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Color and flowers to knock your socks off

A story about the Callaway Gardens in Georgia caught our attention: One of the people featured in the article said that, in spring, the azaleas had “colors to knock your socks off.” Colors to knock your socks off is something we provide when you send flowers to Colombia, Mexico and beyond. Our garden-fresh flowers were growing the morning we arranged them, and we won’t work with partner florists unless they promise that level of freshness. It’s how daFlores can keep on promising that your flower  delivery will last at least a week.

Callaway GardensCallaway Gardens opened in 1952. The founder, Cason Callaway, was a textiles millionaire and figured that all children should be able to see something so beautiful they’d never forget it. He donated 2,500 acres of land and got started on a huge park that had azalea gardens, a variety of different habitats and even a golf course or two. Since then, it’s grown to 13,000 acres.

At, we  want to provide you and the world with that level of beauty. We’re not in the business of building gardens, but we are in the business of filling your homes with gorgeous, colorful blooms. Whatever the occasion, birthday, anniversary or just-because, we have the yellows, pinks and purples you require. Vivid sunflowers, delicate pink lilies and a host of roses from snow white to blood red (not to mention peach, lilac, orange and yellow) are all at your fingertips.

Callaway Gardens is a four-season park. We are a four-season florist. We deliver flowers for every major holiday and quite a few minor ones too. From Christmas poinsettias to Easter-time lilies, daFlores is your source for satisfaction-guaranteed color, beauty and freshness. And, while you have to visit the gardens yourself, with a flower delivery, those beautiful garden flowers come straight to your door.

Take a trip to see the flowers of the desert in California

As April progresses, so does spring in the desert. An area that is barren and empty-seeming during most of the year is a riot of color at this time of year. Yellow is the favorite in the western Sonoran Desert; since March, sagebrush, buckthorn and other shrubs have been pushing up yellow “daisies” on long stalks, tiny, compact yellow blooms that become fluffy seedpods after a few days, and even tall, catkin-like flowers.

Now, the palo verdes are starting to blossom, and the ocotillos and beavertail cacti…well, we’ll get to those in a moment.

For other colors, you need to look closely at ground level. From microscopic white blossoms to large white cups, wildflowers tuck into the shade of trees and shrubs. You’ll also find tiny purple blossoms if you look carefully enough. Desert flower hunters should walk gently and keep their eye on the ground. (This is a good plan in any case: unfriendly creatures, such as rattlesnakes and scorpions, coexist with more attractive and non-toxic coyotes, owls and kangaroo rats.)

Flowers of the desert in California

Flowers of the desert in California

But now that it’s April, cacti are blossoming as well. Tall ocotillos produce long, upright stems which, in winter, are woody, thorny and bare. But in the early New Year, they start to grow small, oval leaves and then push out stalks from the tips of their “arms.” These stems grow buds, lupin-style, and then over a period of weeks unfurl into red-hot pokers of bright red blossoms. Hummingbirds visit them, attracted to the red and, of course, the nectar.

Beavertail cacti push out large, fat pods like fingers. Each pod bursts to reveal a glorious, fuchsia pink blossom with an almost translucent look. These flowers somehow manage to combine a sense of toughness with their delicate, rose-like beauty.

To find out where your desert wildflowers are growing, chat to staff at one of the Bureau of Land Management offices or at a desert national park. They’ll be able to advise you on safety for this harsh environment. Tread carefully and enjoy the brightness of the desert; take only photographs. And, when you’re done, check out for further floral beauty that you can enjoy at home.

Three special family celebrations in late July

Parents’ Day is the fourth Sunday in July which, this year, is July 24. That also happens to coincide with Cousins’ Day, July 24, and is two days before the July 26 date of Aunts and Uncles Day. Does this give you some ideas for sending some beautiful flowers?

Parents’ Day is a  day to celebrate both your parents together. Why not send them a lovely flower basket that’s customized with all the extras for a special celebration? Add some chocolates and wine and you’re all set. All daFlores flower deliveries are fresh the morning they were sent, so this lovely gesture is bound to make them smile and know they’re appreciated.

Cousins’ Day flowers are also a great and unexpected gift. Whether you only saw your cousins at Christmas or whether they were a regular part of your life, as an adult you may not see them as often as you’d wish. Send some cheerful sunflowers or pink, yellow or orange roses to tell your cousins that you think of them often. They’ll be touched. DaFlores can schedule deliveries every day but Sunday, and our guarantee of quality means that you can order without a worry in the world.

Aunts and Uncles Day flowers are a way to say thanks for that wonderful spoiling you got when you were growing up. If your parents’ siblings always used to slide you that forbidden, extra piece of cake or would take you out to the movies, you’re bound to have fond memories. Why not send your aunt and uncle some flowers? DaFlores can arrange flower delivery across the Americas and in many parts of Europe and Asia too, so just visit our website, and start the easy order process. We will do the rest – in style.

Five ways to use summer flowers from this sunny season

Summer barbecues, summer flowers

Use flowers at your family barbecues this summer. Place your table under a tree and set a gorgeous vase of sunflowers as a centerpiece. It’ll be a talking-point and add that perfect finishing touch. Contact us to see whether you can also send summer flowers to arrive during the barbecue (some restrictions apply). You can thank your host and enjoy her reaction as she receives your thank-you flowers!

Send summer flowers to Cancer, Leo and Virgo people

Do you know any Cancer, Leo or Virgo people? These people were all born in the period from midsummer to the start of fall. Wouldn’t they appreciate a beautiful summer flower delivery from Go to our website,, and select the language and country of delivery. (We have translated our site into several languages for your convenience.) Pick out your flowers and then set delivery for their actual birthday.

Summer of love party

Do you remember the summer of love, more than 40 years ago? Chances are that, if you can, you’re a boomer. Throw a hippy-themed party with tie-dye tablecloths, groovy vases and a summer flower delivery or three. Hippies knew what they were talking about when they adopted flower power, and you can create flower power in your home with a fun event and carefully crafted flower arrangements. (We suggest bright, bold gerbera daisies and sunflowers, where available.)

Create your own tropical island

Mix a few cocktails, and don’t miss the umbrellas. can supply the birds of paradise. Depending on where you live, we have gorgeous tropical flowers with flaming red and orange petals – the ideal complement to your personal tropical island. These make elegant gifts for men, too, and don’t forget our add-ons, such as bottles of wine. Send tropical flowers this summer and make a dream come true right at home.

Celebrate the end of summer

Whether you can’t wait for the kids to go back to school, or it’s just too hot, period, you can celebrate the end of summer with a flower delivery from Either treat yourself or scheme with your kids to treat Mom, grandparents or your favorite aunt. Cool white flower symbolize the end of blazing heat and the blessed peace and quiet that comes from kids safely back behind desks.

No matter why you choose to send summer flowers, has you covered. Our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee promises your flowers will stay fresh for a week or more, and we have online and telephone customer service in English and Spanish. If you order by noon local time in the place of delivery, we can send same-day in most cases. A summer flower delivery from is crafted by expert florists with a decade or more of experience. And they bring in fresh flowers daily for your stunning summer flowers.

Send summer flowers with

Summer “officially” starts on June 21, but in many climates it begins much earlier. The season marks school vacations, barbecues and outdoor fun, but it’s also an ideal time to think about a summer flower delivery or two. The careful placement of flowers in your home welcomes guests, adds contrast to your decor and provides an all-important focal point when you hold those family get-togethers.

DaFlores  has plenty of options when you want to send summer flowers. At this time, sunflowers are bright and beautiful – and in season. Their large, cheerful blooms look great at the heart of arrangements or, as Leonardo da Vinci already proved, are amazing all by themselves. Choose one of our sunny arrangements when you send summer flowers for birthdays, as thank-you flowers and “just because.”

Roses are always in season and we also have these stunning summer flowers in golds and yellows. Summer roses come with all the options you expect when sending roses with daFlores; you can send them “loose” to be arranged in a favorite vase, as part of one of our arrangements with the vase already included, or you can pick out a lovely vase to send along with them. Or you can send some ice-white roses to provide a foil to that summer heat.

When you send summer flowers with daFlores, we guarantee they’ll remain fresh for a week. A summer flower delivery is the perfect finishing touch for your warm-season celebrations. We treat your summer bouquets with all the tenderness and care we use year-round.

No matter whether you’re sending to major destinations or somewhere much smaller, our flower shops in Sao Paulo, Monterrey and beyond all know just what to do. Using fresh summer flowers daily, our extended family provides the best and most gorgeous seasonal blossoms you will ever see.  You’ll never be disappointed when you choose daFlores for your summer flower delivery.