay is special. Paraguay celebrates its Mother’s Day on May 15, come what will.

Unlike other countries that tie their celebrations to a particular day, they tie theirs to Dia de la Patria, their national day or independence day. This last was supposedly to honor Juana María de Lara, who gave great service to her country as it rose up and broke free from Spain.

Beautiful tropical flowers and sunflowers for Mother;s Day in ParaguayDia de la Patria or Mother’s Day in Paraguay is on a Tuesday this week, just two days after the busiest Mother’s Day date there is, 13 May. And daFlores delivers to Paraguay. Thus, if you were thinking of sending Mother’s Day flowers or Dia de la Patria day flowers, now would be a very good time to order. All the same conditions apply; this is a very busy holiday and, the sooner you order, the less chance there is of disappointment.

Since 2008, Paraguayans have been trying to get Mother’s Day moved back to the second Sunday in May, like most of the Americas. So far, though, that has not happened. The fear is that, with Mother’s Day in Paraguay being more popular, the very important day of Dia de la Patria was somehow lost. So saying, we think it’s entirely possible to celebrate both.

Dia de la Patria calls for bold, celebratory flowers, the kind that make a statement when used as the centerpiece of a table. We recommend sunflowers and tropical flowers for this statement. For Mother’s Day in Paraguay, it’s just as easy. Go to our Paraguay page, click the Mother’s Day logo, and start browsing. This is one of our most popular holidays and, with years of experience, we know exactly how to guide you.

Whatever you choose to celebrate, both or either occasion, daFlores can help you with 24-hour, bilingual customer service both online and offline. When it comes to delivering fresh Mother’s Day flowers to Paraguay, we are the go-to source.

What Countries Celebrate Mother’s Day on May 13?

Mother’s Day in more than 70 countries is the second Sunday in May, which falls on May 13 in 2012. While daFlores does not yet have coverage of all these countries, we do supply Mother’s Day flowers to about a quarter of them. Below is a list of all the May 23 Mother’s Day countries that we can help you with:

Mother's Day 2012Australia; Brazil; Canada; Chile; China; Colombia; Ecuador; Honduras; Italy; Peru; Puerto Rico; Trinidad and Tobago; Turkey; Ukraine; United States; Uruguay; Vietnam; Venezuela.

They’ll be the best and brightest Mother’s Day flowers you’ve ever seen. We guarantee it.

To send Mother’s Day flowers to any of these countries, start by visiting our coverage page. Then click through to the country and start browsing. Our Mother’s Day selections are found by clicking through a button at the top left-hand corner. There, you’ll find a real cornucopia of amazing flowers, romantic and not, to suit every taste and budget.

So, who gets flowers on Mother’s Day? Your mom, of course, but also the mother of your children. Especially if this is her first time having a Mother’s Day, you don’t want to miss the new mom from the celebration of affection and appreciation. This is the one day in the year where moms need to be made to feel special. makes it easy to select the perfect Mother’s Day flowers this May 13, but you need to think about ordering now. The longer you wait, the busier our florists get. Order soon to avoid disappointment, and we guarantee you and your Mom will be absolutely, 100 percent happy with your Mother’s Day flower arrangement.

5 Reasons to Send Flowers in April, and a Bonus

With two weeks of April still left, you still have plenty of opportunities to send flowers in April. Here are 5 really good reasons to send flowers this April, plus a bonus. Remember, we can even do same-day delivery in most cases if you order by 1 p.m. local time in the country where flowers are sent. | International Flower DeliveryApril birthdays: If someone you love has a birthday in the next couple of weeks, the gesture of flowers makes a more lasting impression than “stuff.” Everyone has tons of “stuff,” but not everyone has a friend or family member who cares about them enough to send flowers to the door.

Earth Day: This April 22 observance highlights green living and practicing. By sending flowers, you save the carbon cost of an airplane while still keeping in touch with your loved ones. Our flowers are all grown locally and brought in fresh daily, and we work with local florists in a fixed, small area. We at daFlores do our bit!

April 22 is also Girl Scout Leaders day. Why not send your local Girl Scout leader some flowers to thank her for all her efforts? Along those lines, April 25 is Administrative Professionals’ Day and Hairstylists Appreciation Day.

Here’s another great reason to send flowers in April: You can send just-because and thank-you flowers all through April for a whole host of reasons. You come up with the reasons, daFlores has the flowers.

April is Stress Awareness month. If you know someone who’s having a rough time this year, let them know you’re thinking about them with some lovely flowers, delivered to the door. It will brighten their day. Really!

And here’s the bonus: Mother’s Day. It’s May 13, sure, but this holiday is one of every florist’s busiest. Order in April and you can be sure your flowers will get there when you want them without any last-minute rushing around and substitutions. Check our Terms & Conditions to see what we mean about substitutions.

Get Spring Flower Inspiration From Garden Tours

Garden tours are starting to crop up (if you’ll pardon our pun) all over the place now. For a fee that generally goes to charity, you can poke around in people’s private and glorious gardens, meeting the owners if you’re lucky and, at the very least, coming out with a bunch of new ideas.

Get ideas for your home with garden tours

Get ideas for your home with garden tours (image via Morguefile)

Garden tours in spring are as traditional as historic house tours at Christmas. They just go with the season. We’ve been looking around and seeing themed tours such as historic garden tours (we assume the houses are more historic than the gardens) and native plant tours. If you want to know what will grow in your neighborhood, that’s a pretty good place to begin.

Some of the more unusual choices: a garden made using 1906 earthquake rubble. (Yes, that would be the California Bay Area.) Kitchen tours. Hidden garden tours. Whatever rocks your boat, we think you’ll find a garden tour to suit you and while away a lovely, scented, pretty weekend.

If you’re looking for something lovely and scented, you don’t have to wait for a walking tour or a weekend. DaFlores delivers lovely, scented, fresh flowers daily except Sundays. (We sometimes make exceptions to Sunday rules at our busiest times, like the upcoming Mother’s Day.)

Our flowers are picked fresh every morning so that they stay fresh a week or longer. Tend them as lovingly as your garden and they may just surprise you.

Whether you’re planning a garden or planning a Mother’s Day surprise, daFlores has all the options you need.

Just look around, see what’s in the local paper, and find a garden tour to support local nonprofits and get some ideas. Then come home, visit, and see what ideas we can give you for beautiful flower delivery.

Send Tax Day Flowers to Your Tax Professional

We hope that by now your taxes are in and sorted out, and that burden’s over for another year. For tax professionals, they’ll be working their fingers to the bones right up to and including April 17, and quite probably beyond. Of course, they have plenty to do year-round, too…

Send daFlores flowers to your tax professional

Send flowers to your tax professional. (Photo via Morguefile)

Between filing and e-filing and extensions, your tax professional is eyeball-deep in schedules and line items just now. Even if you handle your taxes in another country, why not arrange for some beautiful, elegant flowers to thank your tax professional this year?

If you’re sending to the USA, we offer a wide selection of roses, so we recommend selecting some yellow roses to show your appreciation. If you’re sending flowers overseas and having someone handle your work remotely, then you have a whole host of further options. And all of this comes backed up with our promise of 100 percent satisfaction for both you and your tax professional.

Use tropical flowers or cheerful gerbera daisies to thank your accountant or tax professional. Such blooms are ideal for conveying thanks to both men and women without giving the wrong language-of-flowers impression. You’ll stand out in the crowd of customers and your tax professional will get a well-earned treat.

All you have to do to find these is to select the country where flowers are sent, then browse the mixed bouquets or tropical flowers tabs. Our own professionals won’t find it taxing at all to put together amazing, garden-fresh blooms that would look good in any office. And our bilingual customer service and translated website makes it much easier to place your order than to fill out a bunch of tax forms.

It’s important to acknowledge those who work hard for you every year, especially at times of great stress. You know it will be appreciated when those amazing daFlores tax-day flowers are delivered right to the door.

Mother’s Day is Coming Soon, Order Mother’s Day Flowers Early

Mother’s Day is just under a month away now, and that’s nowhere near too early to order. This is one of the busiest holidays in the daFlores calendar, second only to the holidays and Valentine’s Day. The sooner you get in your order. the better we can all plan and you’ll rest easy in the knowledge that your flowers are in good hands.

Mother's Day 2012

Wherever you see this icon, you'll find the freshest and most beautiful Mother's Day flowers!

If you visit our website, you’ll notice that in each of our country pages, there’s a little Mother’s Day icon sitting in the top left-hand corner. Click through to see our 2012 Mother’s Day flowers collection. From lilies to pink roses and more, we have beautiful and thoughtful floral gifts for Mother’s Day. Browse through our suggestions, click through to the one you like, and you can order in just a few steps. Our 24-hour customer service will take care of the rest.

Chances are that you’ll notice straight away that our Mother’s Day flower collection thinks outside the box. Not only do we have traditional choices like pink roses and lilies, we also include gift baskets and bright spring flowers where available. You know your Mom better than anyone, and can pick the flowers you know she’ll love best. And if you’re buying for your wife or girlfriend, you can go romantic on Mother’s Day with some gorgeous red roses.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you some of the best Mother’s Day stories, perhaps to give you an idea or two for your special celebration. For now, remember that Mother’s Day this year is May 13 in a great many countries, so check to see whether that’s you and then let take care of the rest. You’ll never be disappointed when you let us handle all your Mother’s Day flower needs.

Post-Easter Flowers Brighten Your Springtime

As we write this blog post, Easter is almost at a close. Children have chased chocolate or plastic eggs, laughed, maybe over-indulged a little; adults have gone to church or cooked ham and other traditional Easter foods for their family. Some of you, we know, have beautiful daFlores floral centerpieces or have sent Easter flowers in gratitude to family and friends.

Lovely flowers for spring

Send lovely flowers for spring with daFlores.

Now that this special holiday is over, you can start looking ahead to summer and more happy times ahead. Our florists are on hand to send special, hand-crafted flowers for a wealth of occasions, including just-because flowers. With warmer weather coming up, you can brighten your home with flowers to celebrate spring, love and hope.

Easter is nothing if not a celebration of hope, and you can send flowers this coming week to extend the joy of the holiday. Our post-Easter flowers are sure to bring smiles and sunshine to the doorstep.

We guarantee that our flowers will stay fresh a week or longer, so if you send your flowers to arrive this coming Friday or Saturday, any Easter flowers you have already ordered can simply be taken over by new ones. Or send flowers to anyone who’s given their time and energy to help you and yours. It doesn’t matter why you send your post-Easter flowers because they’re the gift that keep on giving.

We hope that you’ve had a wonderful time this Easter and that your loved ones are happy and secure. No matter what focus you put on the holiday, we’re going into one of the happier times of the year that’s full of joy and appreciation.

We at daFlores are grateful for every one of our customers, and hope to continue serving you with Easter flowers, post-Easter flowers and other spring flowers for a very long time to come.

10,000 Easter Eggs on a Tree

What would ten thousand Easter eggs on a tree look like? You’d have to go to Germany to find out. Newspapers today have been merrily reporting on Volker Kraft’s garden, because he joyously hunt exactly that number of colored eggs on his tree. The egg collection has grown from 18 in 1965 to the current amount, and he says that’s where it will stop.

Send flowers for Easter with daFlores

Send flowers for Easter with daFlores. (Photo via

There isn’t room on the tree for any more, and he’s getting up there in years. While Mr. Kraft did once use plastic eggs, the current decorations are real eggs, pierced by a pin with the inside blown gently out. This is a tradition in both Germany and many other European countries, and it’s probably a lot greener than using plastic toys.

The Saalfeld eggs attract visitors from all around, because nobody else does this on such a grand scale. Who knew that eggs grew on trees?

We at daFlores can’t grow eggs on trees, that’s a fact. But we do provide beautiful, fresh-grown flowers, harvested daily to ensure they stay beautiful for a week or longer. Order today or tomorrow to get your Easter flowers delivered to the doorstep before this Sunday. Whether it’s pastel roses or bright spring colors, we have the selections you need.

Like Mr. Kraft, our creations are a labor of love, put together by hand with exacting delicacy. It’s amazing what you do when you can team up with your loved ones, and this German gentleman shows all of that in droves. No matter what your Easter traditions, if they include flowers, we’ll do you proud.

Volker Kraft’s egg tree made us smile, and we hope it did you, too. We wish you a beautiful Easter, and many years of wonderful memories.