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Send flowers for System administrator day

A system administrator is the technical person who holds things together at your company. The sysadmin will make backups, check server logs for problems and keeps on top of things. Your sysadmin wields technical powers, the very thoughts of which make lesser mortals quake in fear.

Domain Name System (DNS) Technology

National System Administrator Appreciation Day is on July 30 this year and we reckon that flowers are a great way to send thanks for all this often-nocturnal person does. The typical systems administrator shrinks into the background, keeping things running smoothly. Because you work during the day, he or she often works at night. You might want to plan a celebration for sometime in the late afternoon, the time when your two work days are more likely to coincide.

Systems administrators are more often than not men, though of course there are lady sysadmins too. We at daFlores have always said that flowers aren’t just for the ladies, though. Tropical flowers and orchids are a great choice for a system administrator, offering elegance without being overtly feminine. You can also add a box of chocolates, bottle or wine or even a basket of fruit. DaFlores can take care of all these options.

To organize a treat for National System Administrator Day,  just visit the website and pick a country for delivery. Then browse through the options by price range or style. Fill out the details and we’ll take care of the rest. Have the flowers delivered to the door of your office and then place our beautiful, tasteful arrangement on his chair. (There’s a good chance you won’t be able to see the desk as it’s covered in wires, components and computers.)

Flowers for National System Administrator Day are a great way to think outside the box.  Your sysadmin will appreciate the gesture and the uncommon recognition. These under-appreciated people are really the glue that keeps your IT department working. Honor them with the freshest, most beautiful National System Administrator Day flowers from daFlores.

Celebrate Father-in-Law Day with beautiful flowers

Father-in-law Day is celebrated on 30 July each year and allows you an opportunity to show appreciation for your “adopted” Dad. When planning a Father-in-Law day celebration, consider tailoring the day to his special interests.

A fisherman might enjoy gift certificates for new tackle or even a day out on the river; a history buff would be over the moon with a day trip to some local historic place, maybe coupled with a nice meal out. If you can find a historic diner then you could kill two birds with one stone.

Don’t overlook a beautiful, delivered-to-the-door gift from daFlores. While flowers are traditionally the purview of the ladies, we think that they’re perfectly all right for men, too. Tropical flowers and sunflowers are both great gifts for a gentleman. You can add a bottle of wine or take advantage of one of our pre-made gift arrangements.

Imagine your father-in-law’s surprise to receive this thoughtful, colorful gift on his special occasion. You’ll get kudos for your caring and he’ll know that you appreciate his role in your life. Nurturing relationships is what daFlores does best with our fresh-every-day, expertly-put-together flower arrangements.

To set up your Father in Law Day flower delivery, just visit and pick the country where your flowers will be sent. Then browse the options that come up, make your selection and fill out the details. Our experts will take care of all the rest for you. We work through a network of partner florists who’ve all been carefully vetted. Each has been in business for at least ten years and commits to using fresh flowers every morning.

Choose daFlores for your Father-in-Law Day flower delivery and neither you nor your other dad will  be disappointed. We have everything you need to pick out the perfect flowers for that special man.

Celebrate Parents’ Day in style with a daFlores flower delivery

Parents’ Day is the fourth Sunday in July, a holiday to celebrate mom and dad together. It’s entirely appropriate to send gifts and flowers on this fun, special occasion. The daFlores catalog has many combinations that provide the best of both worlds. We have stunning fresh bouquets, individually hand-crafted each morning, coupled with bottles of wine for him.

New mother with baby and husband in hospital smiling

If you want to send flowers to each parent separately, we have ideas too. Our pink, peach and white flowers are just perfect for Mom. We have gerbera daisies, all kinds of roses and delicate lilies too. You can shop by style of bouquet or by price range. Would she like a box of chocolates or a luxury gift basket full of pampering goodies? That we can do as well.

For him, we have flowers that suit just fine, too. Tropical flowers are perfect for your favorite gentleman. Elegant without being overly feminine, they bring truth to the adage that you can say it with flowers to anyone!

Plan a special dinner or outing for your parents this July 25th. You can take them to a favorite location or a beloved family activity or spot. When they get home, surprise them with a gorgeous flower delivery from daFlores. Either have it waiting for them at your home, or send it to their doorstep when they’re least expecting it.

It’s easy to arrange your Parents’ Day flowers. Visit our website, and choose the country of delivery. Browse by price range or style of bouquet and then add on any of our optional extras you prefer. Fill out the details and a personalized message and we’ll take care of the rest.

While your company is what they’ll treasure the best, the flowers will be a wonderful memento and something they can use to extend these sweet memories further still. Give your parents something to remember when you send stunning flowers put together by the experts from daFlores.

Honeybees: Bringing you the best, most beautiful flowers

The honeybee is an incredible creature. The hive centers around a queen, who gives life to all the bees. Organized into an amazing system that feeds, nurtures and protects, this beneficial insect provides honey, beeswax and of course flowers. Was there ever such a useful little creature?

Without bees, there would be neither flowers nor fruit. The bees transfer pollen from tree to tree, flower to flower, ensuring a beautiful harmony. In return, the blossoms feed the bees and they feed the human soul, too. It’s true that bees can sting but, if you’ll pardon the pun, they won’t bug you if you don’t bug them. Humans might do well to learn a lesson or two from the way this give-and-take, sharing relationship works. Bee on Yellow Flower

Naturally, daFlores is grateful to the bees. Without them, we wouldn’t be doing what we do: Bringing you the best, most beautiful flower arrangements. Thanks to the honeybee, our florist deliver fresh to you every morning without fail. Our skilled artists create amazing arrangements that bless your loved ones with smiles.

Everything in life is part of a cycle. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s sometimes hard to remember this. We suggest that the next time you spot a bee, you take a moment to sit down and watch it go about its business. Then think about the last time you sent a flower delivery. You’ll get the connection soon enough: It’s oddly soothing.

Watching bees is a little like smelling the roses, and boy do we have roses! Take a moment today to appreciate the simple things in life, whether it’s a furry bumble bee or a slender, efficient honeybee. And if there’s someone on your mind, well, just as a bee brings the beauty of flowers, you can use daFlores to deliver flowers to the doorstep. We’re really good that way.