10,000 Easter Eggs on a Tree

10,000 Easter Eggs on a Tree

What would ten thousand Easter eggs on a tree look like? You’d have to go to Germany to find out. Newspapers today have been merrily reporting on Volker Kraft’s garden, because he joyously hunt exactly that number of colored eggs on his tree. The egg collection has grown from 18 in 1965 to the current amount, and he says that’s where it will stop.

Send flowers for Easter with daFlores
Send flowers for Easter with daFlores. (Photo via Morguefile.com)
There isn’t room on the tree for any more, and he’s getting up there in years. While Mr. Kraft did once use plastic eggs, the current decorations are real eggs, pierced by a pin with the inside blown gently out. This is a tradition in both Germany and many other European countries, and it’s probably a lot greener than using plastic toys.

The Saalfeld eggs attract visitors from all around, because nobody else does this on such a grand scale. Who knew that eggs grew on trees?

We at daFlores can’t grow eggs on trees, that’s a fact. But we do provide beautiful, fresh-grown flowers, harvested daily to ensure they stay beautiful for a week or longer. Order today or tomorrow to get your Easter flowers delivered to the doorstep before this Sunday. Whether it’s pastel roses or bright spring colors, we have the selections you need.

Like Mr. Kraft, our creations are a labor of love, put together by hand with exacting delicacy. It’s amazing what you do when you can team up with your loved ones, and this German gentleman shows all of that in droves. No matter what your Easter traditions, if they include flowers, we’ll do you proud.

Volker Kraft’s egg tree made us smile, and we hope it did you, too. We wish you a beautiful Easter, and many years of wonderful memories.

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