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Twelve Days of Christmas: Flower delivery for the New Year


Twelve Days of Christmas: Eleven pipers piping

It’s New Year’s Eve…in some of our countries, it’s here already. DaFlores has amazing flowers that you can send to usher in 2012, whether it’s for Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year tradition, or for a no-holds-barred New York celebration.

You know that the Twelve Days of Christmas came out of the United Kingdom when you hear of 11 pipers piping. Bagpipes are part and parcel of Scottish culture, and Scotland was a safe place for Catholics. If you recall, back at the start of our series, we explained that the song arose from a time when Catholics were persecuted. At this time of year, when we hear 11 pipers piping, we think of the traditional Scottish New Year, Hogmanay.

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot,” suggests Auld Lang Syne, which was based on a Robbie Burns poem. That famous Scottish poet penned many an ode, but none so famous as this. The song is, roughly speaking, about raising a toast to old friends, present or not. DaFlores is in the business of connecting you with your loved ones, and sending New Year’s flowers is a wonderful way to remind your loved ones that you care.

Whether you’re near or far, we treat your flowers with the same loving care. Each bouquet is hand-crafted by a florist who not only has at least a decade’s experience, the shop has been personally inspected by yours truly. We don’t want you starting the year with substandard flowers, so we bring in fresh blooms daily – even at our busiest times.

DaFlores suggests bright and cheery flowers to bridge the gap on New Year’s. Reds, oranges and yellows remind us that spring is coming in this dark and dreary, post-Christmas period. They can’t help but bring a smile and show your affection for the recipient.

We at daFlores wish you a very happy New Year, full of dreams come true, success and happiness.

Twelve Days of Christmas: Flowers for the man in your life


Twelve Days of Christmas: Ten lords a-leaping

Flowers are for men, too! We’d like to think that there are special men in your life, men you’d like to make leap with joy when they receive your thoughtful gifts. From your dad to your brother to your husband, daFlores has gifts and flowers that are ideal for those gentle men.

Send gifts to ColombiaWhen choosing flowers for a man, look for flowers that are traditionally not very feminine. Pink is usually out, but bright colors like sunflowers and gerbera daisies are in. These always bring a smile and can be safely sent without causing offense. Roses might work under some circumstances; red roses are always fine for a romantic man, while yellow is fine for a family relationship or friend.

When you move into the professional realms, tropical flowers are a good choice. Their fiery colors are bold and their form can be feminine, but doesn’t shout femininity, if that makes sense. These are powerful blooms that could also be sent as part of a business relationship, even to a man. If you’re as bold as these flowers, you can create a powerful impact by sending them and showing that you think outside the box.

Our Colombian customers have an extra layer of goodies to make your men leap with joy. Our gift selection includes tasteful baskets, including man-friendly items such as wine baskets and gourmet snacks. This line is something we plan to expand to other countries in future, but you could also look into our fruit and flower combinations as a gift for your special men.

As we move towards 2012, consider what you could do to help your favorite people start the New Year right. DaFlores is behind you every step of the way with around-the-clock, bilingual customer service and an easy-to-use website. You can bridge a long distance with flowers, or you can have them delivered to the house next door. Whoever are your lords-a-leaping, daFlores will help with amazing flower delivery.

Twelve Days of Christmas: Flowers for a lady


Twelve Days of Christmas: Nine ladies dancing

The ninth day of Christmas has nine ladies dancing. What about using this to get the ladies in your life – your mom, sister, aunts and beloved – something special to start off the New Year? Whether there’s nine of them or just two or three, a lovely flower bouquet will always delight your loved ones.

Send flowers to VenezuelaWhen it comes to family members, you have all manner of choices. For female relative, pink roses and lilies show affectionate love and are perfectly suitable. You can also quite safely send any number of mixed bouquets.

Bright, cheerful gerbera daisies or fiery, elegant tropical flowers provide warmth and appreciation as the New Year comes about. And when our gorgeous, expertly crafted flowers arrive on the doorstep, we think it’s safe to say those ladies will be dancing with joy at your thoughtful gesture.

You’re the one who knows the ladies of your family best, so you can also customize your “dancing” flower bouquets with gifts such as chocolates, wine, or a special vase. Our expert team is standing by to help you with your order and browsing our website, conveniently split up by country and category, gives you plenty of options to make your selection.

Now, if the lady you want to impress or thank (or both) is the love of your life, we have a few other suggestions. You can start the year off right with two dozen red roses or more – telling her that she’s in your thoughts all day, every day.

Another perfect choice is to send her favorite flowers. We have gerbera daisies, sunflowers, tropical bouquets and lilies – and so much more. She’ll not only be impressed that you found out what she’s into, she’ll be impressed by the craftsmanship and beauty of daFlores‘ garden-fresh flowers.

Twelve Days of Christmas: Looking ahead to the New Year with white flowers


Twelve Days of Christmas: Eight maids a-milking

With a bit of luck, you’ve had a fine Christmas and post-Christmas and are now looking forward to a New Year. Now, we don’t have eight maids-a-milking for you, but daFlores have gorgeous milk-white flowers such as white roses and white lilies.

Send white roses for the New YearThe pure color of these amazing flowers can make a statement to someone as you start a new year. Just like a piece of writing paper, 2012 now stretches out ahead of us like a blank sheet ready to be written upon.

For better or worse, New Years just have that character of a new beginning, when everything seems possible. If you know someone who’s starting a new venture or even if you want to bring that sense of newness into your home, the simplest way is to take a look through our rose selection, pick out a favorite, and select the white color.

Our website is available in a number of different languages to help with your ordering, and our team is on hand around the clock to assist. Whatever else you plan for 2012, hassle in ordering shouldn’t be part of it.

While they’re often used in bridal flowers, white roses don’t have to have the same romantic connotations as red ones, but they’re not neutral, either. So saying, chosen carefully, perhaps mixed with other white or colored flowers, they can give a friend or loved one a much-needed boost.

Or you can order some for your own New Year’s table, as they’d make a great centerpiece when arranged in a brightly colored vase. No matter what you do, daFlores is there to support you and provide you with the fresh flowers that you need to start off a fresh New Year.

Twelve Days of Christmas: Send good luck flowers


Twelve Days of Christmas: Seven swans-a-swimming

Now we’re in the last half of the twelve days of Christmas, with Christmas Day looming just over the horizon. If you wanted to order flowers for Christmas, you still can, but hurry. The little banner at the top right-hand side of the page when you click through to a country will let you know when and whether you can still order. We’d suggest making contact with our friendly support team to make absolutely sure.

Send flowers to HondurasAlternatively, you can use this blog post to give yourself some new ideas for the week after Christmas, since that’s when you’re likely to start feeling a bit deflated after all the build-up. You certainly wouldn’t be alone in that. And our lovely flowers can help take that feeling away.

And thus, to swans. Swans are special because they grow from that “ugly duckling” stage to elegant, if rather bad-tempered, birds. Gliding on the water, they’re the epitome of grace and simplicity, true kings among water fowl. You could take things more literally and arrange seven bouquets of flowers, and we at are certainly up to that challenge.

Or you could look to another meaning of seven – good luck – and send someone you care about good luck flowers for the New Year. Is anyone starting a new job, new life, even a new diet? All of this just begs for a little encouragement.

The best flowers for this purpose are bright and cheerful. Sunflowers and gerbera daisies are ideal. You’ll find these beauties in the mixed flowers section and this kind of gift works year-round. With good-luck flowers you can tell someone you’re thinking about them and set them on the road to success.

We don’t imagine that anyone sends swans-a-swimming any more, but we know that you can send someone swimming on the way to their goals with a thoughtful, pretty, good luck bouquet from daFlores.

Twelve days of Christmas: Thank-you flower arrangements


Twelve Days of Christmas: Six Geese a-Laying

From the point of the sixth day of Christmas onwards, we’re looking more at what was important in the late 18th century than what’s important now. Your first clue is a traditional rhyme often cited around this time in the United Kingdom: “Christmas is coming; the goose is getting fat.”

Send flowers to VenezuelaGeese and their meat were associated with a Christmas feast in the same way turkey now is. It’s much less common to eat these birds at the Christmas table today, but back when “The Twelve Days of Christmas” was first written down, turkey was not very well-known.

So, where do we go with our “Twelve Days of Christmas” theme? How about a side-step to a different legend, that of the goose that laid the golden eggs? While that story doesn’t exactly have a happy ending, you can create your own happy ending this Christmas by treating your loved ones like the precious people they are.

What do they value? What’s important? Send them flowers to show how much they’re appreciated and write a personal note to spell out their own qualities – their golden egg, as seen by you.

The personal touch is always worth the effort because it shows you’re paying attention and truly care. Too often, interactions in the 21st century are superficial; go that extra mile and you’re producing something rare and unusual that goes beyond mere “stuff.” Your message, coupled with some gorgeous lilies or other favorite flowers, will leave someone speechless with happiness.

DaFlores has a wide selection of holiday flowers and mixed bouquets that are perfect as holiday accents. With our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, we give superb value for money to go with our equally superb quality.

When you pick to represent what’s special about your relationships, you’re in good hands. Your six geese-a-laying can lay the foundation for a year of joy, happiness and appreciation.

Twelve days of Christmas: Flowers for Christmas Day proposals


Twelve Days of Christmas: Five Golden Rings

When Miss Piggy from “The Muppets” sings “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” she goes to town on the “Five Gold Rings” chorus piece, bringing all the attention to herself. As the song progresses, her emphasis gets more and more strident and funny, earning her a reputation of one of the world’s most beloved and amusing prima donnas.

100 red roses from daFloresNow, you might guess that Valentine’s Day is the most popular day for proposals. It is. But winter months, especially December, come a close second. Who knows whether the true love of our song wanted to propose marriage; either way, five gold rings would be a little overwhelming.

On the other hand, if a life together is something you plan for this holiday season, that gold ring is up to you. We, on the other hand, can supply the romantic floral backdrop.

From wedding flowers to two dozen red roses for the proposal, daFlores has the experience and commitment to quality you need to ensure the special day isn’t a flop. On our website, just choose where the flowers will be delivered and then browse the available selections.

Pick a date and we’ll make sure they arrive with you in plenty of time. You can supply your own vases, or choose among ours. We also have add-ons such as romantic balloons and fine wine; add these at checkout.

DaFlores florists know how important your romantic flower bouquets are. We personally visit all our partners to ensure they meet our high standards, and they bring in fresh flowers daily, regardless of the season. If a beautiful golden ring is what will make this Christmas perfect for you and your loved ones, you can trust daFlores to set the scene in whatever way you choose…without any of the drama of a certain puppet pig. And it’s still not too late to order for delivery in time for Christmas!

Twelve days of Christmas: Tropical flower arrangements


Twelve Days of Christmas: Four Calling Birds

In some versions of the song “Twelve Days of Christmas,” you hear “four collie birds,” but we don’t know about birds that resemble sheepdogs or Lassie. Four calling birds are simply two pairs of songbirds; back in the day, birds were part of the decor for upper-class families. A singing bird in a gilded cage looked and sounded wonderful.

Tropical flowers from daFlores.comOne way to represent calling birds would be with bird-of-paradise flowers, the perfect finishing touch to a tropical flower arrangement. The warm colors of these flowers evoke spring and provide a glow to go with candles and all the other trappings of a holiday season.

You can use holiday flowers as the centerpiece of an attractive table, and maybe add some decorative model birds to extend the theme. No matter what you choose, daFlores will deliver your Christmas flowers to the door on time, when you want them. That’s our job – helping you create the happiest holidays ever.

What’s distant and far-away is often exotic and exciting, like the four calling birds of our song. You might be far away from your loved ones this holiday, but with a daFlores flower delivery it’s as though you’re the bird calling out to them, giving a gift at this special time. Maybe you can’t be there in person, but with a beautiful flower bouquet you can show your loved ones you’re thinking of them.

Last but certainly not least, there’s a different way of thinking of your four calling birds. We assume, from the song, that they’re matched pairs – birds of a feather, you might say. So why not send romantic roses this December to symbolize that special bond? We have 12, 18 and more red roses, all the way up to a magnificent 100 roses.

Might this give you any ideas…perchance?

Twelve days of Christmas: Chocolates, wine and holiday flowers

Twelve Days of Christmas: Three French Hens

French hens are fancy little chickens, the kind you might see sold as “Cornish hens” or “poulet.” (Of course, that’s just French for “chicken,” but everything just sounds better in French.) At the time “Twelve Days” was first sung, this variety was an import, maybe something like a later breed called faverolles. These showy birds were used for eating and their eggs; these days, they’re primarily raised for showing.

Add wine to your flower order, or choose a bundled arrangementEither way, with the gift of three French hens, the true love of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” was passing on a practical and attractive gift. That’s something you can easily accomplish with our add-ons.

There’s no doubt that any of our flower arrangements are things of beauty, but you can also pair blooms with a bottle of wine, box of fine chocolates or even a pretty vase. Whenever you combine beauty with something that isn’t just admired, but that can be used, that’s the spirit of the three French hens.

DaFlores also has gifts available in some countries, like Colombia, and we’re expanding our range of flower and gift baskets. Just browse to the country where flowers will be sent and you’ll see what we are offering at this time. And to add something extra to the available holiday flower arrangements, just check the appropriate box at the time of purchase. It’s very simple, and the prices are all on display so you know exactly how much it will cost.

The French are known for their love of life — “joie de vivre” is a phrase we borrow from their romantic language – and also of romance. With three French hens, think of romance and think of luxury, and you won’t go far wrong. For our part, those are two of our mainstays, and will do everything in our power to pamper you and your loved ones with the freshest holiday flowers.

Twelve Days of Christmas: Romantic holiday roses

Express your love with romantic roses this holiday season

Our second day of Christmas brings two turtle doves to the mix. Turtle doves are slender, elegant birds, and symbolize committed, gentle love. They have links to the Bible through the story of Noah’s Ark, and of course mean peace and unity. Turtle doves coo contentedly and seem to be crooning romantically when they pair up together.

Romantic holiday rosesIn the United Kingdom, which is where “Twelve Days of Christmas” in its original form comes from, it’s believed that the Romans introduced doves and dovecotes. These birds were useful for their eggs, meat and, shall we say, fertilizer. Even now, dovecotes are interesting to look at and are often historic landmarks. Social, warm, loving creatures, we could all take a lesson from the dove of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

We don’t sell birds at daFlores, but we know all about devotion and love. We’re in the business of bringing you smiles, whether that’s with beautiful red roses or lovingly crafted Christmas bouquets. The overwhelming impression of these birds is of fragility and gentleness; why not send some of our more delicate arrangements, such as the lacy petals of gerbera daisies or an arrangement accented with baby’s breath? You can also choose a softer color, such as pale pinks and yellows, to convey the message of our turtle doves.

There are a couple of other directions you could go in when picking out a “two turtle doves” gift. Firstly, there’s a kind of specialty confection called turtles; you can add a box of luxury chocolates to represent these. Secondly, William Shakespeare wrote a love poem called “The Phoenix and the Turtle” — the turtle in question was a dove. Why not include a line or two from the poem when you send your flower delivery? DaFlores lets you send a brief message to be included on the card, perfectly expressing yourself to your loved ones.