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Have you noticed that spring has sprung? Send spring flowers just-because

Spring has sprung and the weather is getting warmer. This is one of the most joyful times of year, when everything springs into life and the message across the board is one of renewal and hope. After such a long, cold winter, it’s wonderful to see bulb flowers start to bloom, followed rapidly by the rest of your garden. Spring marks a greening, a beautiful time in the year.

Send spring flowers today with daFlores

Send spring flowers today with daFlores

With daFlores, spring and Easter flowers are here. How about sending some just-because flowers for the start of spring? Start the year out right with a friendly greeting. Our gerberas, sunflowers and roses are the perfect fit, whether it’s for your Mom or for a sweetheart.

When you use daFlores for your just-because flowers, you can be sure you’re getting something that’s as fresh and sweet as spring itself. We’re proud of the fact that we only use hand-picked, expert florists who are committed to using fresh flowers daily. They wouldn’t be in business if they weren’t the best, and we wouldn’t be doing business with them if they didn’t know what they were doing.

Just-because or spring flowers can brighten up a loved one’s day and start their day off right. You can brighten up a home or office with colorful spring flowers that fill the air with their sweet, natural scent. There’s really nothing better than to receive flowers at the doorstep, and to see their lovely petals when you walk through into your favorite room.

With Easter just around the corner, you can start ordering now to make sure your Easter and spring flowers arrive just when you want them. DaFlores makes it easy to bring a taste of spring to your home. We’re not sure we can put the spring back in your step but, if anything could do it, it would be the sight of our gorgeous, hand-crafted bouquets. Order some now for yourself or a loved one and start the season of spring with joy.

Order Now for Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom)

It’s not too late to order flowers for Mothering Sunday, a.k.a. Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom, but it very soon will be. Mother’s Day is this Sunday, which means that today is your last sure day to get those orders in. Florists are so busy the day before Mother’s Day that same-day Mother’s Day flowers are no longer possible.

Mother's Day 2012 in the United Kingdom

Mother's Day 2012 in the United Kingdom

If you get your order in tonight or early tomorrow it should be possible to still send your flowers, or you can schedule them for Monday to give your Mum or Grandmother a day-after boost. We at daFlores recommend pink roses and lilies as the perfect gift, and you’ll find those in the Mixed Bouquet section.

DaFlores has great coverage for flower delivery in the England, with most large cities and towns included in our list. From York to London, Slough to Nottingham, we have you covered. Check our list of cities when you click through to the product detail page to see what places we can send your Mother’s Day flowers in the United Kingdom.

As with all daFlores flowers, we hand-pick our partners and work only with experts. Even at super-busy times like Mother’s Day, our British florists bring in fresh flowers daily to craft the best and most beautiful flowers for Mom. We promise that our flowers will remain fresh for a week, and our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee ensures that both you and your mother will delighted with her flowers this March 18.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to show appreciation for your Mum that there is in Mother’s Day. You provide your mother’s details, and daFlores will provide the beautiful, perfect flowers she deserves. Mother’s Day flowers with daFlores is a win-win situation, every time.

Hat trick of March holidays: St. Patrick’s Day, Mothering Sunday, Easter

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a hat trick of special celebrations coming up in the next few weeks. In order, we’re going to be seeing St. Patrick’s Day, Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day) in the United Kingdom, and then Easter.

Send beautiful lilies for Mothering Sunday

Send beautiful lilies for Mothering Sunday.

All three of these give opportunities to greet special people in your life. We’ll go into each in a little more depth over the next week or so, but let’s get started with St. Patrick’s. This one takes place on March 17 every year, with no variations, so it’s easy to remember. Who do you know with “green” Irish blood? Why not surprise them with a beautiful bouquet of just-because flowers chosen from our mixed bouquet section? As long as your loved one lives in a country that daFlores serves, you can give your Irish friends and family a taste of home with this thoughtful gift.

Mothering Sunday is always a little awkward as it’s based on Easter, and doesn’t show up anywhere but in British calendars. If you’re an ex-pat Brit trying to keep track, it can be a little difficult. But this year, Mothering Sunday falls on March 18, the day after St. Patrick’s. For both holidays, if you order right now there’s still plenty of time to get your flowers there. (Don’t forget, daFlores doesn’t deliver on Sundays.) For Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom, we’d like to point you at our selection of pink roses and lilies, which are far and away the most popular choice on this special celebration.

Then there’s Easter, just a couple of weeks away now. Pale pastel shades are always welcome at this holiday, which falls this year on April 8. You have quite a bit more time to plan this one, but you could start the ball rolling by sending flowers for the “official” start of spring, which is either the 19th or the 20th of March this year, depending on your time zone.

Look at what’s coming up in the next few weeks, and see if there’s an opportunity there to brighten someone’s day with a lovely bouquet of spring flowers from daFlores.

About Women’s History Month: Thanking Educators

Now that International Women’s Day is upon us, we thought we’d take a moment to write about a related observance, that of Women’s History Month. Dozens of institutions and museums across the United States are holding special events for this March event and it’s something that interests us here at daFlores.

Thank educators this Women's History Month

Thank educators this Women's History Month

Women’s History Month was first observed in 1981 as a way to highlight women’s achievements in the past. While most of us can pull a few famous names out of a hat, “herstory” didn’t really start to be told until recent decades, and there are thousands of inspirational tales that would make the fine basis of a Women’s History Month occasion. Perhaps this is why, after 1987, Women’s History Week became Women’s History Month… people realized how many stories needed to be told.

As with IWD, Women’s History Month sets a theme each year. This year’s theme is empowerment and education. Whether your mind goes to Rosie the Riveter, the suffragettes, or scientists like Marie Curie, this is rich ground with plenty of material. Women now outnumber men in colleges worldwide, but that has only recently happened. We recently read about Mary Edwards Walker, a woman who qualified as a medical doctor in the Civil War era and ended up as a field surgeon. It’s the determination of women like this to get an education that has resulted in the above turn-around.

With this theme in mind, an obvious recipient of your women’s history month would be a teacher—in particular, a history teacher. These women open your children’s mind to the past and the lessons that can be learned. Those who do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat history. If you decide you want to show appreciation for your kids’ teachers in that way, daFlores has the bouquets you need.

Even if flowers aren’t on your mind, we invite you to look around for events around Women’s History Month. At the very least, “herstory” is fascinating, and there’s always something new and exciting to discover!

DaFlores Celebrates International Women’s Day

Across our network of florists, daFlores would not be the same without women. Our team of expert, creative flower arrangers create stunning bouquets for you to send to your loved ones. Our growers produce fresh flowers daily. We have women on our customer service team, ready to serve you around the clock. Our generous satisfaction guarantee states that both you and your recipient must be fully delighted with your flowers, or we’ll work with you to fix whatever the problem is.

International flowers for International Women's Day

International flowers for International Women's Day

We are grateful for the support of women in our family-owned business, and grateful to be able to support women as they make a living for their family. It’s true that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and nowhere is that more true than when we use our team to work for you.

If there is somebody you would like to thank for International Women’s Day, we have bouquets that are perfect for the occasion. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that your flowers will be of the highest quality. We recommend tropical flowers or lilies for a professional, elegant touch, but sometimes the best kind of flowers to send are those you know to be the recipient’s favorites.

Order by 1 p.m. in the country where flowers will be delivered, and you can arrange same-day delivery even if you leave it until tomorrow, March 8. Our talented, bilingual team of customer service associates is on hand to help you, around the clock.

Here at daFlores, we thank you for reading about International Women’s Day, and invite you to partake of the occasion by thanking those who have done the most for your community and family. Teachers and talkers, helpers and shopkeepers are all as deserving as flowers on International Women’s Day. After all, the gesture of giving flowers is innately thoughtful.

International Women’s Day in Australia

As we’ve noted before in our daFlores series about International Women’s Day, a variety of countries are holding their own celebrations and observances this year. Australia is one such, and even has its own website. The cause it has chosen this year is “supporting women’s economic empowerment” in the Pacific.

Flowers for International Women's Day

Flowers for International Women's Day

What this means is that, in some of the countries where women are vendors, they are often targets of harassment, required to pay bribes, and may be charged fees that their male counterparts don’t ever see.

International Women’s Day is not just about highlighting the achievements of women; it is also about highlighting the problems they face and finding ways to solve those problems. At daFlores, we are proud that many of our florists are woman-owned businesses. It’s sometimes hard to recognize that, in other parts of the world, self-employed women face troubles.

A glimpse through the Australian IWD calendar reveals the same kinds of events that we’ve seen elsewhere. Parades make an impression, seminars educate, talks give food for thought. There are so many ways to get a message across, yet it’s gratifying to see that, across the world, we share the common bonds of coming at a problem the same way.

No matter your approach to International Women’s Day, we’re sure that you’ll agree with us that the occasion is worthy of your support. On the personal level, you can thank a community leader with some flowers, or you can join in a cause or attend a talk. On a family level, you can create dialog about stories from around the world, and learn from history. On a wider level, you can become a community leader yourself.

No matter what you choose on International Women’s Day, daFlores is wholeheartedly behind the observance and hopes you have enjoyed our series on the subject.

International Women’s Day 2012: United Nations’ message against hunger

Following on from our theme of International Women’s Day 2012, the United Nations has its own theme, which is helping women in rural communities to fight hunger and poverty. Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has issued a statement calling for people to invest in rural women; the United Nations recognizes these women as the cornerstone of their communities and the path to change.

Fresh flowers daily from daFlores

Fresh flowers daily from daFlores, courtesy of our flower growers

In rural countries, women make up 70 percent of the agricultural workforce; worldwide, they represent 43 percent of agricultural workers. DaFlores never forgets the important role of its flower growers, who make it possible for us to supply you with fresh flowers daily.

There’s more. The UN says that if these women had access to the same resources as men, they could increase their families’ prosperity by 20 to 30 percent. Collectively, between 100 and 150 million people could be lifted out of hunger. More than half of those in hunger are women.

The United Nation wants to give these women access to fertilizer, better seeds, education and credit for investment. Organizations such as Kiva help individuals with micro-loans; that’s one way you could help. But the problem is much bigger than any one person can help.

Organizations like the United Nations use International Women’s Day to highlight issues such as these, and they also run events. On its calendar are a significant number of conferences and talks across the world about what women do for society and how they can be helped. For example, in Lima, Peru, there’s a seminar about recent developments in political and gender equality, while a group called UN Women is being launched in Bogota. If you like to look at the wider picture, the United Nations’ take on International Women’s Day is a place to start.

DaFlores is proud to bring you this series on International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day: Events and marches in the United States

For International Women’s Day 2012, we’ll focus for a short while on what’s happening in the United States, one of the many countries that’s celebrating women and their accomplishments this March 8. San Francisco, a city that’s well-known for marches and support of equality, held its 22nd annual IWD march today. Hundreds of women showed up to showcase their organizations and work. Women interviewed by local media said they were marching to highlight laws that set women’s rights back in time, not take them into the 21st century.

Cowgirl boots

Cowgirl boots: Find out what they have to do with International Women's Day this year. Source: Morguefile.

In Arizona, the Fine Arts Expo has an exhibit of cowgirls, whose true story was hidden for years as it wasn’t considered “proper” for these women to do the job they did. An art exhibition in Scottsdale shows that story, including the way they were romanticized for Hollywood.

Elsewhere in the California Bay Area, a March 3 event will have speakers and seminars about women and their work. One group that highlights poverty in the USA and low-income communities is part of the mix. This theme ties in with the United Nations International Women’s Day theme of stamping out poverty and hunger in rural communities. This event, too, will include a solidarity walk.

In Tacoma, Washington, a new Native American center is also holding events for IWD. The center will have a 12-hour open day and will hold talks and displays of art and culture in the evening, obviously focused on women. The celebration is free.

These many diverse celebrations are just a few of the ways International Women’s Day is being celebrated in the United States. Tomorrow’s paper or your local events paper may well have some ideas that you can check out if you want to introduce your girls to the celebration or take part yourself. This is the last weekend before International Women’s Day, so why not look into what’s going on in your local community?

DaFlores international flower delivery company is proud to tell you about International Women’s Day and the role women have played in history, and still do today.

International Women’s Day: Getting Girls Involved

The International Women’s Day main theme this year is all about getting girls involved. The theme is there so girls can learn from their elders through seeing good examples. We think this is a great idea. The hope is that through involving girls in International Women’s Day events, thousands of young people will be introduced to inspirational and exciting role models.

Tiny Forget me not

Tiny Forget-me-not

If there’s a woman in your community that you admire, one approach is to invite that person over to dinner to meet your daughters, nieces and their friends. This works best if the woman in question already knows your family, and of course explain that it’s part of an International Women’s Day celebration. Better still, organize your own IWD party and invite one or two guests of honor. If everyone has a chance in advance to find out what March 8 is all about, it’ll make the dialog all the more enriching and thought-provoking.

Another way to get involved is to simply show up at an event and bring the girls in your life along. Don’t make it a passive experience; do some research on any keynote speakers or themes so you can chat about the things the girls are learning (and chances are you’ll learn something too). Perhaps the local Girl Scouts (Girl Guides in some parts of the world) are involved and doing something that you can join. From prayerful breakfasts to charity galas, there’s a lot going on next Thursday for International Women’s Day.

If you can’t go to an organized event, try organizing your own; maybe we’ve given you some ideas you can use. And remember, flowers are a wonderful thank-you for your guest of honor or personal “keynote speaker.” DaFlores can help with that aspect of IWD also, but the rest is really up to you. Please tell us if you organize something!