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Take a Leap on February 29, The Day Ladies Can Propose

In this day and age, women can probably propose marriage any time they want, but at we still get the impression that it’s the guy who usually likes to do the asking. Even so, something a bit special is coming up this Wednesday; February 29 is an extra “leap day” that doesn’t exist three years out of four.

Bright and beautiful sunflowers from daFlores

Big bold sunflowers for a February 29 proposal

The tradition here is for the ladies to propose marriage to their men on this day. Will you?

So why do we have leap days in any case? Well, our Gregorian calendar is based on the cycle of the Earth rotating around the sun. Each day is 24 hours and it takes a year for the full cycle to complete. But those days don’t quite divide into 365, so there’s about a quarter-day left over at the end. Every four years, we stick in an extra day, and everything straightens up nicely all over again. It’s nice to be tidy.

Years that do not leap are called common years. From that we can draw that leap years are uncommon. The uncommon practice of women proposing to men needs an uncommon day. And there we have it in a nutshell.

We’ve posted about flowers for men in the past, but as a reminder any of the three following options will work just fine. First, red roses are perfect for anyone. Second, try tropical flowers, which are elegant and beautiful but not too girlie. And last, you can go bold with big, yellow sunflowers. When all’s said and done, why shouldn’t you set the scene?

If you’ve been plotting a special leap year proposal this year, it’s not too late to order flowers. Order on the 28th or by 1 p.m. in the timezone of delivery to secure your same-day flower delivery. A February 29 proposal is remarkably fun, and we’d love to hear if you “take the leap” with beautiful daFlores flowers!

International Women’s Day is Just Around the Corner

The annual celebration of women and their accomplishments, International Women’s Day, is just around the corner. International Women’s Day, or IWD, takes place on March 8 and is a true international event; the overall theme this year is “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures,” but individual countries and organizations pick their own themes, too. The special occasion was first observed in the early 20th century, and has even grown to be an official observance roughly equivalent to Mother’s Day in some places.

In Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada, to mention just a few, dozens of events are taking place. We at are curious to know if you’re seeing any International Women’s Day events where you are, or whether you intend to travel to one? On the official website we’re seeing activities as diverse as walking tours and poetry nights, and the IWD site is also asking each event to somehow incorporate girls and young women so that another generation gets to see what women can do.

We at already know what they can do, of course; many of our flower shops are women-owned and our own company is a family effort. Whether you have a Marie Curie in your family or are the kind of person who never lets a neighbor arrive without receiving a casserole, we think it’s important to hold this celebration and to keep the lessons learned in mind throughout the year.

As we go through the next few days, we’ll take a look at ways people are celebrating International Women’s Day, and how you can too. On our side, we see an increase in just-because and thank you flowers; while this isn’t a holiday in the same way that, say, Valentine’s Day is, people still use thank-you flowers to show appreciation for the women in their lives. March 8 is an ideal opportunity to thank teachers, community leaders and kind hearts around the world.

Round and Round the Garden With Spring Garden Tours

It’s garden tour time! Starting in the south and working north as spring starts to happen, garden tours are taking place around the country. One example is in Los Angeles, which has an entire season of garden events designed to encourage people to beautify their yards and show some pride in the neighborhood. It kicks off with a self-driven caravan to three specialized garden centers: one each for drought-tolerant plants and succulents, native plants and irises, and then a professional landscaped but private garden.

Pretty cacti from above

DaFlores doesn't sell pretty cacti, but you can send pretty flowers to the Americas and beyond!

The American Institute of Architects is giving a talk on how to incorporate urban design with gardening. This is something you can do on a smaller scale in your own home. There’s nothing more beautiful than a garden that complements its environment and uses existing resources.

Design and flowers have always gone together. It’s not just about the art of arranging in the first place, nor the creativity of creating the designs. It’s about seeing where a spot in your home could use a bit of color, and picking the perfect sizes and shapes. With so many choices at, it shouldn’t be any problem to enhance your decor with flowers.

Keep an eye out for celebrations of green living and greenery in your local hometown. Events can range from tours through public and private gardens to exhibitions of specialty growing, like bonsai. A good place to look is in your city’s botanical garden, where something is always going on. Looking at other people’s creative ideas can spark thoughts of your own. Where can you add to your garden? What can you change? There’s nothing more relaxing than a pretty garden space, even if all you’ve got available is a small deck or balcony.

And you can always, always brighten up your home with a beautiful flower delivery of spring blossoms!

(Photo via Morguefile)

Gardens Present and Past: Archaeological Gardens Come to Life

Maybe you’ve heard of Ramat Rahel, the site of an ancient palace in the Judah of Biblical times. Archaeologists, scientists and gardeners have worked together to create the technological equivalent of a miracle. The 2,500-year-old royal garden has been recreated, its form put together based on excavated pollen. The result is full of exotic flowers and ancient color.

Figs growing on a tree

Figs growing on a tree

Ramat Rahel lies above Jerusalem, about halfway between old Bethlehem and Jerusalem. For nearly 1600 years people have lived here, gardening, living and working. Archaeologists discovered the garden and could only imagine what it looked like, but the team work done to recreate it has brought the site back to life.

Ancient people gardened for joy and food, just as we do today. This garden used rainwater and distributed it through irrigation systems. This special site had pools and water features. And, above all, it had trapped pollen that dates back 1400 years. Beautiful flowers and fruit trees from both near and far were found in the special site.

Poplar, willow and myrtle, grapes, figs and olives were all part of the mix…as were nut trees like walnut and citron (also known as Persian apples). It seems that even in ancient time, exotic trees and beautiful plants were treasured.

Can you imagine what it must be like to work on a site like this, to bring what was only legend before into the here and now? Everyone who loves gardens can find something to enjoy in a project like Ramat Rahel. Vivid flowers and luscious, healthy fruit, then and now, are among the world’s greatest treasures. No wonder those ancient people kept their gardens so green and lush; and no wonder that today, they’ve been recreated…because they can.

Spring is Coming, Get Ready With Spring Flowers

Spring is just around the corner; in some parts of the world, the loveliest season is here already. Spring starts in the far southern parts of the northern hemisphere and pushes up shoots from bulbs. We’ll soon be seeing tulips in daFlores’ flower stores, lovely, colorful bells that they are. In the desert southwest, the flowers keep close to the ground to protect themselves from harsh winds, but they are definitely around.

Beautiful sunflower delivery for spring

A delivery of sunflowers from daFlores brightens the way for spring.

Once February is out of the way, and maybe a last bit of snow and ice, we can start to think about spring-time flowers, Easter and even Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom (unlike many countries in the Americas, the British celebration is timed to fall near Easter). While Easter doesn’t come until April this year, next Tuesday marks Shrove Tuesday, known as Carnival and Fat Tuesday in some parts of the world. All these celebrations make us think of renewal, rebirth and, if you’ll forgive us a little play on words, a spring back in our steps.

If you’re ready for some color in your home, why not order a bouquet of fresh spring flowers for your table? We offer arrangements already beautifully presented in vases, or ribbon-tied bouquets that you can place in a favorite container. Bright yellows and oranges are wonderful ways to welcome back the light and the longer, warmer days, or you can take a softer approach with different shades of pink. Some of our loveliest colors are in the tropical flower section of our site.

If you know someone who’s struggling with the last vestiges of those winter blues, a gorgeous flower arrangement is a sure and thoughtful way to let them know you’re thinking of them. From sunflowers to daisies and, a little later, tulips and even roses, you can bring a little spring cheer into the house to chase away the winter cold.

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Social Media and Flowers: DaFlores’ 350th Like welcomed its 350,000th Facebook “like” in the last day or so. How cool is that? When we first started on Facebook, around two years ago, “Likes” were still called “Friends” or “Fans” and we had no inkling of how fast we’d grow. We’ve been steadily marking each milestone as we go along, and yet it’s only a few weeks since we marked the 300,000th like.

A big thank-you from daFlores

A big thank-you from daFlores

We’re so proud to serve you on Facebook! It’s our job to be as helpful as possible to you, and we’ve always believed that we should be where our customers are. You’ve thanked us with your presence and your comments, and we’ve learned from what you have to say. But our growth on Facebook has been really very exciting, and we’re looking forward to getting to know you better.

So what can you get out of a visit to the daFlores Facebook page? Well, we introduced our first Facebook app to let you send virtual flowers for free, any day of the year. Facebook is where daFlores presents specials and gives you heads-ups about new beautiful flowers. We even run giveaways from time to time, and answer questions.

We have 24-hour customer service in Spanish and English. (Our Facebook page is in Spanish.) Not only do we have local toll-free numbers, we have online support by email and even live chat. Customer service is our first priority and it’s why we see happy customers come back over and over again. There aren’t many companies that promise 100 percent satisfaction to both you and the recipient of your gift.

So, let’s raise a glass to our 350,000 fans on Facebook, and another to the next 350,000. We appreciate each and every one of you, and look forward to serving you again in the future.

Happy Valentine’s Day from daFlores

In just an hour or so, Valentine’s Day is coming to the Americas; it’s already there in Europe and Asia. We hope you’ll enjoy this annual festival of love, romance, and friendship, and that you’ve gotten all your dream flowers ordered and on the way. For, this is always an exceptionally busy time of year, but it’s also one of our favorites. The Valentine’s Day holiday has something to offer everyone: What’s not to like in a day dedicated to expressing love?

Valentine's Day wishes from daFlores flower delivery company

DaFlores wishes you a very happy Valentine's Day in 2012! (Image source:

Whether you’ve got a family of kids’ party planned or are having a special Valentine’s Day with your beloved, we’re grateful to have you as our customers. We are passionate about flowers, and passionate about making you happy. Not for nothing do we say that we’re in the business of bringing you smiles.

It’s been kind of fun taking our look at the different ways people express their Valentine’s Day wishes. From Girl Scout-led babysitting to trips to see veterans to games (and the daFlores app) you can play on Facebook, there are dozens of non-traditional ways to celebrate the day. We hope you enjoyed the series too, and would love to hear your thoughts.

As we hang up our hats for the nights and our team of expert florists heaves a collective, satisfied sigh, we wish you the best Valentine’s Day ever. Remember, even through this night our team is on hand to assist with your questions. It’s too late to order for Valentine’s Day, but you can arrange day-after flowers or a week-after bonus bouquet. There are as many ways to celebrate this holiday as there are people, and we look forward to serving you with stunning fresh bouquets in the weeks and months to come.

Surprise your loved ones with day-after Valentine’s Day flowers

Whether you’ve arranged Valentine’s Day flowers or not, why not take advantage of daFlores’ week-long freshness guarantee and order flowers for after Valentine’s Day too? Whether you arrange for an extra set of flowers to arrive the day after Valentine’s Day or schedule them for a week after, you can extend the love and delight for another week at least.

Bright and beautiful sunflowers from daFlores

The day after Volunteer is a great time to cheer someone up with an extra bouquet of sunflowers!

Our secret is that we only work with florists who guarantee they’ll use fresh flowers daily. That, in turn, allows us to keep our promise to you that our flowers will remain fresh for a week. (With care, our customers report that they can last longer even that that.) We always guarantee our work with a truly generous offer: If you or your loved one isn’t absolutely delighted with our Valentine’ Day flowers, we’ll work with you to fix the problem. We do this because we’re a family-owned, service-oriented company that cares about your happiness.

You can schedule your post-Valentine’s Day flowers when you order; the only day we don’t deliver is Sunday. Pick the country where flowers will go, then browse through our selections. Roses are always a safe bet for Valentine’s Day flowers, but you can follow up a rose gift with any of our lovely, colorful mixed bouquets. Spring is just around the corner now, and you can pick lovely gerbera daisies or cheerful sunflowers to follow up with a spring-like gift.

Our ordering system is set up to filter by price, occasion and flower style, so you can quickly and conveniently find your way to just the right flowers. Customize with balloons, wine or chocolates; we even have sweet teddy bears. Valentine’s Day is only one day a year, but love and romance are flames that can be kindled year-round. We hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s Valentine’s Day series, and look forward to delivering your flowers in the future.

Valentine’s Day events planned at local museums

If you’re short on something to do this weekend, and want to enjoy a little bit of Valentine’s Day fun, look to your local museum.

Beautiful mixed bouquets in the Ukraine

Non-traditional Valentine's Day flowers work too.

Across the country this weekend, dozens of museums and art galleries are holding special events to celebrate Valentine’s Day (and, of course, raise money). A couple of weeks ago, we showed you how an art gallery was running a special singles’ night; others take the approach more of a family day out that introduces kids to the museum’s work.

One example is Temecula Valley Museum in southern California, which has curated an exhibition to show the history of Valentine’s Day and let kids play with arts and crafts materials. There’s also a talk on St. Valentine himself. If there was every a fun way to introduce your children to the joys of both Valentine’s Day and museums in general, it’s through an event like this.

Browse through the events section of your local newspaper or what’s-on paper and we’re sure that you’ll find something Valentine’s Day-related to do this weekend. As the last weekend before Valentine’s Day—that’s on Tuesday, folks—it’s your last opportunity to celebrate the holiday of love and friendship.

DaFlores is now winding down the Valentine’s Day season. If you still need to arrange some Valentine’s Day, you can still order, but time is definitely running out! Check with us to make sure our florists are still accepting orders. But, if not, stay tuned over the next few days for some ideas about post-Valentine’s Day events and celebrations.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that daFlores works only with experts who commit to fresh flowers daily, and we visit all the florists in our team individually. We’re a hands-on, family-run company that would love to serve you with amazing Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts, both now and in the future.

Beer and chocolate, a Valentine’s Day marriage made in heaven?

Let’s step back a moment to our series about Valentine’s Day celebrations, and talk about chocolate beer.

No, really; chocolate beer.

Valentine's Day gift baskets

If you're short on ideas for what to send this Valentine's Day, a gift basket makes for a wonderful night in.

Kansas City, Missouri recently went crazy for a new beer, Boulevard Chocolate Ale. It ran out just as soon as stores got it in. There must be some kind of a beer grapevine in the city, because that magical beer was harder to come by than snow in a Florida July. You can just imagine what was going through everyone’s minds: “Wow, my boyfriend would really love that. Well, maybe I would really love that, too.”

The special beer was (is?) produced by Boulevard Brewing Company in conjunction with Christopher Elbow, fine purveyor of chocolates. In the end, shops had to put limits on per-person sales and the marriage of fine chocolates and fine brew couldn’t happen fast enough.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you go to Kansas City to pick up your chocolate brew. Actually, if you look around, you can find a few companies that make a version (it’s quite nice, actually). At this time of year, you might be out of luck—sort of like leaving your Valentine’s Day purchasing to the last minute. But you know, you can always pick up a nice case of local beer and pair it with some chocolates.

We at daFlores are not fine purveyors of beer, though we do have some other gifts and solutions. You can also always pair a bouquet with chocolates and wine, for example, for a different take on the Valentine’s Day question.

Just like the chocolate beer of Kansas City, it’s getting late in the day and supply can’t always meet demand. Order in the next couple of days, though, and daFlores’ expert florists will move heaven and earth to get you your flowers for Valentine’s Day. And when they come, they’ll be every bit as satisfying, fresh and wonderful as you’d expect from