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Halloween flowers: It’s not too late to order flowers for Halloween


Halloween flowers can make a great addition to your October 31 celebrations. A couple of weeks ago, we suggested a few ideas to help you dress up your home with beautiful flowers for Halloween. It’s not too late to order Halloween flowers, but if you’re going to go ahead, now would be a good time. Substituting flowers is a last resort for us (take a read of our substitution policy sometime), but our florists do all need to plan ahead to create your Halloween flowers.


Halloween flowers: Choose golds, yellows and bronzes


As a reminder, yellow-colored roses are a popular choice for Halloween flowers. They have two things going from them (aside from their sheer beauty, of course): First, they are bright and sunny, a warming color for late fall days; and second, they have no romantic connotations at all. They’re safe and pretty to decorate your porch or form an attractive table centerpiece.


Lilies, gerberas and sunflowers also come in “Halloween” colors. You can add red tones for a little fire to go with your Halloween ghosts and ghouls. We can still arrange same-day delivery of your Halloween flowers if you order by 1 p.m. local time where flowers are to be delivered, but the earlier you order, the better.


Order Halloween flowers now for the best results


Whether you want to order Halloween flowers or flowers for a Halloween birthday, we have you covered with our generous guarantee and bilingual customer service. We send Halloween flowers to cities through the Americas and, increasingly, to Asia and Europe too. You and your loved ones must be 100 percent satisfied with our garden-fresh, gorgeous blooms — or we’ll work with you until you are.


That’s just part of the daFlores difference and we look forward to serving you with amazing Halloween flowers.

Three flower-themed Halloween costumes


Now, daFlores doesn’t sell Halloween costumes (there are times when the thought crosses our minds, but we do believe in focusing on what we’re best at). But we look out every year and see amazing flower-themed costumes, both home-made and store-bought. Our Halloween flowers lean towards gold, bronze and yellow, but there are no such restrictions in flower-themed costumes. Here are a few that we’ll describe for your Halloween fun. Give you some ideas? We’re all for turning people into fans of flowers!


The classic flower costume: The kid (or, sometimes, adult) waddles around in a green foam tube. Either the hands stick out of holes or sleeves masquerade as leaves. Sometimes, you see this variant in green fabric, allowing a bit more flexibility of movement. A home-made version could easily be crafted from green leggings and a green shirt, plus maybe a bit of fabric for the leaves. In the commercial version, the head is surrounded by a big cheerful flower. At home, that same effect could be built from green-painted cardboard or stiffened fabric. Ever seen a kid dressed up as a peanut or slice of pizza outside a mall, swinging a sign? You get the idea.


Bumble bee: We’ve never seen a homemade one of these. These foam outfits are rather bulky, cheerful and unusual. The kid usually has cheeks painted with big red circles, though no bee we’ve ever seen has such an embellishment. Either way, this sweet yellow-and-black striped costume is topped with curly antennae and a big, happy grin. With tongue firmly in cheek, we also reckon kids learn coordination by compensating for their sticking-out bustles…or should that be buzzles?


Flower power: Often seen on adults, some of whom we suspect aren’t really in costume, flower power outfits feature flares, long hair (sometimes wigs), big, loud sunglasses and bright colors. These hippie types wear headbands, floral patches or tie-dye. Guitars are a common accessory, though they’re not too great for collecting candy. Whether these costumes are fact or fiction, we at daFlores appreciate anyone who appreciates flowers!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our ever-so-whimsical look at flower-themed costumes. DaFlores can’t do the costumes, but we can bring you bright, beautiful and lovely Halloween flowers to decorate your home and cheer your loved ones. Happy Halloween! wishes you a Happy Halloween

Halloween flowers: Hopefully, the things that go bump in the night won’t be your daFlores flowers! One of the more fun holidays, Halloween is a festival of ghosts and ghouls and small children draped in sheets. Whether you love to make your own kids’ costumes or like to visit Halloween warehouses to pick out the perfect trick-or-treat, daFlores wishes you a happy Halloween.

















Halloween flowers at parties and to say thank-you


If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, we have a few suggestions for decorating with Halloween flowers. Fall-themed colors are orange and yellow, and you’ll find those shades in gerbera daisies, sunflowers and roses. There are no romantic connotations to yellow roses, so you can safely order a selection and use them in funky Halloween vases, thus bringing a little sweetness to the table. Or you can create a Halloween flower feature by placing a vase or two outside your front porch with a beautifully carved pumpkin.


Our fall collections are starting to come in now, and they make ideal Halloween flowers. Pick the country where you want them to be delivered and look through our bronzes and golds. Kids can get together to send mom some Halloween flowers or you can simply use them to brighten up the longer evenings. guarantees week-long freshness for all our Halloween flowers


Regardless of the occasion, our guarantee that they’ll stay fresh a week or longer applies. While we don’t recommend filling the vase with candy, don’t forget that a little sugar or cut flower powder goes a long way towards extending the life of your Halloween flowers.


DaFlores delivers Halloween flowers right until October 31, but we’d suggest ordering early to avoid disappointments. If you let our florists plan ahead, they can get in supplies and make sure you get exactly what you ordered. Take care of this detail and we’re happy to say that our flowers aren’t ghosts: They’re a welcome and lovely addition to your Halloween decor.