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Valentine’s Day for Veterans – One Community’s Answer

As we get ever-closer to Valentine’s Day, we’ll be sharing on our blog heart-warming stories from around the world this Valentine’s Day. We at daFlores have always taken the approach that, while Valentine’s Day has its very romantic side, that’s exactly what it is—a side, and not the whole story. Case in point is the Valentine’s Day visit being staged by Cape May County Veterans’ Bureau to Wilmington V.A. Hospital and New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home, the day after Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day roses and flowers

Valentine's Day roses and flowers

Children in Cape May County have been busy making Valentine’s Day cards that will be handed to veterans at both hospitals. The organizations have also been collecting donations from businesses to help fund gift bags for the veterans. Members of the public, organizations and auxiliaries will be transported by bus to the hospitals on February 15.

Veterans and service personnel are always going to be an important part of your country’s makeup. They defend, protect and serve. While we can’t get flowers into a war zone, perhaps there is a way to send cards and messages of appreciation to service personnel through regular mail channels, or to set up a day of appreciation in your home country. On the other side of the coin, if you’re serving, you can get online and have flowers delivered to a loved one waiting a home; all you need is an Internet connection and a way to pay.

You don’t have to go overboard and organize a grand city-wide celebration. Just your own gesture of appreciation to a veteran will always be appreciated. But if you are the organizing type, see what societies and organizations help veterans in your area, and see if you can do anything to help. Opportunities abound and we at daFlores think that the more love that’s spread around, the more there will be.

New London Shows The Love For Coast Guard Personnel This Valentine’s Day

The City of New London, Connecticut is doing something special for the Coast Guard this year, and is using Valentine’s Day to create a true show of gratitude and affection for the guardians of the sea. Taking a wider view of Valentine’s Day than as a romantic holiday, the city thinks this holiday is a grand way to show organizations and people what they mean to us.

Valentine's Day gifts

Send a gift, show Valentine's Day appreciation

In the weeks up to Valentine’s Day, residents in New London will be dropping off appreciative cards and messages, and students at local public schools will also write their good wishes in class. The cards will be delivered to a local coast guard station, and there’ll be a Valentine’s Day event at Union Station, which hopes to be the future site of a Coast Guard museum. Other initiatives include selling “I <B Coast Guard” arm-bands and stickers, interviews and news pieces on local stations, and a special Facebook page.

The Coast Guard station presence in New London was first established in 1910, so there really are long-standing ties. Trainees are put through their paces in this area, too. But what is going on at this site gave us at a few ideas. What can you do to support the people and organizations that you appreciate, both at home and overseas?

Valentine’s Day can be a time to pull together and create special events for the institutions you like, from museums to teachers to friends. You can use to send gorgeous flowers and gifts overseas, but we also believe that a strong community is one of the many ways to happiness and stability. Even if you can’t pull something together this year, could your community do something next year, on a small or even a grand scale?

Ask yourself: Whom do you appreciate this Valentine’s Day, and what can you do for them?

Valentine’s Day Package-sending Tips and Tricks

If you’re living away from your loved ones this Valentine’s Day and want to send a package in the mail, don’t wait too long and pack your parcel carefully. It can take up to two weeks for an international parcel to arrive, and the postal service does see a bit of a surge in traffic at this time of year.

Send beautiful flowers

DaFlores takes care of your flower delivery needs.

With its recent woes and cut down of services, you’re cutting it fine already if you use parcel post or airmail, but USPS does have priority mail both nationally and internationally to speed things up (you can even use express mail if you’re tardy).

Another option is to employ services such as UPS, FedEx and DHL to get your parcel there in time. Since they specialize in fast delivery, that should do the trick. Internationally-speaking it can get expensive, but even UPS ground will still get a parcel to your loved one in the United States or Canada before Valentine’s Day—if you get organized right now.

UPS will package parcels effectively for you, giving you security that your thoughtful gift will arrive in time. But if you’re packing parcels yourself, there are two things you mustn’t skimp on: Padding, and tape. You can stash away bubble wrap from previous parcels you receive and reuse it to ensure the item, at the center of its packaging, doesn’t move around. Movement within the box is the single greatest cause of damage.

For lighter items that aren’t breakable, you can also pad with wadded-up paper such as advertising sheets and newspaper, but bubble wrap is lighter and cushions better. As for tape, choose good tape. Store brands from office stores are decent, but some of the name-brands are actually superior. The heavier the item, the stronger the tape should be. Cheap, flimsy tape can break and will spoil the surprise.

Of course, you can avoid all of this work by using daFlores online florist. Our range of gorgeous blooms creates the perfect impression this Valentine’s Day, and your expression of love is delivered right to the doorstep. Since we use garden-fresh flowers daily, they’ll last for at least a week, guaranteed. You can add gifts such as bottles of wine, balloons and chocolates, and we also have custom collections with teddy bears and balloons and other sweet items.

Three weeks to Valentine’s Day – are you ready?

It’s just three weeks to Valentine’s Day already…isn’t that amazing? Time flies when you’re having fun, and January seems to be one of those months that just zooms on by. You can lock in the best Valentine’s Day prices if you order soon; the earlier, the better, since the laws of supply and demand apply quite sternly to holiday flowers.

Beautiful roses for Valentine's Day and romance

Beautiful roses for Valentine's Day and romance

It’s easy to order Valentine’s Day flowers from Pick the country where you’ll be sending flowers—we cover the Americas, and parts of Europe and Asia—then either click the Valentine’s Day button or use the drop-down list from the Occasions menu. You’ll see a convenient selection of perfect flowers that you can send to your sweetheart or spouse. We have romantic roses, of course, but you can also send elegant tropical flowers or sweet pink gerbera daisies.

Due to the exceptional busyness of the Valentine’s Day holiday, we can’t offer same-day delivery on Tuesday, February 14. But if you order now, you can have them delivered on or just before the day. One of our prides and joys is that we insist that our vendors use fresh flowers every morning. That lets us guarantee they’ll stay fresh an entire week—at least. We’ve known customers delighted with our flowers even after that. So you can get your Valentine’s Day flowers early, or even send a string of bouquets in the weeks leading up to that romantic occasion.

Whether you want to go the old-fashioned route and send your flowers anonymously, or just want to include a greetings card, has the team and experience to do you proud. With 24-hour hour customer service in Spanish and English, by telephone and email too, you’ll always be able to get the help you require. Whatever your Valentine’s Day flower needs, modest or extravagant, daFlores will look after you and your loved ones from beginning to end. It’s what we do.

Rockefeller, Sears and the Valentine’s Day wedding

Winthrop Rockefeller and Barbara Sears tied the knot on February 14, 1948. If those names ring a bell, they should; Winthrop was part of the Rockefeller oil empire and an Arkansas governor, while Barbara was a scion of the famous Sears family. They shifted their marriage up from Friday the 13th and within a year had a son and a divorce. But at least this grand society marriage started out right.

Send roses for Valentine's Day

We at daFlores don’t go back that far, but we reckon they should’ve sent more flowers, and our flowers are fit for the grandest setting. When flowers have their own language, sending them can help to bridge the gap in poor communication. And the fact that they chose the year’s most romantic date to marry speaks volumes about intent.

Valentine’s Day is the most common day to marry, and daFlores can help you with your wedding flowers. Whether it’s sprays of white roses to fill your church or centerpieces for your wedding table, our worldwide team of expert artisans has the skills and loving touch you need. Red roses, white roses, and delicate lilies are all perfect choices for your special romantic occasion. And, used often through the years, they keep that love obviously alive and well.

Fair warning, though: If you’re hasty like Rockefeller and Sears, we still can’t do same-day delivery on Valentine’s Day. Order early and we’ll move heavens and earth to make your beautiful flowers.

When you get married on Valentine’s Day, that’s a fairytale starting. The fairytale ending is really up to you. But we at daFlores are on hand 24×7 to assist in your long journey together. Never forget romance and never forget an anniversary when you use on your February 14 wedding day or anniversary.

Valentine’s Day events for singles: Can you team up with others of your kind?

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re excluded from Valentine’s Day happiness. There’s an art gallery in southwest England that’s come up with a nice idea for this Valentine’s Day. The Royal West of England Academy (RWA) in Bristol in the United Kingdom is hosting an art gallery get-together on Valentine’s Day, specifically to let singles meet new, art-minded friends and maybe forge relationships.

Valentine's Day flowers

As a single, you deserve Valentine's Day flowers too

The special event, open to singles only, lets visitors have a glass of wine while looking at current exhibitions of art. While singles often join an anti-Valentine’s Day campaign, there are more fun ways to spend the evening.

If you’re single, take a look around and see if there isn’t an art gallery or similar venue putting on a Valentine’s Day reception. Such events always raise a few dollars for the institution in question, but they’re a good way of meeting others. The assumption is that, if you’re interested in the same topic, you have something in common with attendees. Even if it doesn’t “lead” anywhere, you’ll have had a good evening out.

You can also get together with your single friends and have a meal together, either in a restaurant or takeout. Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of friendship too, and there’s fun and solace in numbers. Add some wine and chocolates to your flower delivery order and you’ve got the perfect opportunity to share.

For those of you who’re single, we at daFlores are just as ready to send you beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers as we are to send them to couples. Regardless of your relationship status, we treat you to a wonderfully fresh and fragrant flower arrangement, crafted by experts. More than anything, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t have to be a depressing evening for anyone. If treating yourself or your friends to a wonderful mixed bouquet can make the day better, we say come on down.

Saying you’re sorry with Valentine’s Day flowers

Sometimes we cause pain to one another, accidentally or through misjudgment, and that’s always very sad. Hearts are tender, precious things that are quickly and easily wounded. If you’ve made a mistake and genuinely know what it was that you did wrong, you can say you’re sorry with Valentine’s Day flowers from daFlores. Build your own Valentine’s Day and make the case for healing and moving on.

Red roses for Valentine's Day

Red roses for Valentine's Day

The first thing you need to do is examine the situation. Are you truly regretful? Because the slightest whiff of insincerity makes your greatest efforts a waste of time. Then, while this may seem counter-intuitive, make the apology without frills and accessories (i.e. flowers), because then there is no doubt that it comes from the heart.

Depending on what’s going on, the process of healing can take a while. But once you’ve made it clear what your intentions are, you can send your “anytime” Valentine’s Day flowers. Our collection of flowers is the most romantic set we put out every year, so you can easily choose anything from this range and know it will speak of love and romance.

Here’s how you do it: Pick the country where you’ll be sending flowers, click through on our Valentine’s Day button, and choose from the arrangements on offer. You can always add a box of chocolates or bottle of wine if you’d like, as a further personal flourish; some of our Valentine’s Day flowers already have those as part of the arrangement.

Keep at it. Hearts can take a long time to heal. But with sincerity, openness and warmth, you can come out of the other side stronger. True love is all about living and learning and showing a willingness to grow, accept and learn to accept the lessons that life brings.

Valentine’s Day for kids: Planning a Valentine’s Day adventure for your little ones

Valentine’s Day is fun for kids, too! Whether you have a group of seven-year-olds or teenagers aged 13 going on 30, a Valentine’s Day party is a grand way to celebrate the love of friendship. Here are a few ideas for Valentine’s Day decorations and parties for kids.

Pink roses for a child's Valentine's Day

Pink roses for a child's Valentine's Day

Sweet-smelling flowers can form the centerpiece of a Valentine’s Day table. Spread the table with a red cloth—either a real cloth or an inexpensive plastic cover, available at department, discount and party stores everywhere. Scatter white rose petals or confetti on the table (have a vacuum cleaner nearby for quick cleanup!) Delivery roses come without thorns, so you can order a dozen or so pink roses and have one per guest, or let the hostess—your child, usually—arrange them how she wants. Younger kids might appreciate brighter colors, like those found in our mixed bouquet collection.

Serve pink drinks like pink lemonade, pink-frosted cookies and strawberries. Better still, have the children make their own cookies, either from scratch or from a package mix. Cooking together is the stuff of memories and of friendship! Then serve the food on pretty paper plates. Younger children can take part in crafts or coloring; there are plenty of free resources around for coloring sheets that you can print in advance. Let each child have a set of crayons and enjoy a little peace and quiet as they play.

Arrange for a Valentine’s Day movie night. The choice of movie should vary depending on the age group. Seven-year-olds might enjoy the romance in “Lady and the Tramp,” for example, while teenagers might lean more towards the strange world of “Twilight.” Get your teenager involved in picking out the movie, and work with her to set up the decor—it’s part of growing up. Set up a few candles—preferably in safe containers, especially if your kids are boisterous–and let the group eat popcorn. Flowers around the room will add a sweet-smelling atmosphere.

We at daFlores hope that you and your children have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Order early for Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day collection up

The Valentine’s Day collection is here! To access our collection of gorgeous flowers, choose the country where you’ll be sending flowers and click the big, welcoming Valentine’s Day flowers button. You can also select the collection from the Occasions menu. You’ll be taken to a wonderland of red roses and other romantic flowers, such as lilies and pink gerberas. From there it’s up to you, because all our flowers are beautifully hand-crafted by experts that we’ve personally selected.

Valentine's Day flowers in ChinaYou can filter your selection of Valentine’s Day flowers based on price, but we suggest thinking of the recipient and matching your choice to her tastes. Pink is great for Mom, but if it’s your wife or girlfriend, you can’t go wrong with red roses. It’s the surest sign that you think of her all the time and really want her to have a special Valentine’s Day.

When your loved one is far from home, we have the Valentine’s Day flowers for you. This is one of our top three holidays and we absolutely love sending your love and good wishes around the world. Whether you want to send flowers to China or to the girl next door, we have the resources you need.

Just browse our selection of gorgeous bouquets, pick the one you know she’ll love best, and fill out the address and payment information. Our flowers are guaranteed fresh for a week so, if you want them to come a little early and extend the romance this year, we can help. We have a wide selection of classic red roses and sweet little mixed arrangements with tiny, star-like asters. Check out Valentine’s Day flowers with daFlores and let us take care of all your flower delivery needs.

Twelve Days of Christmas: Make 2012 the year of flowers

Twelve Days of Christmas: Twelve drummers drumming

We’ve just had the New Year, with all the drumming and fanfare that entails. We at daFlores wish you a very happy year in 2012, and this post is the last in our Twelve Days of Christmas series…or maybe that should be Twelve Days of 2012?

Send flowers to PanamaWith Twelfth Night coming up on January 6, the holiday season will soon be quite over for another year. We hope it’s been a joyous and happy one and that you’re excited about the clean new slate for the future. If things are now seeming a little flat and anti-climactic, how about brightening the New Year up with some sunflowers or tropical blooms Their bright and cheery colors can’t help but lift moods and bring the New Year right.

You can use this time to set the year up in the way you want, inviting all the good things into your life. It’s easy to order New Year’s flowers with daFlores; just go to our website, pick the country where you’ll send flowers, and the language you’ll use (we’ve translated our site into several – even Chinese). We’ve divided our catalog up into different types of flowers, occasions and price ranges, so picking the right flowers to greet your loved ones in 2012 is a cinch. Add wine and special gifts, and you can truly personalize your flower giving.

Whatever you choose, be it tender pink roses or an elegant mixed bouquet with lilies, our team of dedicated, hand-picked florists will bring in fresh flowers daily to create your bouquet. That’s the daFlores secret – we think big, but we’re a family-owned company that cares about quality and your happiness. That’s why daFlores is in the business of bringing smiles – right to your door.

Happy New Year.