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Valentine’s Day Roses

Beautiful roses are the classic choice for Valentine’s Day. Luckily for you, daFlores has those in droves. At one end of the spectrum we have simplicity itself—a box with roses tied in ribbon, delivered to the door. These Valentine’s Day roses can be arranged in any way she chooses, and you can even add a vase to complement her taste.product_big_0329

And on the other end we have bouquets, vast armfuls of roses for Valentine’s Day. Red or pink, and other colors too, you can choose your shade according to who receives them. Many of our arrangements come in a choice of colors to send the message you want. Pink, snow-white and yellow are great for family members; but if it’s your sweetheart it’s got to be that classic red.

At daFlores we’re no strangers to Valentine’s Day roses. We have then in baskets, boxes and vases. You can add cute balloons, bottles and chocolate gifts for the perfect romantic gesture. You can even send up to a hundred red roses to make your love clear! No matter what your budget or the preferences of your lady, we have Valentine’s Day roses that will perfectly fit the bill.

Wander on over to the daFlores website and pick your country from the list. Then choose the Roses section to see what’s available. We work with a network of expert florists, each in business for over a decade. Only if they bring in fresh flowers daily will we let them handle your Valentine’s Day roses.

That way, you can be sure that you’re getting the most beautiful, colorful, stunning arrangements for exactly the effect you want on Valentine’s Day. We suggest that you order a little early, because this is a busy season. But there’s one thing you can always rely on: we at daFlores know our Valentine’s Day roses, and our expertise and passion can help you express what you feel.

Pretty in Pink for Valentine’s Day

The color associated with Valentine’s Day roses is red, of course, but what about pretty pink? Pink is a gentle color, sweet and feminine, and pink roses are just as fitting for this special holiday.


Think outside the box when you pick your Valentine’s Day roses. If her favorite color is pink or you know she likes something different, pink roses are a wonderful choice. DaFlores has bouquets ranging from a simple spray to a hundred pink roses and each is an absolute delight.

In this age of choices there are many pink goodies to hand out on Valentine’s Day. A pink sash or pair of gloves, pink-wrapped chocolates and even pink electronics are all on hand. But you can’t beat the beauty of our gorgeous pink Valentine’s Day flowers, delivered in time to her door.

Why would you pick pink roses instead of red? Pink can be great for non-romantic relationships of course; think of your mom or sister. But for a longer-lasting relationship or just something different, pink Valentine’s Day flowers are hard to beat.

DaFlores works only with the best florists when you order your lovely pink roses. Each day our partner florist receive new blossoms, so that the day your Valentine’s Day flowers are delivered, they’re as fresh as can be.

It’s easy to order pink Valentine’s Day flowers when you shop with daFlores. Choose the country where you’ll be sending flowers and then select from the many flower options. Most of our rose bouquets can be made in pink too for a spectacularly tender gift. Coupled with gifts like chocolates and teddy bears, your sweetheart can be pretty in pink for Valentine’s Day.

Aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s Day

There’s something a little naughty about Valentine’s Day, the day when Eros and Cupid have their wicked way. For those who’re a bit cheeky or who want to spice things up, here are a few classic aphrodisiacs that help do just that. Named for Aphrodite, the goddess of love, these aphrodisiacs are sure to make your day.


There’s something magic about chocolate. There’s a secret chemical inside a good piece of chocolate that’s said to increase desire. It certainly has that feel-good effect. And at Valentine’s Day fine chocolates abound. Send a hidden message with one of daFlores’ chocolate and Valentine’s Day flower arrangements.



These shellfish are considered to be aphrodisiacs, but they’re not for everyone. Serve up a dish of oysters, though, and the message will get across. Seal the deal with a Valentine’s Day flower delivery to make the occasion special. Dress it up with red and pink decor and all will be very well.


While we’re on an eating jag, asparagus has that reputation. These spears of fine vegetables were even served at wedding feasts. Lightly steamed and served with lemon juice and sesame seeds, they make a fine prelude to the main event.


Rare and expensive, and allegedly delicious, truffles are considered aphrodisiacs. They’re very pricey and perhaps out of range, but there are other kinds of truffles. This kind of leads us back to chocolates, and a perfect thing to add to Valentine’s Day flowers. Serve some fine truffles and see where it goes. It’s not going to be boring.



Our last aphrodisiac comes from the heart, a classic bouquet of Valentine’s Day roses. Neither eaten nor applied, they fill the heart with love and a very good mood. At daFlores we can arrange whatever you need, and make your day very special.

We at hope you enjoyed our brief look at aphrodisiacs and wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day for married couples

Who says that marriage turns out the light? Only if you let it. Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to celebrate a long-lasting romance. Many mutter that you don’t need a special day to celebrate romance, and in part that’s true. But there’s something special about coasting on the wave of love for Valentine’s Day and really, what’s the harm?


None at all, say we. Set the scene with a Valentine’s Day flower delivery, either to home or work. Even the men in your life might appreciate a floral gift, and daFlores has tasteful Valentine’s Day flower arrangements that are perfect for a man.

Go out to dinner, or have dinner at home. Valentine’s Day flowers make the house smell sweet and add a truly beautiful centerpiece. There’s a lot to say for setting the scene and turning an ordinary day into something special. Start a tradition with a flower subscriptions—we’ll send you flowers for a year. (Where available.) Valentine’s Day can be a reaffirmation of love, the start or end of a lovely twelve months.

Whether you get in a delivery or cook something spectacular, a Valentine’s Day meal at home is great. Ship the kids off to a grandparent, and spend the time alone. Too often couples get wrapped up in their kids’ needs, and forget about time for themselves. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to do that and go to town.

Another suggestion? Pick out a hotel and book the Valentine’s Day deal. Usually extras like chocolates and roses can make the event something else. Pretend you’re right back at the start, dating and freshly in love. It’s amazing what a little time spent together can do, and it sets you up for the year ahead.

Valentine’s Day Symbols

Let’s take a look at some of the classic symbols of Valentine’s Day. The shops fill full of them from New Year’s onward, but have you ever thought of the meaning behind these Valentine’s Day items?


Everywhere you look are heart-shaped things. The boxes of chocolates and the candies themselves all bear this form. The ancients used to believe that the heart held all emotions, and even today we still ‘speak from the heart.’ DaFlores can add boxes of chocolates to your Valentine’s Day flowers, creating the perfect gift.


Cute little Cupid shoots off his bow, a cheeky little guy whose love knows no bounds. Like all the ancient tales his story can be a little dark, because love can cause as much heartache as it soothes. But we don’t need to worry about that on Valentine’s Day, as we enjoy all the best of the season. If Cupid’s got your heart and you don’t know what to say, don’t worry: a Valentine’s Day flower delivery from daFlores can say all you need.


Why chocolates? Why candy? Well, it’s sweet, of course. You want to give your sweetheart something special on Valentine’s Day. Trimmed to perfection in their blood-red boxes, these sweet confections tell you that the giver thinks you’re sweet. Several of daFlores’s Valentine’s Day flower arrangements already come with chocolates, but you can add them as options to many a fine gift.



Ancient and beautiful, the rose is an eternal symbol of love. Everyone from supermarkets to street vendors carry these amazing flowers. Choose red or pink, depending on what you want to say. A single red rose or an armful are all yours for the giving at

Red and Pink

Red, so deep and mysterious, is the color of blood (and Valentine’s Day). Red is for passion, and love, and the heart. Pink is a gentler shade, but equally welcome. That’s why everything on Valentine’s Day are in shades of red and pink. For your Valentine’s Day flower delivery, we can arrange red roses and all sorts of pink and red delights for your beloved recipient.


Valentine’s Day Flowers for Men

Who’s to say that the ladies should have all the fun on that most romantic of holidays, Valentine’s Day? daFlores has dozens of Valentine’s Day flowers that would look absolutely wonderful on his dining room table.


You can always start with orchids and tropical flowers. Our arrangements are classy and stylish. Neither too fussy, these amazing blossoms add a splash of color to his special day. Send Valentine’s Day flowers to the man in your life, and he’s sure to be impressed at your thoughtfulness.

Then of course there’s the classic rose, a traditional choice that’s just fine for a guy. Much more than a simple blossom, these blood-red flowers come straight from the heart and represent a deep, abiding love. At daFlores we have everything from a simple spray to a vast armful of amazing red roses. There is nothing better than a rose on Valentine’s Day, and at daFlores we have what you need.

Lots of other options exist for Valentine’s Day flowers. We have cheerful sunflowers in tasteful crystal vases. You can add special gifts like a bottle of wine, or even chocolates and fruit. You know your man best and you know what he likes. Just pick out your choices and we’ll take care of the rest.

Let’s face it—you can be like everyone else, or you can think outside the box. Send him his flowers and see what he thinks. For a classic and exciting twist to Valentine’s Day, your man will love his flowers. And because this is daFlores we’re talking about, he’ll only be getting the best and brightest of what’s around.

Why? Because we refuse to work with a network florist unless they’ve been in business at least ten years. They must pass quality checks and use fresh flowers each morning. When you send your man his Valentine’s Day flowers, he’ll be absolutely amazed at how gorgeous they are.

And then, of course, he’ll tell you how gorgeous you are…

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

product_big_0046It’s Valentine’s Day and you need to pick out the perfect gift for your beloved. We at daFlores have a bunch of ideas, if you’ll pardon the pun! A classic gift is always Valentine’s Day roses, and we have those ranging from the simplest, subtle spray to an armful of a hundred red roses.

Valentine’s Day roses are blood-red to match the color of your heart. She won’t miss the symbolism and this is a gift to be admired. Leave her in no doubt as to your intention with these wonderful flowers. You can even add on extras to your Valentine’s Day roses, customizing the gift in all her favorite ways.

Try a bottle of wine, some delicious fruit or a sweet teddy bear. You know your sweetheart the best, so you know which ones will really rock her socks. Of course, we have other delivery options too—what about a pampering spa gift basket or a gift basket full of delicious gourmet goodies?

daFlores has the best Valentine’s Day roses you could hope to find. Always perfectly fresh, we work only with florists who promise new flowers every morning. No recycling for us! And because they’ve been in business a good ten years, their experience and craftsmanship is second to none. We want you to be happy with your Valentine’s Day flowers and guarantee that your beloved will enjoy them for a full week after the event.

You can buy her some perfume, or an interesting book. Wrapped in sweet red paper, almost anything is a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. Take her to dinner, or cook her a special candlelit meal. But you really can’t beat a bouquet of Valentine’s Day roses, delivered right to her door. As the centerpiece to a wonderful romantic day, Valentine’s Day roses are the perfect finishing touch.

Valentine’s Day Alone

So what if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day? This romantic holiday has many aspects. Part of that is looking after yourself, as any veteran of the solo life can attest. But even if you’re unexpectedly alone, there’s no reason not to pamper yourself with a Valentine’s Day flower delivery.

Any home is blessed with a beautiful bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers. And the best part of all is that you know exactly what you need and what will make you happiest. Just go to the daFlores website, pick out your country then set up the Valentine’s Day delivery. With our commitment to quality and freshness, what could be better than an armful of Valentine’s Day roses, just for you and you alone?

But you don’t need to stop there. There’s no law that says you have to mope when you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. What about sending some Valentine’s Day flowers to your mom or a friend to tell them how much you care? A Valentine’s Day flower delivery is something special, and they say that those who give receive bounty back tenfold.

For a special Valentine’s Day alone, plan a day full of pampering. It can be as simple as a long bath and pedicure, or a whole day spent lounging about in pajamas. Break the day with a Valentine’s Day delivery and enjoy a delightful hour or two arranging flowers. If ever there was a day to spoil yourself, Valentine’s Day is that time.

Eat your favorite lunch, go to your favorite place, and watch a romantic movie or two. Or hang out with your other single friends, and buck the trend on Valentine’s Day. No matter how you decide to spend Valentine’s Day alone, some beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers will brighten your day.